Examining Palissandro Marble Worktops: A Guide for Design Extravagance

Examining Palissandro Marble Worktops: A Guide for Design Extravagance

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Your search for a striking yet durable stone for your countertop ends here. Welcome to the world of Palissandro Marble worktops – a stone that combines elegance with durability. Unravel the beauty of Palissandro, learn about its unique features and aesthetic appeal, and why it is a top choice for worktops among homeowners, architects, and interior designers in London, Greater London, and its surrounding boroughs and counties.

Whether you’re a busy homeowner or a professional contractor, join us in this comprehensive guide as we explore the world of Palissandro and tell you everything you need to know. So, let’s embark on this fascinating journey together!

“Palissandro marble takes Italian craftsmanship to another level, offering a perfect blend of durability, aesthetics and overall excellence. As a worktop material, it is both functional and visually attractive – making it ideal for both residential and commercial spaces.”


  6. 1. Fiorito
  7. 2. Blue
  8. 3. Bluette
  9. 4. Bronze-Brown
  10. 5. Bronzetto
  11. 6. Nuvolato Blue
  12. 7. Oniciato
  13. 8. Tigrato
  14. 9. Reale

What is the origin and historical significance of Palissandro Marble?

Palissandro Marble has been quarried in the region for centuries and has a rich history. It was used extensively during the Roman Empire to construct public buildings, monuments, and sculptures. The marble’s unique aesthetic appeal, durability and resistance to weathering made it a favourite among Roman architects and builders.

Stone has long been employed as a building material throughout human history, from humble constructions to grand monuments, encapsulating our cultural legacy. Palissandro Marble, known for its luxurious multichromatic beauty, begins its rich tale in the 11th century in the quaint town of Lorgino. 

Historical References

The first historical references suggest its wide usage in constructing various monumental works. Two notable ones include the Pavia Cathedral and the Arch of Peace in Milan. The mid-15th century saw the city of Pavia echo Milan’s grandeur, with plans for its prestigious cathedral starting in 1488. Cardinal Ascanio Sforza, Ludovico il Moro’s brother, ardently supported this project. Architect Cristoforo Rocchi helmed the project, taking inspiration from Bramante’s design. 

The Crevoladossola quarry was chosen for this grand enterprise because it supplies high-quality Palissandro Marble in ample quantities. Over the years, it earned the name ‘Quarry of Pavia’ as locals continued to use this resource for their construction needs. 

Key Architectural Landmark: The Arch of Peace, Milan

Fast forward to 1807, the Arch of Peace, built at the start of Corso Sempione, stands proudly as one of Milan’s most significant architectural triumphs. The arch was constructed to mark the inauguration of the Napoleonic road linking Milan to Paris. However, following Napoleon’s fall, it was rededicated to commemorate the European peace treaty signed by the nations in Vienna in 1815. 

a photo of the Arch of Piece in Milan made from Palissandro Marble

A single monumental block of Palissandro Marble was used to erect eight colossal monolithic columns, along with sculptures and river statues. Each column, towering at 12.63m in height and measuring 1.27m in diameter, was transported to Milan on specially constructed carriages designed to support the immense weight and prevent cracking. 

Palissandro Marble in Modern Designs

Before deep-diving into the nuances of Palissandro Marble for contemporary projects, let’s cover the essentials first. Palissandro marble, sourced from Piemonte, is a rich blend of contrasting hues and unique veins. This natural stone is adored globally by architects and designers for its natural appeal and versatility and has been used extensively in luxury homes and commercial projects. 

Unveiling Palissandro’s Unique Veining Patterns

Each slab of Palissandro marble carries its unique personality with a captivating mix of cream, grey, and brown veining patterns. The streaks of colour create an artistic canvas, perfect for transforming your worktops into a statement feature.

The dynamic veining adds depth to the Palissandro, creating an enchanting aesthetic of white marble for kitchens that other stone types cannot replicate. 

an image of a Palissandro Classico Marble slab in a polished finish outside a stone yard
Above: Palissandro Classico Marble’s exquisite veining patterns on a slab

Performance Excellence: Why Choose Palissandro Worktops

Apart from its alluring beauty, Palissandro marble is well-known for its resilience. It’s incredibly durable, withstanding daily wear and tear, and heat-resistant, making it perfect for busy kitchens and other spaces. Furthermore, Palissandro marble’s smooth finish provides a sanitary cooking surface, as it prevents bacteria and odour absorption. 

Palissandro Marble Price and Palissandro White Marble Price

Given its high-end appeal and exceptional performance, Palissandro marble is seen as a premium option. The price may vary depending on slab size, thickness, and supplier. Generally, the Palissandro marble prices range from £300 to £500 per square metre. The Palissandro White, a variant with lighter hues, may command a higher price given its unique aesthetic.

Type of MarbleApproximate Price per Square Metre
White Carrara£200 – £300
Palissandro£230 – £375
Calacatta£400 – £1500
The prices above reflect the high-quality attributes of each marble type, with Palissandro Marble falling into a mid-range budget.

Prices may vary based on size, design, and additional customisation options. It’s essential to remember that while the initial cost might be higher than other materials, the incredible durability and timeless elegance of Palissandro Marble provide excellent value for money in the long run. 

Types of Palissandro Marble

When considering Palissandro Marble, it’s vital to know that there are several types, each boasting unique charm and aesthetics. The varieties can significantly enhance the appeal of your interiors with their veining patterns and shades.

However, it’s vital to remember that authentic Palissandro Marble only originates from specific quarries in Italy. Hence, any variant not sourced from these regions cannot be classified as original Palissandro. Such clear-cut authenticity ensures you receive a high-quality, unique stone to transform your space into a timeless architectural masterpiece.

Fiorito Worktops: Timeless Luxury for Your Space 

As hinted earlier, there’s something exceptional about Palissandro Fiorito Marble, which is even more evident in Palissandro Fiorito’s worktops. The distinct veining patterns ranging from darker to lighter shades give it an elegant and diverse appeal. It’s a top choice for interior architects and designers who want to add a luxurious touch to any space without overwhelming the overall design. 

A photo showing Palissandro Fiorito Marble worktops and a slab
The subtlety of Palissandro Fiorito Marble is ideal for modern kitchens seeking colour and warmth.

Palissandro Blue: Adding a Splash of Colour to Your Marble Creations

Characterised by its enchanting sea-blue hue, Palissandro Blue Marble is a gem in the world of natural stones. Derived from quarries in Italy, this marble variety is prized for its distinct appearance, making it an ideal choice for those desiring to add a touch of luxury and uniqueness to their décor. 

Famed for its sweeping waves of varying blue, with undertones of greys and whites, it evokes the mesmerising charm of the vast ocean. Each slab of Palissandro Blue Marble carries an exclusive pattern, as no two pieces are exactly alike, offering individuality even in the most sophisticated setting. 

a close-up photo a Palissandro Blue bathroom worktop and a splashback
The understated luxury in Palissandro Blue can transform bathrooms into a serene space. Credit: Dedalo Stone.

Beyond its intriguing colour scheme, this blue variety of Palissandro Marble worktops also boasts a spectacular play of veining. The veins range from light grey to dark blue and everything in between, creating engaging visual movement across the stone’s surface. These undulating veins add depth and character to the stone’s aesthetics, making it a captivating choice for worktops and other installations. 

Palissandro Bluette: Bringing Sophisticated Tones to Your Designs

When it comes to imbuing your space with a touch of sophistication and class, Palissandro Bluette marble stands out as an exceptional choice. This striking marble variety is beloved for its rich colouration, where stunning blue veins intermingle with a creamy, beige background. The result is a visually impactful marble that radiates elegance and luxury. 

Palissandro Bluette, like all Palissandro varieties, hails from the prestigious quarries of Italy. Known for its impeccable quality and unique aesthetics, Italian marble, particularly Palissandro Bluette, has been the material of choice for many homeowners, architects, and interior designers. 

The prominent blue veins of Palissandro Bluette are its defining characteristic, ultimately setting it apart from other marbles. They add a captivating depth to the overall design, making it a focal point in any establishment or home. Whether you incorporate this beautiful marble in your kitchen worktop, bathroom vanity, or as a feature wall, Palissandro Bluette guarantees to enhance your interiors with its extraordinary visual appeal. 

A Bluette Marble Fireplace at the Hangzhou Ginkgo House China.
A Bluette Marble Fireplace at the Hangzhou Ginkgo House China. Credit: Tosco Marmi

Despite its luxurious appearance, Palissandro Bluette is not just about aesthetics. Known for its strong physical characteristics, it offers high resistance to heat, scratches, and stains, making it a practical choice for work surfaces in swanky kitchens and bustling commercial spaces. It isn’t just a captivating beauty icon and a hard-working, functional piece.

Considering its superior qualities and supreme beauty, it’s no surprise that Palissandro Bluette marble catches the eye of discerning individuals who aim to blend functionality with fabulous design.

Palissandro Bronze Marble: An Encore of Natural Beauty and Robust Durability

If you’re leaning more towards creating a warm ambience within your kitchen, Palissandro Bronze Marble can be a perfect option.

This variant is the epitome of rustic charm, imbued by nature over millions of years with hues of deep caramel, swirling honey, and rich amber. Each slab is a piece of art, flaunting unique veining patterns ranging from intricate networks of burnt sienna to subtle smatterings of earthy brown. The diverse palette of Palissandro Bronze Marble offers a seamless match for a variety of kitchen decors.

If you are looking for a contemporary style, pair these Palissandro Marble worktop with cool-toned stainless steel appliances; this contrast will highlight the warm tones in the stone. Furthermore, bronze marble complements lighter and darker wood cabinets, providing elegant balance.

Evenness throughout a traditionally styled kitchen can be achieved by incorporating antique white cabinetry or neutral-toned tile backsplashes. Palissandro Bronze Marble adds a timeless touch of grandeur to any space, whether utilised as a worktop, backsplash, or feature wall.

a photo of a kitchen with Palissandro Bronze Marble worktops and splashbacks
Photo: Savaş Mermer

Palissandro Bronzetto Marble: The Epitome of Luxurious Interior Design

With its captivating colour palette, Palissandro Bronzetto Marble, also known as Palissandro Bronzettte Marble, is a standout element in any home. This Italian marble stands out with its warm, earthy hues – ranging from deep, bronzy browns to soft beiges –complemented by distinct veining patterns that imbue this material with a vibrant aesthetic appeal. 

Architects and interior designers prefer this marble because of its striking veining. Full of unexpected twists and turns, the veining creates a beautifully organic and abstract pattern on the marble slab. Every piece of this marble type is unique, opening up a world of exclusive and distinctive design possibilities. 

Palissandro Bronzetto Marble worktops lend themselves to various kitchen or bathroom applications. This extraordinary marble can transform your kitchen countertop into a luxurious focal point while providing a stunning backdrop for a spa-like retreat in the bathroom. Palissandro Bronzetto encapsulates Italian marble’s unparalleled beauty and timeless elegance regardless of where you use it.

a photo of Palissandro Bronzetto Marble Worktops and wall cladding in a bathroom
Palissandro Bronzetto offers bold veining yet exudes a calming ambience for interior spaces. Credit: Pistore Marmi.

Palissandro Nuvolato: The Elegant Paradigm of Natural Aesthetics

Palissandro Nuvolato marble is a stunning natural stone that captivates the eye with its enticing blend of light-grey hues and darker streaks, exhibiting an array of tone variations. The mesmerising interplay of shades and textures, accentuated by diverse veining patterns, makes each slab a masterwork. These veining patterns and colours can vary dramatically from slab to slab due to the inherent nature of all marbles, making Palissandro Nuvolato a truly unique choice. 

Its subtle yet sophisticated aesthetics make it an ideal choice for kitchens. Whether you use it for worktops or splashbacks, the unique allure of Palissandro Nuvolato marble adds an undeniable touch of elegance to your space. Yet, as beautiful and sturdy as it is, like all marbles, Palissandro Nuvolato requires a certain level of care to maintain its natural lustre; otherwise, it may experience wear and tear. 

How to care for Palissandro Marble?

Despite its robustness, Palissandro marble still needs some TLC. Here is a simple guideline on how to care for this exquisite stone: 

  • Water Absorption: Wipe up any spills as soon as they happen. This is because, despite sealing, marble can absorb liquids, leading to potential damage.
  • Acidic Substances: Avoid contact with acidic substances like citrus fruits and vinegar, as these can etch the surface of your Palissandro marble worktops.
  • Sealing: Regular sealing is essential to protect your marble worktop from staining. We recommend doing this annually, though it may vary based on usage.
  • Cleaning: Use a mild detergent or a stone soap specially designed for marble, rinse with water, and then dry with a soft cloth.
  • Scratches: Use coasters, placemats, and trays to protect the marble surface from scratches.

Caring for Palissandro Marble can seem demanding, but the reward is a breathtaking surface that can last a lifetime, enhancing your kitchen’s aesthetics and value.

Marble Meets Onyx: Palissandro Oniciato

Palissandro Oniciato is a breathtaking blend of the sheer magnificence of marble and the undisputed mystery of onyx. This natural wonder showcases various hues -from greyish whites to moody blues, subtly streaked with onyx-like threads of deeper shades. Its blend of colours creates a mottled effect, lending depth and texture to any space it adorns while reinventing the art of modern interior aesthetics. 

Harnessing the unique visual appeal of Palissandro Oniciato takes careful consideration. Due to its complex colouring, this Palissandro marble pairs beautifully with minimalist or monochromatic designs, creating a striking contrast against clean lines and contemporary styling. Its striking veined pattern imbues any space with sophistication, befitting residential and corporate spaces. 

A close-up photo of a Palissandro Oniciato Marble slab
The authentic Palissandro Oniciato slab from the Crevoladossola quarry 

As with all varieties of Palissandro, Oniciato Marble ensures durability and longevity, coupled with its extraordinary visual appeal. It’s an excellent choice for anyone seeking to create an environment of understated luxury where natural elegance meets lasting durability. 

Mindful maintenance of Palissandro Oniciato is essential to uphold its aesthetic appeal and physical robustness. Remember to clean spillages and avoid acidic or abrasive cleaning agents promptly. Regular sealing will keep your Palissandro Oniciato marble worktops looking their best, ensuring they remain a treasured feature of your interiors for years.

Palissandro Tigrato: The Pinnacle of Striking Aesthetics

Unravelling the exceptional beauty of Palissandro Tigrato Marble, you quickly realise its deserved place as the zenith of striking aesthetics and contemporary design. Robust, elegant, and visually enthralling, it is a sublime testament to nature’s artistic prowess. 

Bookmtached Palissandro Tigrato is ideal for wall and furniture cladding.

Like the other varieties of this impressive stone, the Palissandro Tigrato features a subtle yet captivating blend of colours, exhibiting a range from creamy whites to cooler bluish tones, beautifully interspersed with streaks and veins of inviting tans to deep browns. This blend of cool and warm palettes makes it a versatile choice for any interior design project, creating a sense of depth and richness that’s hard to resist. 

Moreover, the versatility of Palissandro Tigrato Marble extends beyond its aesthetic appeal. Its hardness, resilience against heat, and low porosity make it a practical choice for various applications and ensure long-term durability.

Able to stand up to heavy traffic, high heat, and other pressures of daily life, it’s ideally suited for worktops in busy kitchens, bathroom vanities, or as flooring in demanding areas, just a few of its potential applications. 

The Royal Appeal of Palissandro Reale Marble

Deeply rooted in the allure of Italian design, the Palissandro Reale, with its regal appeal, upholds an ethos of luxury and timeless elegance.

Every nook and corner of this opulent marble exudes a royal allure. Also known as ‘Palissandro Imperiale Marble’, this stone weaves the charm of Italy’s iconic landscapes with the enduring fascination of nature’s artistic creations, allowing you to seamlessly infuse your living spaces or commercial areas with unparalleled grandeur. 

Palissandro Reale marble worktops are admired for their expressive veining in contrasting hues – a harmonic symphony of warm browns, beiges, white, and hints of blue. Each slab depicts a unique saga of nature’s artwork, imbuing your precisely crafted worktop, flooring or wall covering with its personality. 

A Palissandro Reale Marble worktop in a modern kitchen
A kitchen Island in Palissandro Reale brings colour to a minimalistic space. Credit: Gruppo Tosco Marmi.

Regarded as a theatre of aesthetic drama and visual amenity, Palissandro Reale can become a striking focal point in any architectural and interior design. Whether it’s a grand entrance at a plush hotel or a gourmet kitchen in a private villa, applying Palissandro Reale marble invariably imparts an awe-inspiring touch of exclusivity and refined sophistication. 

Moreover, a Palissandro Reale Marble bathroom does not fall short regarding practicality. Resistant to mould, scratches, and, most importantly, time, the marble ensures your investment retains its enchanting allure year after year. However, regular care and maintenance are crucial to preserving its pristine condition. By avoiding harsh cleaning agents and preventively sealing the marble, its stunning visual attributes can be easily maintained.

How to Care for Your Palissandro Marble

Maintaining the elegance of Palissandro marble is pretty straightforward. Regular cleaning with a mild detergent and warm water will keep the surface gleaming.

  • Avoid harsh chemicals or acidic solutions to protect its natural shine.
  • A poultice could be applied in case of any stubborn stains, especially rust.

This poultice comprises a paste of baking soda and water left on the stain until dry, then wiped away gently. This method effectively removes rust from marble without damaging its surface. 

Assessing the Performance of Palisandro Marble: Resilience in Real-World Environments

The ancient art of using marble in construction and interior design has continued through generations. From the magnificent Pantheon in Rome to the Taj Mahal in India, marble has played a pivotal role in historical architecture. Palissandro marble stands out for its unique veining patterns and natural aesthetic appeal among all the marble varieties.

This guide highlights the beauty and uses of Palissandro marble, specifically in kitchen worktops, to give homeowners, architects, interior designers, joiners and building contractors a comprehensive understanding of its application and advantages. 

  • Palissandro marble is renowned for its unique veining pattern and varying hues, ranging from grey to bronze.
  • It is sourced from Italy, the hub of premium quality marble, ensuring its luxurious appeal and superior durability.
  • Palissandro worktops add elegance and improve the space’s performance and utility due to their heat and scratch-resistant properties.
  • Being a natural stone, each slab of Palissandro marble worktops are unique, enabling homeowners and designers to create one-of-a-kind spaces.
  • Palissandro marble is available in various types, such as Palissandro Fiorito, Palissandro Blue, and Palissandro Bluette, that offer distinct aesthetic benefits.
  • Apart from residential spaces, Palissandro marble is an ideal choice for commercial spaces due to its resilience in real-world environments.

Concluding Thoughts: Embracing the Timeless Beauty and Practicality of Palissandro Marble

In a world where design and aesthetics are often judged by uniqueness and understated luxury, Palissandro Marble is an exceptional material with unbeatable charm and elegance. Its distinctive veining patterns, available in a diverse colour spectrum, cater to any design preference.

If you’re seeking to bring character into your space, whether residential or commercial, Palissandro will surely be a choice you won’t regret.


For those who are pressed for time, we’ve got you covered! We understand that your schedule may be bustling, so we’ve compiled all the compelling facts, incredible specifications, and inspirational visuals of the various types of natural Palissandro marble in a simple and engaging YouTube video.

Take a moment to watch it, and you’ll be armed with all the insights and inspiration you need to make an informed decision about incorporating Palissandro marble worktops in your projects. You’ll see the exquisite beauty and versatility of Palissandro marble without reading the entire article. We call it efficiency redefined!


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