What is Sapienstone?

What is Sapienstone?

what is Sapienstone
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SapienStone is the first porcelain brand created especially for kitchen worktops, both for the home and professional use in restaurants and coffee shops.

The stone comprises porcelain clays and mineral colours that are unalterable. Indeed, the surface won’t degrade with time, heat, light or any chemical cleaning or disinfection product.

SapienStone dresses your kitchen with a complete range of colours and finishes that will give the kitchen an exclusive decoration complement. In fact, the product range covers various styles, from the most avant-garde to the most traditional. Similarly, all products offer full-body colours and have patterns and veins going through the slabs. Therefore, the feeling of realism is more significant than other porcelain products.

You can purchase the product in an online worktop store or kitchen showrooms around the United Kingdom. Also, you may compare this range of products to those of Neolith or Dekton. The kitchen or marble shop professional must take the measures for the elaboration of your bespoke kitchen worktop. Consequently, if you want us to provide you with more recommendations, you can contact us

You can also use it as a worktop or vanity surface. Or in the bathroom or as a tabletop both indoors and outdoors. The options are limitless.


You can choose Sapienstone worktops with thicknesses of 12mm in all its designs. Additionally, the brand offers the following colours in thicknesses of 20mm too:

  • Urban Anthracite in Natural Finish
  • Urban Argento in Natural Finish
  • Uni Ice in Natural Finish

The slab size of Sapienstone is 3200x1500mm. Hence providing you with an extra-large product dimension to create seamless kitchen islands, walls, and furniture cladding.

The product’s superior technical performance also allows you to install it on walls and floors. In addition, it enables you to achieve an integrated look using the same colour or combining different colours from its range.

The company that manufactures it, Iris Ceramica Group, is one of the world’s pioneers. In fact, it has more than fifty years of history in developing ceramic products. The company distributes its products to over a hundred countries globally and boasts nine production plants across Europe. In addition, there is a 700000 Square feet facility in the USA, which includes a ‘Porcelain Education Centre.


As of 2021, the brand offers forty colours to all UK homeowners. In addition, they also offer book-matched designs in their most popular colours—specifically, White Calacatta and its Mirrored counterpart. If you are thinking of going with shades of grey, you can choose the Calacatta Statuario design and its Mirrored option.

These are the rest of the colour designs of the Sapienstone Collection:


The kitchen worktop is an area that performs two fundamental tasks. Firstly, an aesthetic one and secondly to serve as a support for the preparation of your dishes. From an aesthetic perspective, Sapienstone’s colour palette allows you to combine the product with any furniture and decoration. In some of the colours, you can choose the natural, polished, or semi-polished finish.

Secondly, Sapienstone worktops offer hygiene as they have no absorption, and you can place food in direct contact with its surface. Therefore, it is not necessary (as with other worktop materials) to use cutting boards or another type of support so that the food is not in contact with the surface of the worktop.

The dimensions of the product make it suitable for any countertop, peninsula, and island.

Click HERE to receive Free Sapienstone porcelain samples.


SapienStone has resistance to high temperatures. Therefore, it does not burn with the fire or with the heat of the pan or saucepan. In contrast, Wood, laminate, and quartz products can burn. You can use the product outdoors because solar radiation does not alter any of its characteristics.

Similarly, the product’s scratch resistance is higher than other products such as wood, laminate and quartz surfaces that can easily suffer scratches. Furthermore, the brand does not use any coloured resin or protective varnish embedded to colour or shine other materials in its manufacture. In addition, the product does not require any maintenance, and you can clean it with conventional soaps or detergents. Finally, it is resistant to chemicals and acids of all kinds, such as lemon or vinegar.

In fact, it is the first porcelain brand that dedicates its products especially to the kitchen and has many advantages over other ceramic brands that are not specific to the kitchen.


Can you envision yourself cooking directly on a kitchen surface without glass and visible hobs? It’s now possible with a worktop from Sapienstone. The company has teamed up with TPB Tech to make an invisibly integrated induction hob that allows you to cook on it, saving space in small areas. In addition, it provides your space with minimalistic aesthetics, which are popular with Nordic and Italian kitchen designs.

If you are interested in knowing more about this solution for your kitchen, watch the below video:


You can also use these surfaces for the bathroom and tables. The bathroom worktop requires a high-performance porcelain tile. The dryer’s heat or the acetone from cleaning the nails can damage many surfaces. But SapienStone resists it all.

SapienStone worktops can be used as tabletops, both indoors and outdoors, since they do not fade in sunlight and can accept extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.

At The Worktop Library, we work with the best brands, contact us, and we will provide you with sound advice!

Source: Sapienstone.com


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