Cambria Quartz Price Guide

Cambria Quartz Price Guide

Cambria Quartz price guide
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Are you somewhat confused about how quartz prices work? This article provides you with a Cambria Quartz price guide and discusses all the UK’s 2022 Cambria Quartz colours. We also discuss the different aspects of Cambria, including Cambria Quartz Price Groups and the Cambria Quartz price per slab.

Cambria is an American brand of engineered composite materials comprising 93% natural quartz. Cambria quartz is non-porous and nonabsorbent, and it resists stains from everyday household substances such as ketchup, soy sauce, tea, wine, coffee, and more.


  1. What is Cambria Quartz?
  2. How Cambria Quartz is made.
  3. The sizes, thicknesses, and finishes of Cambria Quartz slabs.
  4. Cambria Quartz Price Guide 2022.
  5. Cambria Quartz vs Silestone vs Caesarstone.
  6. The five most popular Cambria Quartz colours in 2022. ( And which Cambria Quartz looks like marble)
  7. How to clean and maintain Cambria Quartz countertops.
  8. Conclusion.


Cambria is a QUARTZ WORKTOP and surface that you can use in homes or offices in various ways. Its applications include fireplaces, kitchen worktops, vanity tops, backsplashes, bathrooms, and more. Surfaces by Cambria comprise 96% natural quartz, the third most resilient mineral on Earth. And the remaining 4% composition comprises colouring pigments and stone binders.

In addition, the Vibro-compression of Cambria slabs results in a nonabsorbent surface that is impervious to liquids and foods. And, despite its technological advantages over genuine stones, Cambria quartz products have the natural look of marble, granite, limestone and quartzite.


The Cambria Surfaces company has a set of values that define the brand, focusing on its clients and the users of its products. In addition, the family-owned business and local manufacturing facilities help the brand focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability of its worktop materials. As a result, Cambria quartz worktops are known for their durability, non-porosity, and ease of maintenance. In addition, all its quartz countertops offer a ten-year limited warranty.

One of the most pleasing aspects of the Cambria Quartz is that the firm behind it offers first-class support and after-sales service.

With more than eighty-six years in business, Cambria stone products are created in the United States by people who take pride in craftsmanship, meticulousness, and passion for stone.


We mentioned that Cambria comprises natural quartz, polymer binders, and colouring pigments. Cambria’s sturdiness comes from the tough material quartz. The brand uses the BretonStone technology one-of-a-kind method to make the slabs, resulting in a quartz product of extraordinary aesthetics, superior performance, and longevity. According to the manufacturer, the stone is more durable than granite and offers zero water absorption. Now, let’s see the processes involved in manufacturing Cambria surfaces.


One of the Unique Selling Points of this product is that, unlike other quartz brands, Cambria owns its quartz quarries and classifies the quality of the natural products in-house. In contrast, most quartz companies source their raw materials in Asian countries. But the American quartz producer perfects its surfaces by carefully selecting its raw materials. And only the best quality quartz crystals go into their products. Moreover, this is evident once you see a full slab of Cambria quartz and compare it to a slab of most other brands. The difference in depth and definition of Cambria quartz colours over other brands is noticeable, justifying its price point over similar products.

cambria quartz factory

The manufacturing of Cambria quartz worktops undergoes four main steps

  1. Mixing the raw materials: In the first place, the company selects the highest-quality quartz crystals from the quarry. Then, it crushes the crystals in grain sizes specific to each Cambria quartz design. These range from quartz powder to large quartz crystals. Last, they add polyester binding resins, colourings, and additives that may be specific to each design. Also, some examples of additives in quartz worktops are glass, mirror chips, and metal insertions, to name a few.
  2. Pressing the mix: First, the manufacturer places the raw ingredients into a mould, ensuring the blend of materials is consistent. Then, it puts the mould into a sealed chamber to vibro-compact the materials. Vibro-Compression is the industrial process that sucks out the air from the slab to result in non-porous (i.e. nonabsorbent) quartz surface.
  3. Baking the slabs: In the first place, natural granite is solidifies with heat, the weather, and other numerous processes that take place over several millions of years. Then, Cambria Quartz recreates the same method within 48 hours by placing the mineral mix into a particular heating room, achieving compaction and polymerization. Albeit having the industrial name of ‘solidifying’.
  4. Processing & Quality Control: First, the brand cuts, polishes, finishes, and tile-cuts the slabs, unique to each Cambria quartz design. Then, the company carries out rigorous quality controls, ensuring that each work surface boasts perfect finishing, distinguishing Cambria quartz from other products in the market.

We have put together the video below showing Cambria’s entire cycle from its quartz selection to a home worktop installation for simplicity and saving you time. You will notice that the brand takes extreme care of the whole process of its material from the quarry to a home.

The above video shows the manufacturing and installation processes of Cambria surfaces.


Besides recreating natural stones with ease, Cambria Surfaces comes in different sizes, thicknesses, and finishes, providing homes with sturdy surfaces that don’t fade over time.

You Can Choose From Three Majestic Cambria Quartz Finishes

You can choose Cambria worktops in various designs and two standard finishes: polished and matte.

The polished finish offers a glossy surface that attracts light, ideal for small or dark spaces. In contrast, the Cambria Matte finish provides a subtle, non-reflective countertop, perfect for classic rooms and period homes. Finally, the new Cambria Quartz Satin Ridge finish provides a matt texture with tactile features, available exclusively in the new Cambria Leabridge quartz colour.


You can choose from two different Cambria quartz slab sizes. The standard Cambria quartz slab size is 307 x 141 centimetres. It is perfect for small and medium-sized kitchens because it covers a surface of over four square metres. And with a typical kitchen size of 13.44 m2 in UK homes, 4 square metres of the quartz are enough to decorate your kitchen worktops and splashback. On the other hand, you can choose the Cambria quartz jumbo slab size is 335 x 166 cm. These massive slabs are perfect for large and expansive kitchens, especially oversized kitchen islands. You can create seamless panels without any visible joints, and you will still have enough stone to decorate your kitchen walls and upstands.


The Cambria quartz thickness is 2 cm and 3 cm for standard applications such as kitchen worktops, vanities, wall cladding, and floors. But you can also choose from non-standard thicknesses, which are ideal for special projects and from different formats of Cambria Quartz tiles. The guide below displays the entire slab thickness guide, nominal sizes, and Cambria worktops’ weight. In addition, it outlays the six different tile sizes of Cambria’s full range of products.

Cambria Quartz slab sizes, finishes, and formats


As of 2022, the CAMBRIA QUARTZ UK colours offer twenty-three designs, 20 mm and 30 mm thicknesses. In addition, the brand classifies its products into three Price Groups.

These vary according to the raw ingredients that compose each design and the intricacy of creating each pattern. The 23 colours, slab sizes, and price groups that comprise the Cambria Quartz Collection 2022 are as follows:


COLOUR 20 MM/ m2 price 30 MM / m2 price slab SIZE 20 MM SLAB PRICE 30 MM SLAB PRICE FINISH SWATCH
Beaumont £368 £383 307 x 141 cm £1593 £1658 Polished Cambria Beaumont
Ellesmere £368 £383 307 x 141 cm £1593 £1658 Polished cambria ellesmere
Galloway £368 £383 307 x 141 cm £1593 £1658 Polished Cambria Galloway
Kelvingrove £368 £383 307 x 141 cm £1593 £1658 Polished Cambria Kelvingrove
Langdon £368 £383 307 x 141 cm £1593 £1658 Polished Cambria Langdon
Seagrove £368 £383 307 x 141 cm £1593 £1658 Polished Cambria Seagrove
Summerhill £368 £383 307 x 141 cm £1593 £1658 Polished Cambria Summerhill
The above Cambria Quartz prices are per square metre of material in the United Kingdom, including Vat.


Even though the square metre prices between price groups one and two for Cambria quartz is the same, the distributor separates these because the size of the slabs is different. Therefore the total price of Cambria slabs is different because of their size variation. In other words, when you choose the price group one colour, you purchase 4.33 square metres of quartz. In contrast, when you select a product belonging to Cambria price groups 2 and 3, you will buy 5.56 square metres of quartz instead.

cOLOUR 20 MM/ m2 price 30 MM / m2 price SIZE 20 MM SLAB PRICE 30 MM SLAB PRICE finish swatch
Berwyn £368 £383 335 x 166 cm £2046 £2129 Polished Cambria Berwyn
Buckingham £368 £383 335 x 166 cm £2046 £2129 Polished Cambria Buckingham
Hampshire £368 £383 335 x 166 cm £2046 £2129 Polished Cambria Hampshire
Nevern £368 £383 335 x 166 cm £2046 £2129 Polished Cambria Nevern
Kendal £368 £383 335 x 166 cm £2046 £2129 Polished Cambria Kendal
Skye £368 £383 335 x 166 cm £2046 £2129 Polished Cambria Skye
Wentwood £368 £383 335 x 166 cm £2046 £2129 Polished Cambria Wentwood
Blackbrook £368 £383 335 x 166 cm £2046 £2129 Polished Cambria Blackbrook
Hermitage £368 £383 335 x 166 cm £2046 £2129 Polished Cambria Hermitage
Sandgate £368 £383 335 x 166 cm £2046 £2129 Polished Cambria Sandgate
Woodcroft £368 £383 335 x 166 cm £2046 £2129 Polished Cambria Woodcroft
The above Cambria Quartz price Group 2 colours are priced per square metre of material in the United Kingdom, including Vat.


cOLOUR 20 MM/ m2 price 30 MM/ m2 price SIZE 20 MM SLAB PRICE 30 MM SLAB PRICE finish swatch
Annica £495 £525 335 x 166 cm £2753 £2919 Polished Cambria Annica
Brittanicca Gold £495 £525 335 x 166 cm £2753 £2919 Polished Cambria Brittanicca Gold
Ivybridge £495 £525 335 x 166 cm £2753 £2919 Polished Cambria Ivybridge
Leabridge £495 £525 335 x 166 cm £2753 £2919 Polished Cambria Leabridge
Portrush £495 £525 335 x 166 cm £2753 £2919 Polished Cambria Portrush
The above Cambria Quartz prices are for the material in the United Kingdom, including Vat.


All three Cambria, Silestone, and Caesarstone are quartz stones containing a minimum of 93% pure quartz crystals crushed and blended with epoxy resins. Then, each company includes aggregates and additives particular to each brand, making their products distinctive from the others.
For example, whilst Silestone adds mirror chips to its design, Stellar Grey, Cambria adds sparkling gold and crystal-white veining to Beaumont’s design. Similarly, Caesarstone Nougat distinguishes its countertop by adding chunky course-grained textures and neutral-coloured mineral chips on a white quartz backdrop.

Cambria Quartz vs Silestone Vs Caesarstone

Even though these companies offer distinctive surfaces unique to their brands, they sell very similar products. Moreover, all three Silestone, Caesarstone and Cambria Quartz worktops provide non-porous surfaces that are highly resistant to standing, scratches and heat.

What is the Heat Resistance of Cambria Quartz, Caesarstone, and Silestone?

High-quality quartz worktops can withstand temperatures of 150 Celsius degrees or more. However, each manufacturer determines how heat resistant the surface is. But, one critical aspect determining how much heat a quartz kitchen worktop can take is the percentage of polymer resins it contains. You see, what affects the countertop when you expose it to high temperatures is that the polymer resins can burn. For example, if you place a pot at 250 Celsius degrees of heat on the worktop, you are likely to burn its binding resin, leaving a ‘ring mark’ with the shape of the pot in question. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover these occurrences classified as accidental damage. Moreover, all the quartz brands recommend using a trivet when pipping hot items are on the surfaces, even though the quartz countertop may tolerate the heat.

Is Cambria Quartz Expensive?

Our customers often ask questions such as ‘why Cambria is more expensive than other quartz products’ or ‘why is Cambria quartz so expensive.’ Two main reasons answer this question.

  1. LABOUR COSTS: Cambria is mined ethically, with every quarry site entirely recovered following quartz extraction, and the firm recycles 100 per cent of its production and fabrication water, saving an estimated 1.6 billion gallons yearly. These processes take place in the USA, where labour costs are higher than those in countries such as Iran and Turkey, where other brands quarry their quartz crystals. Despite the slightly higher price of Cambria quartz worktops than other brands, its products’ high quality is evident. All you need to do is compare a Cambria quartz sample to see the depth, definition and higher aesthetic value of the stone when you compare it.
  2. TRANSPORT COSTS: Cambria is the only manufacturer of made-in-America natural stone handmade from beginning to end for the most incredible quality. Each Cambria slab is assembled, stored, and distributed from Minnesota in the USA before being shipped to other countries such as the United Kingdom. On the other hand, Silestone manufactures its products in Spain. Therefore, when purchasing a Cambria quartz worktop, the material is transported over 3700 miles. Comparatively, when you buy a Silestone worktop, the slabs travels just over 1700 miles. In other words, a Cambria quartz slab travels more than twice the distance of a Silestone slab to reach your home.

But despite its somewhat higher costs, Cambria remains a solid countertop option because it is a chic quartz surface that you won’t see in many places. Therefore if you are looking to create a distinctive home with counters that are different from everyone else’s, Cambria quartz is the way to go.


We mentioned that Cambria Quartz UK offers 23 stunning designs for London and the South of England homes. These are the Top 5 Cambria Quartz Colours in 2022:

  • Cambria Berwyn:  it combines flowing patterns of white, grey, cream, and ivory with the gleam of gold and silver sparkles. It is one of the most popular choices amongst architects and interior designers because it looks like the Bianco Eclipse quartzite without the natural stone’s maintenance. The price point of this quartz stone is similar to a quartzite worktop, but its fabrication prices are lower. Cambria quartz costs less to fabricate than natural quartzite because even though it offers identical strength, the resins in the quartz make it more flexible and easier to cut and install.
Cambria Berwyn Cambria Quartz price guide
  • Brittanicca Gold: Flowing veins of gold, grey and transparent crystals weave their way on this rich colour balanced with swirls of earthy hues over a white backdrop. Equally, the stone takes inspiration from the Italian Calacatta marble and adds a modern flavour. Therefore, you may be surprised to know that the price points of Brittanicca Gold and Calacatta Gold marble are similar. Depending on the block of marble you select, the cost may be higher than its comparative Cambria surface. But in contrast to natural Calacatta Oro marble, Brittanicca Gold never requires sealants or maintenance. The best part? Cambria’s surface won’t etch when you expose it to acidic substances such as orange and lemon, which affects the marble’s surface. Therefore, if you have children at home, you are best served by Cambria quartz over natural marble.
Brittanicca Gold Cambria quartz price guide 2022
  • Cambria Leabridge: is the American manufacturer’s new concrete effect countertop. Indeed, its unique, opulent look displays smooth texture, bringing a compelling tactile dimension to this stone’s elegance. It is a revolutionary new finish, only available in Leabridge quartz. It provides the same maintenance-free benefits as all Cambria worktops. Likewise, it is non-absorbent, resistant to chips, scratches, and stains, and comes with an available 10-Year Warranty.
Leabridge Cambria Quartz price guide
  • Cambria Kendall: Kendall features a teal and white coloured base interrupted by a web of thin black veins and brilliant gems scattered over its surface. Moreover, you can compare its stunning beauty to Amazon Green quartzite. Not only that a Cambria Kendall worktop offers a similar level of unique beauty and charm, but it does so at lower prices, with a surface that doesn’t require special maintenance.
Kendall Cambria Quartz price guide
  • Cambria Blackbrook: Blackbrook may take inspiration from the Spanish marble Nero Marquina. It displays a clean black backdrop accentuated by white lightning bolts. It can provide a contrasting tone when paired with white kitchen cabinets because of its striking yet sleek look. In addition, a Cambria Blackbrook worktop offers serene elegance, making it perfect for modern and contemporary kitchens.
Cambria Blackbrook Cambria Quartz price guide


A Cambria quartz worktop care is simple. You can wash the worktops with a soft cotton cloth and warm water, applying soap.

  1. In the first place, rub a soft cloth embedded in warm soapy water in circular motions over the worktop.
  2. Then, rinse with warm water to get rid of grease marks.
  3. Lastly, dry with a microfibre cloth to avoid streaks from the soap.

The Cambria Matte finish can exhibit surface marks from typical use, which you can easily remove with an all-purpose cleaning. For example, the manufacturer recommends Simple Green, a cleaning product from the USA. Instead, use Dettol, available at high street stores across the UK. You can clean Cambria quartz in a matte finish by following two simple steps:

  1. In the first place, try in a small affected area first. 
  2. Once you are happy with the results, you can continue to remove the stains from the rest of the worktops.

Please note that Matte finish worktops don’t shine. Therefore, any dirt or stain may show from soiling, particularly in high usage areas such as flooring.

If you prefer not to spend a lot of time seeing how to clean Cambria quartz worktops, watch the below video with cleaning instructions from the manufacturers:

The above video shows how to clean Cambria Quartz with water and a warm towel.

What to clean Cambria Quartz with

The manufacturer displays a list of approved cleaners for Cambria Quartz surfaces which you can find on its website. But since these are mainly cleaning products from the USA, you will struggle to find them or the costs will be too high when you compare them with similar UK cleaning products. Below is a list of equivalent or similar quartz worktop cleaning products between the USA and the UK.

Neutral Quat Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate 23H
Pro Formula 2-in-1 Cleaner and Disinfectant Concentrate
Blood Buster
Bio Enzyme Carpet Spot Stain Remover
CaviWipes (health care & dentistry shops)
CaviCide Surface Disinfectant Spray
Windolene or Dettol
Super Sani-Cloth Germicidal Disposable Wipes
Vinco-DisWipe Healthcare Disinfectant Wipes
NABC Non-Acid Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner
Ecover Toilet Cleaner
Clorox Pro Quaternary All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner
Dettol Anti Bacterial Surface Cleaner
Liquid Timsen Disinfectant – Virucide-Food Contact Sanitizer
Antibacterial Surface Cleanser Rose Water
Foam Hand Sanitiser
Deb Cutan Complete Foam Hand Sanitiser
Purell ADX Solution
The above table shows Cambria Quartz USA’s approved cleansers and UK equivalent or similar products.

Even though the above table provides identical or very close matching alternatives for the approved cleansers of Cambria quartz surfaces, you should always test the cleaning product in a small area to see how the worktops react. Then, you can continue cleaning the remaining affected areas.


Cambria is the only producer of quartz surfaces in the USA and one of the leading quartz manufacturers in the world. Its products offer the highest quality materials for kitchens and bathrooms in a range of non-porous countertops. In addition to superior performance, the American quartz brand provides original designs with depth, character and exceptional aesthetics. And although its prices may be a touch higher than other brands, it is the perfect solution for those who seek to design distinctive rooms in their homes.

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