Black Quartzite that looks like marble

Black Quartzite that looks like marble

black quartzite that looks like marble
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Marble worktops are the favourite material for many homes in the UK. But when you weigh the different options you can use in your kitchen, you will come across black quartzite. Even though black marble is a durable stone that can last for decades, quartzite is a good alternative in the marketplace. And here, we’ll show you all the black quartzite that looks like marble.

This article will help you decide which is the best black stone. And it will also discuss what is the suitable worktop material for your needs, from bold veins to stylish aesthetics. You’ll learn the following:

What is Black Quartzite?

It is an exotic natural stone with extraordinary aesthetics. Generally, it has a pitch-black background and bold hues and minerals that can be monochromatic or multicoloured. As a result, a polished quartzite worktop offers the highest sheen amongst all natural stones, including marble. In addition, it provides an elegant glassy finish that is unrivalled by any other countertop material.

Black Quartzite geology: according to Wikipedia, a natural stone classifies as quartzite must contain a minimum of 80% interlocking mosaic of quartz crystals. Furthermore, It is a metamorphic rock (it changes under the weather over millennia) undergoing high heat and pressure. Its quartz sandstone minerals re-crystallize under pressure, becoming coarse and of different shapes. Because quartzite is silica, we recommend fabricating it with professional tools and machinery.

Now you know how this natural stone forms and some of the looks you can achieve with it, the following is a list of quartzite countertop materials in black.  You’ll be surprised to learn that some of them can look even better than black marble.

Which quartzite stones are the Best Substitutes for Black Marble? 

Although engineered stones and other natural stones can mimic the marble look, quartzite is probably the best alternative you can find to marble. But contrary to popular belief, natural quartzite can range the colour. Its minerals are from black to grey to white. Additionally, you may find them in multicoloured slabs. Therefore, it all depends on the directions of its crystals which leads to darker mineral variations.

Black quartzite with white veining

Are you considering decorating your new home or office with stylish dark quartzite with white veins? Then, you’ll be interested in seeing and learning more about these materials.

  • Infinity Black quartzite: offers a deep, rich black background with sporadic white veining scattered over the surface. But if you choose quartzite Infinity Black honed, the backdrop becomes charcoal. It provides an elegant yet subtle contrast to the kitchen space. It is ideal when you want black and white quartzite countertops with classic looks. Infinity Black comes in large slabs ranging between 2900 x 1900 mm and 3250 x 2050 mm. Therefore, you could fit your worktops and island on a single sheet for cost-effectiveness. Additionally, you can pair it with modern or traditional furniture because this stone will always give you a stunning quartzite worktop in black and white.
Infinity Black quartzite


Black and Grey Quartzite worktop materials

With the new stylistic choice in worktops being light grey and black, this quartzite recalls the profound natural look of ancient stones. Black and grey quartzite are worktop stones that look like marble but wear more like granite. In addition, they usually have a crisp black pebble vein finish. Uniquely, it brings a feeling of luxury to kitchens for homeowners across the country.

  • Black Tempest quartzite: Black Tempest is a luxury stone with dazzling veining and shimmering texture. It is intruded by veins of lighter rock consisting of feldspar and quartz. Moreover, the black and white quartzite countertop is quarried in Brazil. But above all, it offers a genuinely exotic alternative to the more traditional European granites. Therefore, black Tempest is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops and benchtops, bathroom vanities and worktops and other interior applications. Moreover, you can avail of this Black Tempest granite in slabs up to 3250 x 2000 mm or choose smaller sizes to order.
Black Tempest quartzite
  • Manhattan quartzite: known as Manhattan Black, this natural stone presents the magnetising look of marble and the resistance of granite. Hence is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, floors, walls, and any property area you can imagine. But do you prefer thin or thicker worktops? Because you can select it in a polished finish with veining in black and grey and thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm.
Manhattan quartzite

Varieties of Quartzite in Grey and Black

Like other natural stones, the different mineral formations lend to unlimited pattern and colour variations in these materials. Here are some more types of Brazilian quartzite you may wish to consider.

  • Mercury Black quartzite belongs to the same family as Manhattan quartzite and Tempest Black. It is a grey and black worktop material with variations highlighted by intricate waving in its pattern. This stone is a little-known fact: It’s also known as MERCURY BLACK GRANITE, MERCURY BLACK MARBLE and BLACK DUNE MARBLE. Distributors apply different names to the material according to mineral occurrences on the stone. You can choose it from 20mm and 30mm thickness slabs at the Worktop Library in London.
Mercury Black quartzite slab

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Quartzite with Black Veins

  • Wakanda quartzite:  Wakanda is a metamorphic rock containing silicon dioxide, one of the most abundant materials on Earth. It is a highly durable material widely used in flooring and interior cladding. In addition, it offers charcoal hues in semi-symmetrical patterns of greys sporadically spreading across the slab. In addition, this is a robust material with fascinating veining and shimmering texture due to the stone’s dramatic shade variations. Its finish displays a heritage of careful craftsmanship you will revisit with every piece. The Wakanda quartzite includes worktops, panels and upstands, and you can combine it with other natural stones. It is an elegant and contemporary material ideal for those looking to make a statement in their kitchen. You can choose this stone from the stone yard or select it with additional protection from Cosentino.
Wakanda quartzite

Sensa Nilo

Sensa Nilo: commercialised under the Sensa-protected quartzite range, Nilo brings eternal beauty with complete anti-stain protection.

The Sensa Nilo range is the creation by the R + D team at Cosentino. In addition, it is a design for interior designers as a countertop material that looks and feels just like marble. But Sensa offers a more durable surface resistant to stains and scratching using a treatment unamedSenguard NK.

sensa nilo sensa siberia kitchen

Sensa quartzite is prevalent in bathrooms because it shows a polish to a high gloss finish. And because the Senguard treatment allows it to breathe, preventing dirt and humidity from becoming trapped in the stone. The black material forms through an extrusion process. Then, it applies pressure between 1000 and 1500 bar on the raw material. This process creates a compact slab with a compact and unique surface, making it stronger and more resistant to stains and scratches. The extrusion process also allows for a chemical integration of the Senguard NK treatment within the stone. Unfortunately, this means that you can only apply the treatment during the production process before the polished slab.

Quartzite Black and Gold

Do you want to be more daring and bring colour into your kitchen or bathroom? You can choose from quartzite with gold and black tones. In effect, these are fantastic stones that you can pair with any furniture or appliance. Wooden cabinets work particularly well with these materials, giving them a contrasting natural material.

Black Chasm quartzite: Black Chasm leans towards the black with a golden undertone. The gold veins are often trendy in interior design for countertops over a black quartzite background. Or in any application requiring an eye-catching contrast to create a unique statement in your interior space. It is hand-select premium quality with distinctive veining from BBrazilianquarries. Additionally, it is one of our best black stones and is popular among architects and designers for black quartzite backsplash.

Black Fusion quartzite or Black Fusion granite?

Black Fusion Quartzite: it’s a natural stone from Brazil. The Cosentino Group ccommercialised itunder ‘Orinocco granite’ and discontinued it in 2019. Luckily, we can source it from different quarries that import it to the United Kingdom. Also known as Black Fusion granite, this stone is available in 20 mm and 30 mm thicknesses. Moreover, you can choose it in either a polished or satin finish. With bold veining in white, brown and gold, this magnificent quartzite worktop comes in varied patterns. Therefore, it allows youto have a one-off worktop piece in your home.

  • Tropical Storm Quartzite: Also known as Tropical Storm granite, it is a natural stone with personality. And we love it due to its strength and exoticism. Once polished, the finish provides a high sheen that is difficult to surpass with any countertop material. It is available in 20 mm and 30 mm and extra sizes, ideal for expansive kitchens. You can also get this black worktop with additional protection against staining from our Naturamia Range.

Other stones in quartzite gold and black

Portoro quartzite: This stone looks like a black marble with golden veins, but it gives your kitchen the strength of granite. It is perfect for interiors that require luxury with elegance behind it. It symbolises elegance, allowing you to play with the veining in the slab. Unlike Portoro marble, quartzite doesn’t contain calcium, meaning you can rest your mind when spillages occur.

  • Belvedere quartzite: different to quartzite black and white, this stone brings more life to dark spaces with colourful veins. It shows minerals in white, grey, brown and golden tones that shy away from overpowering the room. Despite its elegance, you can choose from polished or vintage finishes to pair with traditional interiors. Belvedere slab sizes range between 2800 x 1800 mm and 3200 x 1980 mm, making it another excellent black kitchen island material.
  • Capolavoro quartzite: is a black background stone that comprises beautiful veining in various shapes and shades in brown, red, and sporadic white mineral intrusions. You can avail of it in a polished finish which is magnificent for modern interiors. In addition, Capolavoro Satin finish can bring classicism and elegance to period and traditional spaces. Finally, Capolavoro offers a worktop with veining in brown, lava red and copper on a deep black backdrop.


Maintenance of quartzite

Although these are one of the toughest stones on Earth, they still require a little maintenance now and again. Here is a quick guide that shows you how to maintain your black stone worktops:

  • Cleaning polished finish black quartzite: We recommend using a low pH solution like ordinary soap and water or natural stone cleaners that you can easily find online. Avoid abrasive chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, or acid-based cleaners . These can remove the protective sealant, remove the sheen in your worktop, and become sensitive to etching or staining.

Do you want to see all these quartzites in under one minute? -Check our YouTube video below.

Our video showing these dark natural stones suitable for every home


In short, if you’re looking for a material that looks like marble but that is more durable, elegant, and unique, black quartzite is our recommendation to you. We’re aware that the price range can put some homeowners off, but we are entirely confident that superb quality and unique looks are worthy of such investment. We hope you enjoy this article and if you did, be sure to hit the subscribe button!


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