The Ultimate Guide to Cheyenne Granite Worktops

The Ultimate Guide to Cheyenne Granite Worktops

Cheyenne Granite Guide
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If you’re looking for a beautiful countertop, look for a Cheyenne granite worktop, an elegant and sophisticated surfacing option. This guide will provide an overview of the different looks available and how to care for your Cheyenne granite worktop.

A stylish and glorious granite, Cheyenne is a highly durable natural stone that is excellent for interior and exterior applications.

When building a new house or remodelling, consider using natural stone granite. It looks great and can add value to your home. A stylish and glorious granite, Cheyenne is a highly durable natural stone that is excellent for interiors and outdoor spaces.

The irregular veining of the material means every worktop will be different from the last. Want a granite worktop that’s unique to your home? Cheyenne is the granite for you. A Cheyenne granite worktop shouts “luxury!” Its deep black colour makes it stand out from the crowd. In addition, it’s light and easy to clean, which makes it a must-have in a busy kitchen.


Why we love its unique black granite look and how it is used in a kitchen

With its deep black colour, enhanced irregular and imperfect veins, which sometimes form incredible spirals and other times become imaginary geometries with white and grey lines, this granite has a striking presence. Here are eight reasons as to why this granite can suit any home:

  • Versatility: You can use it for interior walls and exterior cladding. Similarly, you can use it as a kitchen worktop or as a bathroom vanity countertop.
  • Thicknesses: You can choose Cheyenne from 20 mm and 30 mm thicknesses. The most popular Cheyenne granite thickness is 20 mm, as you can create a worktop and matching splashback without milling down the stone. Simple cut, and you are good to go!
  • Sizes: As a natural stone, you can find a slab of Cheyenne black granite in many different sizes. The slab sizes in this material range between 2700 x 1800 mm and 3200 x 2000 mm. With such large panels, you can design massive kitchen islands and wall cladding without visible joints.
  • Tiles: Yes, you can get Cheyenne granite tiles if you want to match your worktops with the floor. These are available in tile sizes of 60 x 30 cm, 60 x 40 cm, and 60 x 60 cm. You can request bespoke Cheyenne granite tile sizes if you need larger sizes.

Additional benefits

  • Finishes: Cheyenne’s granite most popular finish is polished. It offers high-sheen and incredible depth of colour. Whilst the dark granite offers elegance, its sheen brings light into dark spaces, bringing vibrant shades into the kitchen. Cheyenne Vintage: also known as leather, this is a matt finish with a tactile texture for the best sensation in natural stone. Cheyenne Leathered granite is a preferred finish as it brings a natural feel to the space without taking protagonism. Honed finish: it is a matt finish for this granite, ideal when you wish to pair a black granite with a classic interior space.
  • Bacteriostatic protection: the granite has a bacteriostatic treatment to keep germs away from your kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Anti-stain: the manufacturer provides the granite with an anti-stain treatment making the granite highly resistant to staining from foods and liquids.
  • Warranty: as a natural stone brand product, Naturamia Cheyenne granite comes with an available 10-year anti-stain warranty. Levantina, the brand importing this granite, has its quarries and an outstanding distribution network and logistics, meaning that it can guarantee the supply of your stone and provide you with a certified warranty. You can effortlessly register your black granite worktop installation here.

Cheyenne Granite Worktop Style Guide

This black granite countertop has a future in home designs because of its versatility and durability. And you can stay ahead of the curve by pairing it the right way. First, you want to know how to choose the suitable colour cabinets for your black granite countertops. Well, many different colours complement Cheyenne black worktop and kitchen island. So you can create contrast with darker or lighter shades by choosing the right cabinet colours.

Pairing Your Cheyenne Granite Worktop With White Kitchen Cabinets

When people ask how to match their black granite worktops with kitchen cabinets, we tell them many colours to match. Whether you choose a lighter or darker tone of the same colour, you can contrast them by selecting the right cabinet colours. To make your kitchen even more stylish, use darker or brighter hues to determine your white kitchen cabinets.

White accents can help you breathe new life into your kitchen design, whether you want to make it look bigger or more luxurious. Here are some of the coolest trends in kitchen designs to help you find the cabinetry and stone surfaces that work for your space and aesthetic. One thing is for sure: When going for a sophisticated look, try a black and white colour scheme. The below photos show you some great ideas for white cabinet accents in small kitchens, large kitchens, white kitchens, and more.

Customizing Your Kitchen Without Replacing Your Kitchen

Sometimes, you may wish to refresh the look of your kitchen without having to go through a whole refurbishment. It is especially so in traditional and classic spaces because you want to keep the period features in your home. If you’re going to upgrade your traditional kitchen without doing an entire remodel, replacing the worktops is at the top of the list. Here are some great ideas where you can use this fabulous black granite.

The most cost-effective custom kitchen update is painting your cabinets. Because there are thousands of different paint colours, anything you choose will be unique to your house. Consider creating a one-of-a-kind colour scheme for your kitchen. Additionally, you can replace coloured cabinets with wood to bring warmth to the kitchen.

Advantages of using Cheyenne Granite

One of the key benefits of using this granite is that it is 100% natural, meaning you can use it indoors and outdoors. Ready for your next glam BBQ? -Read on!

Varied sizes, thicknesses and finishes: As a natural stone, you can choose from slabs ranging in sizes between 2800 x 1700mm, up to enormous slabs of 3200 x 2050 mm (these are harder to find). Similarly, you can choose from thicknesses of 20 mm or 30 mm. Finally, you can select a gorgeous polished finish that comes with a magnificent sheen, or Vintage finish, a leathered surface with a smooth texture.

Bacteriostatic treatment: It inhibits bacterial synthesis, replication, or other components of bacterial cellular metabolism. In plain English, no bacteria nor viruses can penetrate its surface.

Anti-stain: An anti-stain treatment comes ready-made on the material. The black granite worktops are treated throughout the production process to prevent germs and fungi from growing on their surface, making them the best choice for kitchen counters, where cleanliness and hygiene are critical when working with food.

Manufacturer’s Warranty: Cheyenne comes with an available 10-year warranty from Naturamia. Please remember that you must register your worktop within 60 days from installation.

Quality and Environment certificates: Naturamia Cheyenne Granite includes CE Markings as granted by the European Union, and it also has a GreenGuard certificate, meaning that it has been evaluated and proved to have low chemical emissions, according to science.

How to Care For Your Cheyenne Granite Worktops

Granite kitchen worktops are popular because they are attractive, bacteria and stain-resistant, and glossy. Remember that granite requires only a light cleaning regimen to keep the sealer from wearing off. If you want to know more about its maintenance, here are five tips to keep your worktops pristine:

  1. Dry your worktops: If you don’t dry the worktop with a clean microfiber towel, you may find wet streaks when you finish.
  2. Use warm water and soap to clean: Soak a cloth in water and apply a small amount of soap to the worktop. To clean the work surfaces, wipe them down. Twist your kitchen towel in fresh water to prevent spreading food, juices, and oil. Remove any soap residue off the surface by rinsing your cloth and wiping it down with new water when you’ve finished with the soap.
  3. Clean spillages fast: Since granite isn’t as porous as marble, it’s less likely to absorb oils and stains, but as a basic precaution, clean spills with a soft towel as soon as possible.
  4. Avoid using acidic cleaners and harsh chemicals: Stay away from abrasive scrubbers, which might harm the stone. Also, avoid using vinegar since it may dull the granite and degrade the sealant.
  5. Seal your granite worktops: Sealing is an important part of your Cheyenne granite’s maintenance that you shouldn’t overlook. You may do a simple test to see if your worktops need sealants by splashing a tiny amount of water on the surface. Then, see if the water forms little bead-like formations or flows freely. When water splashed on the surface no longer beads up, reseal your worktop.

If you need some inspiration for your next kitchen design, you can watch our 30-second video showing nine design ideas using this stunning black granite below.


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