7 Reasons why Quartz Kitchen Worktops are worth it

7 Reasons why Quartz Kitchen Worktops are worth it

Reasons why Quartz Kitchen Worktops are worth it
By: Alan Jan 13, 2023 1 Comments

Quartz kitchen worktops are trending big time in London. It is an overstatement to say the immense popularity of granite and marble has taken a backstage. Today, the realm of kitchen worktops in London is dominated by quartz. A 21st-century engineering marvel, quartz first made its appearance in Italy in the 1960s. While granite and marble are natural stones that are mined in the form of bulky slabs, quartz is manually produced in moulds. Before the inception of quartz, one couldn’t imagine a classic designer kitchen without a marble islands or an expensive outdoor kitchen without granite worktops. Quartz has single-handedly ushered in a revolution in the interior design arena. It offers the robust strength of granite and the charming beauty of marble without either of their limitations. Quartz worktops are not just making a statement but outlasting other materials with incredible durability and performance!

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For homeowners who want splendid-looking worktops that are easy to maintain and last long, quartz kitchen worktops are the ideal choice. Italian Manufacturer Breton developed the first-ever quartz manufacturing equipment in the early 1960s. Since the mineral quartz is available abundantly across all topographies but is not singularly viable as a strong countertop material, engineers at Breton came up with an innovation. They developed the trademark vacuum and vibration process to reinforce quartz, merging it with suitable polymers and resins. The intense heat treatment, pressure application, and required additives make quartz worktops extremely strong, resistant, and beautiful—the popularity of quartz countertops spreads like wildfire in Italy. Over the next few decades, they became the most coveted kitchen worktops in London, Europe, the US, Canada, etc. Since online shopping has gained popularity, quartz has been the top option when Londoners search for and buy worktops online.

Reasons why Quartz Kitchen Worktops make for a Worthwhile Investment

7 Reasons Why Quartz Kitchen Worktops Make for a Worthwhile Investment

When a homeowner purchases kitchen countertops, it is always with the expectation of them lasting long, functioning well, and looking fabulous. Quartz kitchen worktops fulfil all these criteria (and much more) with great flair. Here are seven excellent reasons why homeowners looking for kitchen worktops in London should choose quartz.

Low-Maintenance and Fuss-Free

The USP of natural stone worktops like marble and quartzite is their mesmerising beauty and charisma. But maintaining this beauty is not everybody’s cup of tea. For example, granite is comparatively low maintenance but has a limited visual range of primarily dark colours and intense patterns. On the other hand, quartz countertops radiate the same classy appeal as marble but require less care.

Incredible Strength

On the Mohs hardness scale, engineered quartz has been rated 7, 0.5 higher than granite. This incredible strength makes quartz kitchen worktops extremely long-lasting. As a result, homeowners need not be worried about dents, scratches, or chipping during regular kitchen activities.

Safety and Cleanliness

The certified vacuum-vibration manufacturing process doesn’t just make quartz harder. It also significantly reduces its porosity, thus making quartz worktops extraordinarily safe and hygienic. No liquid or food spilt on the surface will get absorbed. Also, simple daily wiping ensures no surface pathogens are festered. Day-to-day food and beverage handling presents zero hygiene concerns on quartz worktops.

Compatible with All Kinds of Interiors

More than a hundred colour, pattern, and design options are available for quartz kitchen countertops today. When quartz was initially promoted across the UK in the 1970s, minimal looks were open. However, over the decades, there has been brilliant visual development to match every possible decor element that interior designers can conceive. Of all the enticing graphic options, the most attractive ones are where quartz is customised to look exactly like regal natural stones. This has made marble-look (single stone) quartz worktops and granite-look quartz immensely popular. The resemblance is so uncanny that only an expert can tell the natural stone apart from the engineered version!

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Ecologically Sustainable Material

Ecological sustainability has recently become a primary purchase consideration. Consumers increasingly realise that locally sourced home renovation materials are cheaper and in sync with the environment. Procuring exotic marble and granite from Italy or Brazil might sound fancy, but the mining, transport, and logistics create a massive carbon footprint. It is, therefore, a highly unsustainable practice. On the other hand, quartz worktops are manufactured in almost every city in the UK. The raw material (mineral quartz, polymers, resins) is locally available. Therefore, placing an order for quartz kitchen worktops in London is an eco-conscious decision that homeowners can be incredibly proud of.


Since quartz doesn’t have to be quarried and transported from another country, it is a more affordable option. But in some instances where the customisation/finish required (resembling an expensive marble variety) is costly, the price per square foot increases considerably. The best part is that homeowners have ample choices to find a quartz countertop well within their budgetary limitations.

Durability and Resistance

Quartz worktops are built to last a lifetime. They are highly durable, resistant to scorching, and UV-resistant. Furthermore, this fascinating material doesn’t quickly react to food and beverage spills. Being impervious to water, sunlight, and chemicals makes quartz suitable for outdoor kitchen worktops. By investing in quartz worktops, homeowners can be assured of suave aesthetics, top-notch functionality, and robust durability that will last a lifetime. It eliminates all worries of renovation and replacement and adds to the home’s value during a sale.


Every penny counts in the post-Covid-19 economy and war-stricken world with inflation at an all-time high. Home designing and renovation can be expensive, and the materials chosen should provide value for money. Worktops, in particular, should be designed to last well for a lifetime. But being judicious certainly doesn’t imply that homeowners should compromise with their dream homes. The mid-path offered by quartz kitchen worktops is ideal. Engineered quartz seamlessly blends the gorgeousness of natural stone with the hardwearing resilience of a customised, manmade countertop. Buying quartz worktops is a win-win situation as it is budget-friendly, durable, visually alluring, and has a low carbon footprint.



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