Why Consider Calacatta Gold Quartz Worktops for Your New or Renovated Kitchen?

Why Consider Calacatta Gold Quartz Worktops for Your New or Renovated Kitchen?

Calacatta Gold Quartz Worktop
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Almost every homeowner’s dream is to install Italian Calacatta marble kitchen worktops. The splendid visuals of ivory white with regal gold and grey veins are unparalleled. But premium Italian marble is reasonably expensive, and maintaining it can be time-consuming. Calacatta Gold Quartz is the perfect composite alternative for those who desire the visual opulence of marble but also want a low-maintenance and affordable worktop material. In addition, the authentic marble-like appearance of Calacatta Gold quartz can take anyone by surprise. With leading quartz manufacturers popularising these worktops across the UK, the demand for premium marble-look quartz has spiralled.

Compac Unique Calacatta Gold for your Kitchen

Exploring Quartz Worktops London

More than ever, Londoners are exploring marble-effect quartz worktops to set up new kitchens and reinvigorate old ones. Marble has always been considered a classic material for home interiors. But cleaning and maintaining it is not everybody’s cup of tea. Here are six important reasons why homeowners today are emphatically opting for Calacatta Gold quartz and other marble-effect quartz worktops in London:-

No Sealing Required

Quartz is a non-porous material that doesn’t require sealing. Be it water, liquids, or hot food, no spillage can penetrate the surface and fester microbial growth. On the other hand, marble is highly porous and requires regular sealing every 12 to 24 months, depending on the type. Otherwise, it may stain easily, absorb water/liquids, and cause hygiene loopholes.

Hardwearing and Durable

The Mohs hardness rating of Quartz is 7, whereas marble is rated 3 to 4, depending on its type. Hence, quartz worktops are far more resistant to physical wear and tear. On the other hand, being a soft stone, marble is susceptible to scratches, chips, and dents.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

In the post-Covid-19 world, the average buyer is far more cost-conscious and environmentally aware than ever before. Procuring marble from Italy or Spain can create a significant carbon footprint. The fuel consumption incurred in quarrying, transportation, and export is enormous. It can also make it a more expensive option. Quartz is stocked in London and doesn’t involve quarrying, thus ensuring affordability and a remarkably lower environmental impact.

Easier to Clean and Maintain

You can clean quartz worktops easily using any generic detergent and water. Being resilient, non-porous, and impervious to chemicals, it hardly requires any maintenance. In contrast, you must protect marble worktops from sharp objects, heavy pans, food spills, and even mildly acidic beverages like vinegar. Besides periodic sealing, marble surfaces must be cleaned to maintain their sheen. Therefore, one has to be careful about choosing the right marble worktop cleaner and ensure regular cleaning.

No Compromise with Looks

Despite the considerable cost and maintenance hassles, the biggest reason why homeowners choose marble worktops all along is that it is gorgeous, and no engineered material can match their grandeur. But this notion has become irrelevant with the advent of high-quality customised quartz variants like Calacatta Gold Quartz. With its opulent white backdrop, placid grey veins, and enchanting gold highlights, Calacatta Gold Quartz can look like authentic Italian Calacatta Gold Marble.

Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo Worktop for your Home


Since natural forces determine the hues and veining of marble, every marble slab is unique in its shades and patterns. It can be problematic during large-scale installations because the slabs must be laid out in a specific order or matched book. Not paying careful attention during template, fabrication, or installation might lead to odd-looking worktops. With marble-effect quartz, this challenge doesn’t arise at all. All the slabs from the same production batch comprise the same shade and patterns to match perfectly. It saves a lot of time and money during kitchen worktop installation.

Adorning Your Kitchen with Calacatta Gold Quartz

The stunning, ethereal look of Calacatta Gold Quartz invoked both style and luxury. Whether for new-age designer kitchens or charming old-world kitchens, this marble-effect quartz is always the showstopper or focal point of a well-furnished kitchen.

Unlike natural marble, you don’t have to worry about its surface being marred by scratches and stains. Even with minimal cleaning and maintenance, these quartz worktops will retain their inherent sheen and appear brand new even after years of use.

Furthermore, with surfaces from Unistone or Silestone quartz variants available online, homeowners are often confused about which one to choose. Silestone quartz is one notch higher than Unistone quartz in quality and cost. Calacatta Gold is one of the variants of Silestone quartz, famed for its premium quality and impressive aesthetics.

Adorning Your Kitchen with Calacatta Gold Quartz

The white and gold hues of Calacatta Gold Quartz match impressively with gold and silver-coloured fittings. This marble-look quartz radiates unmatched elegance in modern kitchens with stainless steel appliances. Combined with a silver or gold-tinted backsplash or feature wall, these high-quality worktops look highly alluring.

The subtle golden hues of the Calacatta Gold Quartz also merge well with old-style bronze fittings and wooden cabinets. Hence, these worktops are well-suited for both classic and contemporary kitchen interiors.

For homeowners who believe in minimalistic designs and the recent, ‘less is more’ trend, Calacatta Quartz is the ideal worktop to install. It stands out impressively even in a simple black-and-white colour scheme.
The combination of white, light grey and gold accents also provides the ideal neutral backdrop to highlight a burst of colours in the lighting, fixtures, and accent walls.

If your kitchen has ample space, designing a waterfall kitchen island is an excellent way to highlight the stunning beauty of Calacatta Gold Quartz. With sleek stainless steel faucets, suave grey cabinets, and a gold/silver-hued feature wall, this majestic quartz kitchen island will mesmerise onlookers.


While the aesthetics, functionality, and durability of marble-effect quartz have been discussed above, its applications are not limited to kitchen worktops alone. The Calacatta Gold Quartz, Compac Unique Calacatta, Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo, Compac Unique Calacatta Gold, and various other marble-effect quartz variants are popularly prevalent for bathroom worktops, shower floors, splashbacks, accent walls, powder rooms, spas, and so on. Silestone marble-effect quartz, in particular, has taken the realm of interior design and architecture by surprise. Homeowners who swore by the authenticity of natural stone earlier are now highly enthusiastic about quartz’s ease of use, efficiency, and durability. Since worktops look precisely like marble sans the expenses and tedious maintenance, you can have your cake and eat it too!


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