Silestone Samples Free

Silestone samples free
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Silestone samples free are helpful when you want to visualize your kitchen design before buying your kitchen worktop. If you want to know the benefits of having these samples, read on.

And if you would like to test one of our products first-hand, you can ask us about getting these samples. Similarly, if you wish to know the prices of any of these products you can get in touch with our team of experts.

We deliver these quartz worktop samples to your door anywhere in the UK. In other words, you can see and test these samples from the comfort of your home.

The samples are 100% FREE. Nevertheless, we’ll cover all the costs and send you a small swatch of the design of your choice. In addition, you’ll receive a dispatch notification with all the details on how to claim your samples.

The Worktop Library in London gives away Silestone Samples FREE to design and decorate your kitchen and bathrooms with the new collection. 

It’s your unique opportunity to get inspired by Silestone’s new colours, finishes and textures and use them in your project. Whereas if you prefer to arrange a slab viewing appointment, we can organize it for you with locations in central London and Essex.

You can get the complimentary sample via this webpage, following quick and simple instructions. Thousands of creative minds worldwide have already chosen Silestone as a fresh, innovative, and unique material. In fact, you will add value, style and personality to your home and office.

Our mission and Silestone’s inspire you to create your ideal kitchen or bathroom. Indeed, by using high-quality products that reflect your personality, taste, and lifestyle.

Similarly, whilst working on your project, you want to ensure you have many choices when it comes to choosing your surfaces. Here is a gallery showing all the Silestone samples Free that we can deliver to your doorstep:

Did you know that 63% of homeowners would buy a sample?

According to Marketing Week, this is a fact amongst British homes. But this experience is often spoilt when getting your sample, going in-store, and finding that it’s not available. At the Worktop Library, we have to get the right sample and product into your hands and do it at the time you need it. And because we understand that trying before buying can be essential when it comes to your kitchen or bathroom renovation. Hence, our team has devised a plan that let us come to you VIRTUALLY instead.

While ordering your Silestone Samples Free, you can start your project in the comfort of your bed with one of our Worktop Consultation Managers.

  • During this virtual visit, you will see full slab images in high definition, browse through your material options and complete your kitchen worktop design.
  • It is a no-commitment consultation, and it’s 100% FREE.
  • Let’s get you booked in TODAY.

Are you still curious whether our Silestone samples free are suitable for your project?

Silestone is an engineered stone made with over ninety per cent of pure quartz crystals. Then, the quartz crystals are combined with resins and additives that transform them into an ultracompact, non-absorbent worktop material with the look of natural stone. Furthermore, you can make your Silestone worktop look like concrete, granite, quartzite and many other popular construction materials.

Similarly, the great thing about this product is the supreme resistance to stains, accidental impact and scratching. In addition, its antibacterial properties allow you to enjoy the art of cooking with your family without any worries. Your cooking experience will rise to a new level with a superior quartz worktop with the new N-Boost treatment. Not only that, but it also REPELS LIQUIDS OF ANY TYPE by acting at a molecular instead of a granular level. It is the ultimate work surface for homes that look for practical and easy living.

How can i test Silestone Samples Free performance?

You can test you Silestone free samples with several methods that we’ll describe below:

  • Use your car keys to scratch its surface: you can also use a knife over the quartz sample surface. You will notice that these leave a silver-coloured residue on the surface of the sample. In fact, that is part of the metal from the knife. Then, you should be able to remove it by using a regular kitchen surface cleaner easily. It shows the scratch resistance of the Silestone quartz kitchen surface.
  • Spill coloured foods and liquids: you can use coffee, ketchup, orange, lemon and more. Secondly, leave the liquid on the sample surface for a few hours. Lastly, remove the stains with detergent or another household cleaner. Finally, this is what shows you the stain resistance of your chosen quartz worktop colour.
  • Place hot food on your Silestone sample: next, leave it to rest until it cools down. As a matter of fact, this is how you test the heat resistance of your stone sample. Please note that although Silestone sustains up to 150-celsius degrees of heat, we recommend using a trivet to place hot items from the oven onto the surfaces. In addition, avoiding direct heat is one of the best ways to protect your new Silestone kitchen worktops.

Furthermore, if you are interested in knowing more about Silestone, how it is made, and the limitless uses you can give to this material, watch the video below.

Discover Silestone

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