Meet The New Caesarstone Porcelain Colours For Outstanding Indoor and Outdoor Designs

Meet The New Caesarstone Porcelain Colours For Outstanding Indoor and Outdoor Designs

Meet the new Caesarstone porcelain for outstanding indoor and outdoor designs
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Caesarstone Porcelain is a new range of indoor and outdoor suitable worktops comprising raw minerals such as clay, sand, and quartz. The porcelain is fired at a high temperature (1300°C) and then polished to give the surface its glossy, matte, or textured finish. In addition, the new porcelain collection has a non-porous surface, which means that it is stain resistant, easy to clean and requires virtually no maintenance.


Caesarstone Porcelain is a new range of indoor and outdoor suitable worktops comprising raw minerals such as clay, sand, and quartz. The Porcelain is fired at a high temperature (1300°C) and then polished to give the surface its glossy, matte, or textured finish. The new porcelain collection has a superior non-porous surface which means that it is stain resistant, easy to clean and requires virtually no maintenance.

What is Caesarstone Porcelain?

It is a new generation of stoneware suitable for unlimited applications. It comprises three innovative technologies that allow home and business owners to discover new ways to decorate their homes and spaces. Because of its manufacturing method, the new surfaces replicate the unique attractiveness of natural stone, concrete, and other materials, providing an authentic visual and tactile feel.

Above a contemporary kitchen with Caesarstone Locura 12mm porcelain

What Makes Caesarstone Porcelain Unique?

It is the only sintered stone made in India with sintering technology by an experienced and renowned brand that was the very first company to create quartz work surfaces in volume in 1987. In other words, it has taken this leading manufacturer 35 years to launch a new category of worktop materials.

What makes Caesarstone stand out from the competition is the quality of its materials, resulting in surfaces with the highest aesthetic features in the market. In addition, Caesarstone is the only major stone manufacturer that acquired an existing ceramic plant. This purchase combines over 35 years of experience with innovative sintered stone technology, allowing you to create new designs and experience new textures, such as the latest Ultra Rough finish.

What significant benefit does This Porcelain Product provide?

Not only does Caesarstone make some of the best-looking products in the market, but it also makes surfaces with superior performance features.

One of the main benefits of using a porcelain Caesarstone worktop instead of a quartz surface is that it can sustain temperatures of up to 300°C, meaning that you can drag your pats and pots from the oven onto the worktops.

Another advantage of Caesarstone countertops comprising the sintered stones is that without the polymer resins quartz worktops contain, the stones become UV rays resistant. In addition, it helps expand the range of colours, finishes and textures that homeowners looking for suitable outdoor work surfaces can install in their spaces.

Above: Seven key advantages of Caesarstone porcelain

Are Exotic Marble and Quartzite Worktops too Expensive?

Some of our exotic natural stones are expensive because there is a limited amount of them on the planet. Other stones are scarce because they are tricky to extract in remote regions, extreme heights, or difficult-to-reach places.

By creating natural-looking materials comprising organic ingredients, Caesarstone porcelain can faithfully replicate the aesthetics and feel of natural products such as quartzite, marble, granite, concrete, and more.

In addition, the porcelain from Caesarstone is easy to clean and maintain, and they don’t require sealants. You can clean them with conventional household cleaners, and the slabs come in pre-formatted sizes (320x160cm), saving you time and money. Similarly, because the worktops are 100% non-porous, you won’t have to spend time or money on sealants or protective coatings.

Above: Cleaning and maintenance tips.

What Are the Main Features of Caesarstone Porcelain?

Behind the luxurious aesthetic and cost savings that these porcelain kitchen and bathroom surfaces provide, five key features take them a notch above similar-looking products: ̵

  1. High-Heat Structure: It allows direct contact with your hot items (skillets, pots, pans) and is UV resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use. This Caesarstone manufacturing method produces a new ceramic surface, resulting in a solid and resistant high-heat worktop.
  2. Forward Design: It is a new technology that allows producing hyper-realistic veins and patterns and textured finishes such as honed or the new textured ‘Ultra-Rough finish’. These result in more authentic tactile experiences when you touch the worktops.
  3. Fortified Frame: This feature makes the surface highly wear and tear resistant, meaning its colours won’t fade over time or due to the amount of use they receive. In addition, it makes them highly resistant to scratches and staining, so you won’t have to worry about the odd knife slipping away or spillage.

The strength of the material, which comprises a mixture of ground kaolin clay, quartz sand and feldspar, means it can withstand considerable impact from day-to-day use.

Although this is a new porcelain surface from a leading brand, experience with similar porcelain materials has shown us that they may be slightly more brittle than quartz and marble when accidental impact occurs.

How is Caesarstone Porcelain Made?

When manufacturing sintered porcelain, the raw material is first crushed, ground into a fine powder, and fired at high temperatures. The firing process causes the raw material to melt and fuse. The material is then cooled and broken up into smaller pieces. The finished product is an ultra-compact, sturdy, and non-porous surface with a high degree of sheen when polished.

In the video below, we show you the factory making these innovative porcelain surfaces:

So What Do Our Homeowners Love About Caesarstone?

I have been supplying Caesarstone’s products since 2008. At the time, Caesarstone didn’t have a UK team and used a distributor to deliver its quartz slabs. And the one thing that calls my attention is that I have never replaced a Caesarstone worktop due to faults or defects in the material. I am not sure this was pure luck when I was involved in thousands of Caesarstone installations since then.

In 2022, Caesarstone is proprietary of UK facilities and a new display showroom. In addition, its warehouse holds, manages and distributes the products in time. And its staff offers excellent service, ensuring tremendous after-sales support is in place. Moreover, Caesarstone is one of the first companies to have a comprehensive local network of own facilities in the UK, serving homeowners in London and its surrounding areas.

Which are the Caesarstone Porcelain Colours?

The new collection of porcelain work surfaces offers materials with aesthetics that we divide into five major categories comprising the looks of modern and traditional building and decoration materials. in addition, porcelain designs, which are available from us, all have a surface polished or honed. The slab formats in the new series provide surfaces you can combine to create individual, unique decorations in worktops, walls or furniture. 

Caesarstone Marble Look porcelain colours.

Ten new porcelain designs offer the natural look and feel of marble which we highlight below.

Caesarstone Concrete Look Porcelain Colours

With these porcelain designs replicating various types of cement and concrete surfaces, homeowners can enjoy practical worktops that offer natural textures with the feel of classic building products which work perfectly in urban, industrial and minimalistic spaces.

Caesarstone Quartzite Look Porcelain Colours

With this new type of porcelain known as sintered stones, manufacturers like Caesarstone can now replicate the look of exotic natural stones. However, because quartz stones comprise a completely different manufacturing process and raw minerals in their structure, they cannot reproduce some of the more intricate and shiny patterns of stones like natural quartzite as faithfully as materials like Caesarstone porcelain. This difference opens a new category of surfaces you can enjoy while forgetting about raw materials’ nuances with your family.

Caesarstone Porcelain Additional Styles

Besides mimicking natural stones and building materials, including concrete, cement, and limestone, this new type of porcelain worktop can reliably reproduce the aesthetics of many other materials. Additionally, it can replicate wood and metal prevalent in kitchens to create a lasting and distinctive look. 

The company enters a new world of design possibilities by launching 23 unique colours in its porcelain collection.

And what you have seen so far is only the begging of a new era of worktops that not only can look and feel like authentic materials, but they outperform them in many ways: high-heat, stain, scratch and impact resistance, non-absorbent features and suitable for indoor and outdoor designs.

Caesarstone Porcelain vs Dekton vs Neolith

Neolith and Dekton were the first significant stone brands that entered the sintered stone arena. Neolith launched in 2010 with the ownership of a new exporting firm. And since its launch in 2014, Dekton has been tirelessly producing innovative and groundbreaking materials that make homes a dream. In 2021, Caesarstone purchased the majority stake of Lioli Ceramica, a cutting-edge porcelain tile production enterprise from India, with about 450 people. Lioli provides a diverse range of high-quality living products, including worktop and wall slab materials for homes and businesses. 

With this acquisition, Caesarstone becomes a leading manufacturer of porcelain tiles that produce and meet the demands of the current interior, garden and landscape design, as well as developing unique settings for every homeowner in London and its surrounding counties.

So, what are the differences between these three powerful porcelain brands regarding worktops?

SLAB SIZE320x160cm320x144cm320x160cm
THICKNESSES124, 8, 12, 20, 303, 6, 12, 20
FINISHESPolished, matte, texturedPolished, matte, texturedPolished, matte, textured
ABSORPTION RATE0.1% average value0.0.3% average value0.1%
A comparison chart of Caesarstone porcelain vs Dekton vs Neolith

If you are short of time, watch this video of just over one-minute providing a summary of this blog article:




In conclusion, the new Caesarstone porcelain surfaces are perfect for indoor and outdoor designs. The materials do not require sealants or coatings. In addition, you can clean them with conventional detergents and cleansers. They provide homes and offices with the look of exotic marble and quartzite at a fraction of the price. And their sleek and modern look will undoubtedly add a touch of elegance to any space. So if you’re looking for a way to update your home or office, consider using one of these new Caesarstone porcelain colours.

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