Top 5 Quartz Worktop Brands for Kitchen to Consider for Renovation

Top 5 Quartz Worktop Brands for Kitchen to Consider for Renovation

Top 5 Quartz worktop brands for Kitchen
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With an infinite range of worktops available online and offline, kitchen designing and refurbishment for your home can be exciting and confusing at once. You aim to acquire a worktop that impresses onlookers and delivers exceptional performance. These modern-day requirements make quartz worktops the most sought-after choice. By combining natural quartz and resin binders, these worktops incorporate the beauty of natural stone with the durability and resilience of engineered surfaces. Quartz worktops are highly resistant to stains, scratches, and heat.

Additionally, these worktop brands are non-porous and don’t require sealing. With effortless cleaning and maintenance, these worktops can look as good as new even after a decade of use. Here are five bestselling quartz kitchen worktop brands to consider for your renovation: –

Silestone Quartz Worktops

The phenomenal impact-resistance and stain-resistance of Silestone make it ideal for busy kitchens. You never have to worry about acid-etching, knife-scratching, and food and beverage stains. Furthermore, Silestone quartz worktops are engineered with the sustainable HybriQ+ technology that combines natural minerals with recycled materials. You can pick from numerous colours with extraordinary patterns and textures. Here are some exciting choices for your dream kitchen: –

Silestone Ethereal Glow– A nuanced white background with attractive gold and grey veins imbibes a very classy look for your modern kitchen. This worktop combines soft and bold veining, creating a stunning contrast that will add a tinge of drama to your kitchen.

Silestone Ethereal Glow - Worktop Library

Silestone Bohemian Flame – Dramatic visual appeal with a dark grey base accentuated by coppery lava-like patterns for a bold kitchen. The matte texture, known as ‘Suede finish’, offers a warm tone with boundaries, providing a natural feel that harmonises perfectly with wooden cabinetry.

Silestone Bohemian Flame - Worktop Library

Silestone Romantic Ash – Enticing blue background with delicate white veins for a refreshing aura. The matte surface finish adds an organic element and balances the kitchen space.

Silestone Romantic Ash - Worktop Library

Silestone Alpina White – Creamy grey background with dense brown and grey pebble-like patterns spreading tranquillity. The serene blend of colours and dots creates a calming environment. The polished finish enhances the natural stone appearance, making it an ideal choice for traditional kitchen designs.

Silestone Alpina White - Worktop Library

Caesarstone Quartz Worktops

Quartz is the 3rd hardest naturally occurring mineral. The strength of raw quartz crystals is impressively harnessed in quartz worktops. This brand ticks all the boxes of what one would expect from a kitchen worktop material- non-porous, durable, easy-to-clean, sanitary, heat-proof, scratch-proof, and stain-free. These state-of-the-art quartz worktops have 90-92% mineral quartz content for enduring quality. The colour catalogue is fascinating, with ample choices for both indoor and outdoor kitchens. Check out these popular Caesarstone quartz worktops: –

Caesarstone Layalite – Visually striking material creating the look of limestone on a stunning creamy-coloured countertop that you will never have to seal to protect it from staining. Layalite is available in slabs of 305×144 cm and has a gorgeous honed finish, making it a favourite among homeowners who desire a traditional yet chic kitchen design.

Caesarstone Layalite - Worktop Library

Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo – Inspired by premium Italian Calacatta marble with a creamy white base and cascading grey veins. It is available in standard-size slabs and a Jumbo slab size of 324×164 cm, providing ample options for large and small kitchen spaces.

Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo - Worktop Library

Caesarstone Riverlet – Serene off-white hues with honeyed-amber capillaries for a soothing appearance. Riverlet belongs to Price Group Two from Caesarstone, making it an affordable material. You can choose between 2 m and 3 cm thickness as standard and a 1.3 cm slim worktop thickness option with a 12-week lead time from Israel. 

Caesarstone Riverlet - Worktop Library

CRL Quartz Worktops

CRL Quartz worktops are specially designed to fulfil the requirements of modern living. They are hardwearing, easy to care for, and never need to be sealed. The surface is non-porous, thus preventing the buildup of bacteria, mould, and mildew. Unlike natural stone, these engineered quartz surfaces remain unaffected by spills (as long as they are wiped within 24 hours). Neither do you have to be perturbed about placing hot cookware, sharp objects, or heavy kitchen equipment on these surfaces. CRL Quartz offers a massive visual range: Marble Collection, Renaissance Collection, Rock Collection, and White Collection. Some popular choices include: –

CRL Quartz Cristallo Azure – Captivating tropical blue base with black and white veins. Cristallo Azure belongs to the innovative 2023 CRL Quartz Collection featuring quartzite-inspired materials, including Cristallo Verde, Cristallo Platino and Cristallo Grey designs.

CRL Quartz Cristallo Azure - Worktop Library

CRL Quartz Cristallo Verde – Charming green surface with organic patterns for a Bohemian vibe. An elegant green base with black and dark grey streaks creates a graceful and sophisticated look mimicking the natural brilliance of quartzite materials.

CRL Quartz Cristallo Verde - Worktop Library

CRL Arctic Shimmer – Placid white base with soft, silvery speckles for an opulent look. – A timeless blend of muted white hues with hints of grey-white glimmer. This design exudes a classic charm while staying true to the natural beauty associated with quartz worktops. 

CRL Arctic Shimmer - Worktop Library

Compac Quartz Worktop

The Compac brand specialises in Technological Quartz worktops with exceptional durability and eye appeal. With multiple colours, patterns, dimensions, thicknesses, and edge configurations, these worktops are versatile and customisable. Compac quartz can easily withstand the day-to-day rigours of a busy kitchen. This worktop material remains untainted, whether it is heat, humidity, spills, or physical impact. Check out some beautiful options like: –

Compac Ice Black – Intense black background with breathtaking white veins that resemble broken ice pieces. Available in a 330 x 163cm slab, this worktop adds a dramatic look of molten Lava to any kitchen space.

Compac Ice Black - Worktop Library

Compac Nebulous Gold – Cloudy, coppery veins are randomly interspersed through its luxurious white background to create a visually striking appearance. This pristine white worktop features an intricate veining pattern reminiscent of Calacatta marble from Carrara. The 2 cm thick slab is perfect for those seeking to add an understated elegance to their kitchen. 

Compac Nebulous Gold - Worktop Library

Compac Moon – Elegant off-white hues marked by cloudy dark flecks with a classic terrazzo design. This piece adds traditional elegance to any kitchen, with its 305 x 144 cm slab offering ample workspace. The subtle colour palette makes Compac Moon versatile, fitting seamlessly into modern and classic spaces.

Compac Moon- Elegant off - Worktop Library

Quartzforms Worktops

Quartzforms worktops are high-performing quartz agglomerate surfaces. This premium brand is well-known for delivering impeccable quality. Quartzforms worktops are non-porous, resistant to bacteria, and require simple wiping to look their best for years.

The surface can also withstand hot pots or pans up to 150 degrees Celsius. Don’t panic if you accidentally spill wine or ketchup on Quartzforms worktops. Just relax and wipe out any spill. Be assured that it will not etch or leave a stain.

The patented German manufacturing technology and 92% quartz composition make it a highly durable and hardwearing quartz worktop. So, dents, cracks, and scratches are the last things you will have to worry about. This is precisely why you get a 25-year limited warranty on Quartzforms worktops. Check out these popular Quartzforms worktops: –

Quartzforms Forest Magnolia – A mesmerising deep black worktop with medium-sized-sized veins for a dynamic effect. The white patterns offer a natural and elegant look, ideal for contemporary kitchen design.

Quartzforms Forest Magnolia - Worktop Library

Quartzforms Ocean Lagoon – This is a captivating blue-green worktop with tiny shimmering particles that give it an oceanic feel. The cool tones of this countertop make it perfect for creating a tranquil, refreshing space in your kitchen or bathroom. This stunning quartz worktop has a smooth and elegant finish, giving off an extravagant, coastal vibe. The blue tone allows it to blend seamlessly into any interior design style, making it versatile and timeless.

Quartzforms Ocean Lagoon - Worktop Library

Quartzforms Ocean Reef – Attractive light white and terracotta veined surfaces highlighted by patterns resembling marble veins. The pale white base with terracotta veins brings a rustic charm reminiscent of the ocean reef landscapes. This Quartzforms Ocean Reef worktop is aesthetically pleasing but also durable and resistant, ensuring that it will stand the test of children, pets and visitors at home.

Quartzforms Ocean Reef - Worktop Library

Quartzforms Cloudy Beige – This is a warm beige surface with delicate veining patterns that mimic the appearance of natural stone. The creamy beige tone emits an atmosphere of classiness and cosiness, perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere in any interior space. Like Ocean Reef, Cloudy Beige by Quartzforms is also known for its durability and resistance to everyday wear and tear – making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas in both residential and commercial settings.

Quartzforms Cloudy Beige - Worktop Library

Stylish, fuss-free, and long-lasting, quartz is the most promising new-age material for contemporary worktops. You can find a worktop brand with hundreds of colours and design choices that perfectly match your kitchen cabinets, fixtures, splashbacks, and flooring. 

From an elegant Italian marble-like replica to a robust granite-effect surface, it is easy to pick bespoke quartz worktops to your liking. No more spending time and money and painstakingly maintaining kitchen worktops. With this revolutionary material, you will make the most of your kitchen makeover and ensure a worthwhile investment.


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