Quartz Worktop from the quarry to your home

quartz worktop from quarry to your home
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Do you want to know the process that a quartz worktop undergoes from the Quarry to your home?

If you wonder what process takes place in a quartz worktop from the quarry to your home, we have created an infographic that explains just that.

Quartz worktop making process

Your quartz kitchen worktop results from several processes. Firstly, the process starts at a quarry in a remote part of the world. Later, it completes the stone worktop installation process in your space.

There is plenty of quartz on the planet. Hence becoming the number one option amongst interior designers and architects regarding kitchen worktops.

Like marble and other natural stones, we quarry quartz crystals in several locations around the globe. Unquestionably, It enables us to get the best minerals for kitchen worktops. We can find some of the best-known quarries across the United States and in places like Australia and Brazil.

After quarrying, the surface manufacturers classify the quartz crystals by quality. Later, we mix the best quartz crystals with resins and additives to result in a mass. Consequently, we bake and Vibro-compressed it to result in a non-porous product. Indeed, Vibro-compression entails the movement of the slab under intense heat. An industrial vacuum that sucks out all the air particles from it. According to different manufacturers, the quartz slabs undergo a finishing process to result in different aesthetics as required by customers.

Infographic – Quartz worktop from the quarry to your home

Storage, distribution and quartz worktop installation

We store the quartz worktop materials in warehouses that we later distribute to the different markets. Local distributors supply stonemasons and online worktop stores that fabricate the slabs, converting them into kitchen worktops. Your stone supplier creates cutouts for the hob, sink, tap and other appliances. In addition, they create different types of edges according to your specification. The fabricated worktops are then transported and installed in your home by professional quartz worktop installers.

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