Light Grey Quartz Worktop Options: You Can’t Choose Between Black and White.

Light Grey Quartz Worktop Options: You Can’t Choose Between Black and White.

light grey quartz
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Are you looking for a timeless light grey quartz worktop as the solution for your new kitchen design? For many years black quartz has been considered the ideal finish for a modern kitchen, but now it seems that the colour of grey quartz is here to stay. From science fiction to reality, the team at The Worktop Library is here to give you insight into which trends are in store for your kitchen and which materials are trending in 2021.

First and foremost, we’d like to inform our customers about how the quartz stone works and what material characteristics are waiting for them. Quartz stone is a tough material, making it resistant to scratches, chips, and cracks while increasing its resistance to chemicals and heat. Quartz stone is guaranteed for over a decade of service, and you can use it in a variety of different ways.

In this list you will find:

Light grey quartz is a manufactured stone an elegant shade of grey. You can use this natural stone as the kitchen countertops, or as a floor and wall material.

A Grey Quartz Worktop is an unbeatable style sign as it offers that perfect mix of modern and approachable design. Similarly, its neutral tones will go with any colour scheme in the kitchen and still stand out during a party or a dinner with friends. It is the material of choice and, therefore, it will continue to be on top in 2021. The quartz worktop comes in various colours and tones, with grey being the most popular one among clients. However, it is essential to know that they are classified as different shades of light grey quartz:

  • Traditional Light Grey Quartz: Light Grey quartz is a neutral shade with a hint of darkness. These quartz surfaces are elegant and sophisticated. You can use them in many classic, modern, or contemporary homes, and they will fit perfectly in any kitchen. In addition, these are available in plain slabs or indifferent patterns or speckles.
  • Concrete Effect Quartz: an excellent effect to work with, as it complements almost any shade but still stands out. It pairs well with traditional furniture and warm wood, and it’s ideal for industrial kitchens. In addition, it offers feelings of calm and relaxation.
  • Marble Effect Quartz:  It offers elegance to any space in which it is present. And it’s an ideal shade of grey when you don’t want to overpower the room with your worktop surfaces. It ranges from fine veins -to coarse grains or bold veins.

Now that we discussed the different styles of light grey quartz materials you will encounter in the market; we will outline some of our favourite materials in 2021. Read on.

Light Grey Quartz worktops: from warm to mid-value tones.

Quartz worktops that come in light grey tones can provide warmth or coolness, depending on their style. For example, a warm grey worktop offers a light shade to dark spaces. And some of the slightly darker tones of light grey can offer the best aesthetics to either warm or cool rooms.


Caesarstone is the second-largest manufacturer of quartz worldwide, offering a stunning range of stones, such as Intense White quartz. Its designs are stylish, and the quality of the quartz surfaces is second to none. Rather than making dull surfaces, the brand has come up with original and innovative colours over the years.

Primordia: This is the perfect kitchen worktop if you’re looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen. This worktop is a luxurious mix of light concrete and rich off-whites, with traces of greys, brown, and green. Not only that you can blend the colours to suit your style, but you can also keep them separate to create a unique contrast that stands out. In addition, the worktop is easy to clean and is suitable for any kitchen. This stone comes with a high-quality anti-slip treatment, which makes it an ideal choice for commercial kitchens. You can avail of this quartz surface in a variety of sizes.

Price: £236/m2 in 20mm thickness.

Primordia is a light concrete quartz

Airy Concrete: an exclusive, versatile and modern quartz worktop from Caesarstone. The White enriches the light and dark grey tones. Similarly, it creates an elegant and classic appearance that you can adapt to suit a variety of interior styles. Like real concrete, Grey Quartz’s texture is authentic, giving it a rough, natural feel that is authentic and visually appealing. The worktop’s natural grey tones go well with new bathroom designs. Notably, the combination of grey and white tones make it an adaptable and neutral worktop. In addition, you can use it to create both classic and modern spaces.

Price: £236 /m2 in 20mm thickness.

Luxurious  Airy Concrete by Caesarstone

Georgian Bluffs: This is an ideal choice for those who aspire to achieve an elegant interior. Its subtle white colour with soft grey veins creates a sensual texture, blending perfectly with any design concept. Like other Caesarstone designs, the product comes in thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm.

Price: £193 /m2 in 20mm thickness.

Georgian Bluffs mixes industrial and Chic

More from light grey quartz from Caesarstone

Atlantic Salt: is a versatile material that works perfectly in kitchens and bathrooms. Similarly, it’s a material for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and tile. It combines quartz composite, impregnated with a resin binder and then layered with colour to create a beautiful finish.

Price: £158 /m2 in 20mm thickness.


Caesarstone Atlantic Salt in a residential kitchen

London Grey: It is one of the most popular colours and a substantial offer from the brand, according to Caesarstone’s Managing Director in the UK, Amir Reske. To emphasise, this product brings the nature of marble to every kitchen without the drawbacks of natural marble.

Price: £193 /m2 in 20mm thickness.

Caesarstone London Grey full slab image

Bianco Drift: A reinterpretation of natural light granite displays elegant veins on a light grey background, decorating kitchens with gracious beauty. You can choose it in 3040 x 1440 mm or a Super Jumbo slab with 3300 x 1650 mm. Similarly, you can find it in thicknesses of 13 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm.

Price: £283 /m2 in 20mm thickness.

Caesarstone Bianco Drift pattern

Coastal and Outdoor materials from Caesarstone

Clamshell: is a stunning smooth blend of white and grey hues that run harmoniously throughout a light grey backdrop. Firstly, it offers serene veining and a beautiful sheen for modern and traditional kitchens. Secondly, Caesarstone Clamshell is available in standard slabs with dimensions of 3040 x 1440 mm and thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm.

Price: £165 /m2 in 20mm thickness.

Caesarstone Clamshell kitchen island

Clearskies: An outdoor grey quartz worktop is one of the latest additions from this leading quartz manufacturer. It displays fine spots spread over a light concrete grey background. Additionally, it’s ideal for decorating exterior kitchens and matching tabletops. It isn’t a cheap option, but if you consider that you can also use these light grey quartz outdoors, its versatility is pretty much unrivalled.

Price: £324/m2 in 20mm thickness.

Caesarstone Clearskies outdoor worktop


Silestone by Cosentino is the largest manufacturer of quartz surfaces, boasting a range of over ninety colours in their collection. In it, you will find the following light grey hues of quartz.

Eternal Serena: a light grey stone worktop finished by white marble veins over its surface. In other words, elegance and charm are what call to the beauty of this material. It’s one of the most cost-effective marble-look work surfaces from the brand and is trendy among UK homes.

Price: £242 /m2 in 20mm thickness.

Silestone Eternal Serena Quartz in a contemporary kitchen

Niebla: It means ‘Fog’ in Spanish. It offers worn-grey shades with timeless aesthetics for any space. It’s highly resistant to staining. And it certainly doesn’t require sealants. In addition, you can choose it from polished matt Suede finishes and thicknesses of 12 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm. A jumbo slab with a size of 3250 x 1590 mm is usually enough to cover the worktop surfaces of most kitchens.

Price: £174 /m2 in 20mm thickness.

silestone Niebla kitchen island

Aluminio Nube: Its name’s inspiration is the cloudy skies of winter. It has a light grey quartz surface with fine cloudy speckles in light grey and white, scattered over a grey surface. It is available in a wide array of thicknesses. Additionally, you can get worktops in thicknesses of 12 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm with a size of 3060 x 1400 mm.

Price: £174 /m2 in 20mm thickness.

Silestone Aluminio Nube Quartz close-up

Silestone that looks like granite

Alpina White 08: is a light grey quartz worktop displaying pebbles over the slab. Similarly to natural stone, it provides the feel of granite with superior performance. In addition, this is grey quartz worksurface comes with exclusive antibacterial protection and Silestone N-Boost, a new treatment that makes this a liquid-repellent worktop.

Price: £174 /m2 in 20mm thickness.

Silestone Alpina White quartz in a kitchen showroom

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Compac Quartz

Compac makes quartz, engineered marble and terrazzo, and recently launched Obsidiana, a range of sustainable surfaces with 100% recycled materials. However, when it comes to its greys, the brand makes some attractive offerings:

Ceniza: a light grey work surface with fine dark grey speckles over its surface. Correspondingly, it combines up to 95% quartz with resins, making it highly resistant to staining and scratches. Furthermore, you will get a manufacturers’ warranty of over thirty years when registering your purchase. In addition, you can choose this light grey surface from thicknesses of 12 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm.

Price: £109 /m2 in 20mm thickness.

Compac Ceniza Quartz in a modern London apartment

Zement Ice: a light concrete work surface in a delicate matt finish that offers zero water absorption. As a matter of fact, it provides one of the palest greys amongst worktop materials. If you are looking for a super-Jumbo quartz slab, this Compac Giant slab with a size of 3300 x 1650 mm could be just what you need.

Price: £218 /m2 in 20mm thickness.

Compac Zement Ice worktops in an industrial kitchen

Unique Argento: Its inspiration is the greek Argento Chiaro, a light grey-silver marble background with white veins. Unlike its natural counterpart, Compac Unique Argento does not require sealants. Similarly, it will stay intact for decades without having to worry about stains or scratches. In addition, it comes with IQ Technology, which encompasses 100% renewable energy, reusing more than 98% of the rainwater during its production. worry about stains or scratches. In addition, it comes with IQ Technology, which encompasses 100% renewable energy, reusing more than 98% of the rainwater during its production.

Price: £257 /m2 in 20mm thickness.

Compac Unique Argento Kitchen Island

Cambria Quartz

It is a quartz manufacturer located in Minessota, making surfaces for use mainly as kitchen worktops. Its benefits are similar to natural granite, except that it is not porous and thus requires sealants. The Davis family, owners of Cambria, have a background in food production, which leads to their obsession with creating counter surfaces with hygiene as a priority.

Berwyn: These worktops are a gracious alternative to natural stone with more versatile features. They display a pebble-like pattern with intertwined hues of white, cream and grey that you can pair with modern furniture in a residential kitchen. With American kitchens being so large, it’s no surprise that the massive3360 x 1660 mm slabs are enough to create expansive kitchen islands without placing any joints on their surface.

Price: £245 /m2 in 20mm thickness.

Cambria Berwyn Matte is a new Cambria Quartz finish in the UK and an elegant option for classic or traditional spaces. Further to the polished finish version, Berwyn Matte offers a massive slab with 3360 x 1660 mm dimensions, making it ideal for large kitchens.

Price: £288/m2 in 20mm thickness.

Cambria Berwyn in a contemporary kitchen

Kelvingrove: If you love Tiffany Blue quartzite but are worried about stains in your worktops, Cambria offers this alternative. It brings a coastal feel to the kitchen, with dynamic patterns in white, taupe and hints of ocean blue. Moreover, you can pair this material with copper appliances and with grey or beige kitchen cabinets.

Price: £266 /m2 in 20mm thickness.

Cambria Kelvingrove close-up image

More surfaces from Cambria

Ironbridge: it’s a quartz stone inspired by timeless materials with the idea of complimenting other objects and furniture in a kitchen, making it amazingly simple to specify. This non-porous worktop blends shades of white, cream and honey in a light grey backdrop. Similarly, it provides a stunning accent to traditional kitchens and farmhouse kitchens that need light coming into the room.

Price: £266 /m2 in 20mm thickness.

Cambria Ironsbridge kitchen Island

Galloway: a trendy design from Cambria Quartz due to its versatility. It shows dynamic veins whilst staying neutral simultaneously. It displays a white, grey and cream colour backdrop to put it together with any modern kitchen today. Its shimmery gold evening is both enchanting and unique.

Price: £266 /m2 in 20mm thickness.

Cambria Galloway quartz worktop

Summerhill: It is a popular design from Cambria’s Coastal Collection due to its unique looks. It is an off-white to light-grey quartz with a lot of texture. In addition, it features sprinkles of black, refined glittery grains and a stunning ondulation of more prominent crystal veins over its surface. You can choose it from thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm, and it comes with a slab measuring 3070 x 1410 mm. As a matter of fact, this slab is large enough to cover small and medium-size kitchens with a single sheet of this material.

Price: £266 /m2 in 20mm thickness.

Cambria Summerhill Full slab

CRL Quartz

C.R Lawrence is the largest supplier of tools in the stone industry and is a very experienced company when it comes to providing equipment for companies that work with quartz surfaces. With an increasing demand for non-porous work surfaces that are practical and easy to maintain, the brand created CRL Stone. CRL Stone offers two core products: CRL Quartz and Ceralsio Ceramics. To enumerate, here are the light grey CRL Quartz colour designs:

Firenze: its name is the same as the provincial capital of Tuscany, the Italian region with the most exclusive marbles in the world. It offers elegant marble veining on a light grey base with superior performance when compared to natural stone. Being scratch, stains, and highly heat-resistant, these quartz surfaces make it virtually impossible to get damaged from daily usage. Another critical point is that you can choose it from thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm. A Firenze quartz slab by CRL Stone measures 3200 x 1600 mm.

Price: £199/m2 in 20mm thickness.

CRL Quartz Firenze in a contemporary kitchen

Venetian Arte: a light grey Terrazzo worktop that combines several tones of grey. This monochromatic yet playful quartz surface offers durability, strength, and high resistance to staining and scratches. You can choose it in thicknesses of either 20 mm and 30 mm, from a slab with dimensions of 3300 x 1650 mm. In addition to these benefits, the stone comes with an available 10-year manufacturers’ warranty upon registration with its UK distributor.

Price: £248/m2 in 20mm thickness.

Other light grey surfaces from CRL Quartz

Montana Gris: Montana Gris by CRL is inspired by the natural beauty of Montana Silver Marble. But this quartz combines light grey and brown tones with hints of white, providing this worktop with high aesthetic value and a classic style. Also, unlike marble, CRL Quartz Montana Gris doesn’t need any special products to clean it. In fact, all you need to keep this worktop in pristine condition is a little bit of regular household soap and warm water.

Price: £215/m2 in 20mm thickness.

Atlantic Gris: Offering a coastal feel to kitchens, Atlantic Gris is an award-winning design from CRL Quartz’s Renaissance Collection. It’s inspired by the aesthetics of Italian marble but improves its performance with a surface of zero water absorption.

Price: £215/m2 in 20mm thickness.

Silver Shimmer: if you want to illuminate your kitchen but are afraid to overpower the room with worktops that come with the traditional ‘mirror chips’, you can opt for CRL Quartz Silver Shimmer. In contrast to ‘mirror-effect quartz’, this is a sophisticated alternative displaying fine speckles with elegant accents, carefully spread over the quartz slab. Moreover, you can choose it from 20 mm or 30 mm thicknesses. The product’s sheet dimensions are 3200 x 1600 mm.

Price: £145/m2 in 20mm thickness.

Soft Concrete: This light grey concrete effect worktop offers an excellent alternative to the traditional building material. It builds upon its benefits by providing a non-porous surface that is highly resistant to stains and scratches. In addition, it can take up to 150 Celsius degrees of heat, making your cooking activities practical and enjoyable.

Price: £179/m2 in 20mm thickness.

CRL Quartz Soft Concrete Bathroom Worktop


Technistone is a Wilsonart Company dedicated to the production of premium quartz surfaces with unrivalled characteristics. Furthermore, it resists chemicals whilst offering a worktop with almost zero porosity. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for interior projects both in commercial and residential spaces. Find below the light grey Technistone quartz colours:

Noble Pro Frost: a pale grey surface with white marble veins that offer high resistance to scratches and stains, offering practicality and ease of use for any kitchen. Moreover, you can choose it from thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm, and these come with an available manufacturers’ warranty of 10 years upon registration of your worktop’s installation.

Price: £171/m2 in 20mm thickness.

Technistone Pro Frost light grey quartz

Noble Arco displays interwoven veins and waves, which lend the name to this light grey worktop material. In particular, this product shows an intricate shape of minerals; it gives a striking display of patterns on a loose, light grey background. You can choose this design from slabs with 3050 x 1440 mm dimensions or a Jumbo slab with 3185 x 1550 mm, making it a versatile option for kitchens of any size.

Price: £171/m2 in 20mm thickness.

Tehcnistone Noble Arco Bathroom

Elegance Eco Nev: Belonging to the ECO Collection, this environmentally friendly light grey quartz stone contains over 90% raw materials, keeping a minimal percentage of pigments and resins for performance purposes. Not only that this is a sustainable worktop material, but it’s also an affordable option that suits any budget.

Price: £114/m2 in 20mm thickness.


Diresco is a Belgian family business and manufacturer of BIO-UV quartz composite sheets. Thanks to unique natural BIO-UV resins, these sheets are processed worldwide into kitchen worktops, bathroom applications, stairs, tiles, wall cladding, and furniture. Similarly, the Diresco quartz composite is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. They offer the following light grey worktop designs:

Belgian Fog: is a reinterpretation of the famous Blue Belgian limestone in a light grey version. Indeed, It brings a new dimension to kitchens and bathrooms, giving them the natural look of stone without its maintenance. Diresco Belgian Fog is available in slabs of 20 mm and 30 mm thicknesses with 3185 x 1550mm. You can also choose this material in a polished or a Velvet finish, a matt finish with a very light texture.

Price: £171/m2 in 20mm thickness.

Premium Dolphin Grey: it’s a homogeneous light grey stone that works well in any environment. Not only it offers resistance to stains and scratches, but it also provides an available warranty of 10 years from B Stone, its exclusive distributor in the UK. Besides its strength and versatility, this worktop offers another affordable option for kitchens.

Price: £185/m2 in 20mm thickness.

Diresco Premium Dolphin Grey close-up

Noblesse Fog: a light grey marble design with a light grey base and bold white veining. With this in mind, you can choose it in polished and matt finishes to suit modern and traditional interiors. Then again, with a slab size of 3185 x 1550 mm, you’ll be able to create expansive worktops without seams.

Price: £185/m2 in 20mm thickness.

Terrazzo surfaces from Diresco Quartz

Terrazzo Crea Light: A terrazzo inspired worktop with a background in light grey and coarse black and white graining over the slab. Unlike traditional Terrazzo materials, Diresco Crea Light doesn’t require sealants. In addition, it is super-practical as all you’ll need to clean it is soap and water. The dimensions of this slab are 3185 x 1550 mm, and the thicknesses you can choose from are 20 mm and 30 mm.

Price: £199/m2 in 20mm thickness.

Diresco Terrazzo Crea Light Quartz Kitchen

Samsung Radianz Quartz

If you thought this company only makes mobile phones, you are in for a surprise. Samsung, the second-largest manufacturer of mobile telephones in the world, has a large chemicals division. In fact, it makes quartz surfaces in Korea because the brand already uses quartz resins for other products. So even though they aren’t as focused on their quartz surfaces as other companies dedicated exclusively to producing stone, they offer some exciting light grey quartz surfaces.

Denali Cloud: Inspired by traditional Italian marbles, this design brings an aura of tranquillity to every room in which it is present. Notably, its loose grey veining ver a lighter grey quartz slab makes it a timeless surface that can complement any design style. It’s available in a slab with a size of 3200 x 1600 mm and thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm.

Price: £190/m2 in 20mm thickness.


Makalu Silver: it’s a design inspired by the mountain with the same name, located in the Himalayas in Nepal. It offers an excellent alternative to natural granite because it doesn’t need special maintenance. In addition to its monochromatic aesthetics, it highlights the surface with refined, silvery grains.

Price: £167/m2 in 20mm thickness.

Samsung Radianz Makalu Silver minimalistic kitchen.

Lucern Lake: This Alps-inspired quartz adds marble veining to its design by taking its name from Lake of Lucerne in central Switzerland. It follows the look of Carrara, a marble with an off-white to the light-grey backdrop and darker grey veins scattered over its surface. But this surface cannot etch if you expose it to acidic liquids because it lacks calcium present in the natural marble.

Price: £190/m2 in 20mm thickness.

Samsung Radianz Lucern Lake with golden appliances.


It is an Italian company producing quartz and engineered marble since 1972. Quarella offers surface solutions for residential and commercial spaces through a collection of aesthetic stones. Similarly, it provides engineered marble materials that you can use in interiors or outdoors. Read on to see the light grey quartz Quarella quartz colours.

Gris Ceniza: a pale grey quartz stone, ideal for kitchen worktops, bathrooms and floors due to its antibacterial properties. This high-performance surface is available in 20 mm and 30 mm thicknesses with a 3040 x 1410 mm slab size. Ceniza is not only a high-quality product but is also affordable.

Price: £112/m2 in 20mm thickness

Gris Ceniza Quartz Quarella

Rocca: Displaying pebbles and grains over a light grey base, Rocca is the latest design from this leading quartz manufacturer from Italy. Additionally, touches of white marble veins are carefully spread over the surface, providing a natural look to any interior. The 3070 x 1410 mm slab size gives you enough material to cover the work surfaces of medium-sized kitchens and bathrooms.

Price: £173/m2 in 20mm thickness

Quarella Rocca worktops


It’s a company dedicated to the manufacturing of high-quality quartz surfaces since 1996, located in Turkey. By 1998 they were exporting their products to Europe, and in 2019 the first Cimstone Jumbo slab with dimensions of 3300 x1650 mm came to the market. So without making as much noise as its larger competitors, Cimstone has steadily grown over time. And these are the light grey surface materials from its collection:

Tundra: This is a design inspired by the famous Tundra Grey marble from Turkey. Cimstone Tundra Grey marble displays a marbled pattern vein in white on a light grey backdrop. You can choose this material in a standard slab size 3050 x 1400 mm or in the new Jumbo slab size of 3300 x 1650 mm. In addition, the stone is available in thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm to facilitate vertical and horizontal applications.

Price: £145/m2 in 20mm thickness

Cimstone Tundra Light Grey Quartz slab

Gemini Grey: It is a new design from Cimstone that follows the strong demand for marble-looking quartz stones, and it makes so with a lot of charm and grace. This sophisticated worktop material is excellent for traditional spaces and period properties that can benefit from organic elements in their design. In addition, the enormous Jumbo slab of 3300 x 1650 mm in size makes it a cost-effective solution that can provide you with a complete set of worktops and full height splashback when you work in a small-sized kitchen.

Price: £145/m2 in 20mm thickness


It is a great brand when you’re looking for a high-quality worktop at a reasonable price. Quartzforms and is an Italian brand that manufactures its products in Germany. And marrying Italian design with german manufacturing is the perfect mix when It comes to surface materials. Similarly, the brand offers a comprehensive range of quartz designs, and here are their light grey options:

Imperial Dolphin Grey: It’s a light grey surface with charcoal veining over the surface, incorporating random intrusions of fine glittery quartz to accentuate the depth and texture in the material. It is ideal for modern spaces lacking natural materials, whether a home office, bathroom or kitchen.

Price: £176/m2 in 20mm thickness

Quartzforms Imperial Dolphin Grey close-up

Seashell: It is a fossilised design in light grey that brings a marine look to kitchens and bathrooms. Its seashell insertions decorate the slab perfectly, giving a coastal feel to any room. In fact, Quartzforms Seashell belongs to the Fossil Range from this brand and is available in slabs with thicknesses of 20 mm, and 30 mm. Its jumbo size of 3200 x 1640 mm provides enough coverage to create a worktop and a kitchen island out of a single sheet of quartz.

Price: £168/m2 in 20mm thickness

More Light Grey Designs from Quartzforms

Breeze Pearl: it’s one of the most popular designs from the brand due to its homogeneous light grey background and delicate veins with pale grains. It combines over 90% pure quartz crystals with a small percentage of resins to result in a non-porous worktop material. In addition, it offers high resistance to staining, scratches and it can tolerate up to 150-celsius degrees of heat. This affordable quartz is an excellent option for homes of any type.

Price: £168/m2 in 20mm thickness

Quartzforms Breeze Pearl Quartz surfaces

Ash Grey: It’s a core design from the Italian brand belonging to Price Group One in the collection. Contrasting refined grains in dark grey on a light grey backdrop, this timeless surface material suits any kitchen style. Quartzforms Ash Grey is available in a standard slab size 3050 x 1400 mm, which keeps costs low in small kitchens. It’s ideal for modern or classic interiors, and it doesn’t require sealants or additional coatings after its installation.

Price: £139/m2 in 20mm thickness.

Quartzforms Ash Grey close-up image


It’s an Italian brand of conglomerate surfaces making quartz and engineered marble in Montecchio, Italy. It boasts a comprehensive distribution network, and its products are present in over 90 countries around the globe. Okite Quartz offers a palette of 22 designs in the UK. Okite offers the following light grey surface design:

Grigio Chiaro:  It means ‘light grey’ in Italian. Okite Grigio Chiaro has simplicity and practicality in mind. This uniform light grey design blends natural quartz and resin into a non-porous material with zero liquid absorption. As a result, you can clean Grigio Chiaro daily with no more than soap, water, or a window cleaning spray. The slab measures 3220 x 1630 mm, and at 255 kg, it weighs about half of a granite worktop.

Price: £163/m2 in 20mm thickness.

okite grigio chiaro kitchen worktop

Opal Quartz

It is a quartz brand from India with a presence in London, and it offers a range of affordable quartz surfaces that contain up to 93% natural quartz. The products are easy to work it and to look after because they are 100% non-porous. Opal Quartz slabs come in standard sizes of 3000 x 1400 mm and two Jumbo slab dimensions: a 3100 x 1600 mm and a 3200 x 1600 mm sized slab. In addition, Opal quartz offers this light grey surface material made with quartz:

Cement: Opal Quartz Cement offers a light grey surface resembling a concrete slab. But its shine and polish reflects over its surface and brings light into any room in which it is installed. In addition, it’s a non-porous material with high resistance to scratches and impact. As a result, the Cement surface is affordable, easy to clean, and very practical when you have a busy kitchen.

Price: £109/m2 in 20mm thickness.

Opal Quartz Cement close-up

Square Metre prices of 20 millimetres quartz

As you have seen above, 20mm quartz surfaces vary according to the brand and look of the stone. When it comes to looks vs price, the light grey colours with speckles are the most economical. Next are the light grey worktops with homogeneous or plain designs. Last and more expensive are the quartz designs that have a marble-look or an intricate concrete-effect design. These materials take longer to produce and carry more complex formulas during the manufacturing process, reflecting their price. Although we didn’t state prices of 30 mm thickness surfaces, these generally cost approximately 15% more than their 20mm counterparts.

Note: The m2 prices stated in this article are only for the materials, excluding prices for the labour. Labour prices include the template, fabrication, and installation for the worktops and vary according to the property’s size and location.

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