Think Worktops From CRL Quartz Are Too Good to Be True? We Have News for You

Think Worktops From CRL Quartz Are Too Good to Be True? We Have News for You

CRL Vesuvius Quartz
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The Best CRL Quartz Countertops Reviewed for 2021 and 2022

What is the Best Option for Quartz Worktops?

There are many types of quartz worktops available in the market, which is why it can be hard to choose. However, quartz countertops are durable, stylish and come in various colours, shapes and sizes. As a result, quartz worktops are the most popular choice for homeowners. The best type of quartz countertop is one that fits your lifestyle and space requirements. CRL Quartz worktops are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms because they come in various finishes suit different tastes and preferences.

Benefits of CRL Quartz Over Conventional Materials

Quartz is a material made up of silicon, oxygen, and trace amounts of other elements. It has the distinction of being the most common synthetic gemstone. Louis Vanquelin is the person who attributes the invention and development of quartz as an artificial stone (rather than as a naturally occurring substance) in 1793. Companies like Caesarstone and Silestone recently took quartz surfaces mainstream, making them present in every UK home. The current use for quartz is predominantly in kitchen worktops. It can be used for its natural properties or tinted with various colours, making it durable and easy to clean. You can also use quartz in bathroom worktops due to its non-porous property and the many colours available for use. CRL Quartz worktops are long-lasting and stylish. They are perfect for kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops, and other home interiors. CRL Quartz surfaces offer various benefits to homeowners looking for durable and stylish work surfaces for their kitchens, bathrooms, or any other room in the house. These shatterproof surfaces will not get damaged by impacts or scratches. Quartz is also resistant to heat, so it can handle hot pots on the surface or be placed in direct contact with radiators without being damaged. Quartz surfaces are available in a wide range of styles, including CRL Vesuvius, CRL Staccato, and more, so you can find the perfect surface to match your taste!

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CRL Quartz vs granite

CRL Quartz is a durable and robust material, and it is also stylish and attractive to look at. It can be used in both the kitchen and the bathroom, making it a versatile material for any home. On the other hand, granite is also very durable. When compared to quartz, its main advantage is that you can use granite outdoors. If you were to do this, quartz, most of them except some new exceptions, would discolour when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. But quartz from CRL offers various benefits to homeowners looking for elegant surfaces for their kitchens, bathrooms, or any other room in the house. These easy-to-clean surfaces will not get damaged by impacts or scratches. Unlike granite, a CRL Quartz worktop doesn’t require maintenance of Ph neutral detergents. Quartz is also resistant to heat so that it can handle hot pots on the surface, or you can put it in direct contact with radiators without being damaged. CRL Quartz and granite are two materials that you can use for your worktops. Both have pros and cons, but many people prefer CRL Quartz as it is non-porous and less likely to stain it than granite. We hope this resource will provide you with more information about CRL Quartz. We know you will find it beneficial to your project.


For an instant opulence and luxury to your home, there are few quartz materials that are as striking as the Vesuvius Quartz.

This beautiful quartz not only possesses practicality for rooms like kitchens, but it is also eye-catching unique. Bold veining on marbled stone offers luxury and charm to your home, and none more so than with Vesuvius. This beautiful surface is not only convenient for rooms like the kitchen, but it is also undeniably striking. Similarly, this stunning quartz boasts extreme strength and the antibacterial characteristics of the non-porous stone. Vesuvius takes inspiration from the classic Italian marbles consisting of giant, steep rims of large hollows that form shortly after the emptying in volcanic eruptions. The veins furrowing this stone have organic shapes and combine dynamic grey veins and white spots that look almost in motion.

You will find CRL Quartz Vesuvius in slabs with dimensions of 3300 x 1650 mm. At such immense size, it may surprise you to find you can install your kitchen island and worktops from a single sheet. When possible, it is an excellent resource because you reduce costs and ecologically minimize waste. You will find CRL Quartz Vesuvius in slabs with dimensions of 3300 x 1650 mm. At such immense size, it may surprise you to find you can install your kitchen island and worktops from a single sheet. When possible, it is an excellent resource because you reduce costs and ecologically minimize waste.

CRL Vesuvius quartz price

In 2021, CRL Vesuvius in 2021 costs £305 in 20 mm thickness and £399 in 30 mm thicknesses. These prices include VAT and are for the product only. Compared to granite, it pairs with mid-to-high-end stones that you could choose in exotic colours and patterns. The Worktop Library is the best place to buy worktops in London as it offers a 5-day turnaround for your kitchen and bathroom installation. You can make a more straightforward comparison when put next to marble. Both have bold grey veins and offer similar aesthetics. The main difference between CRL Vesuvious and marble is that the former won’t etch if you expose it to acids (oranges, lemon, etc.). In addition, you won’t need to seal your quartz worktops. They are non-porous, meaning that no dirt, food or liquids can penetrate their surface.



CRL Staccatto

Bringing dramatic looks and feelings of warmth to homes, Staccato takes inspiration from the latest trend for elegant shades in the kitchen and bathrooms. A white marble design is stunningly attractive and provides a sophisticated contrast to the darker backdrop tones. Lighten your space by installing Staccato with white kitchen cabinets or combine with dark cabinets for pleasing aesthetics. Like with its counterpart Vesuvius, you can compare CRL Quartz Stacatto to natural marble. Looking at the quartz stone, you will notice similarities with the famous Nero Marquina, black marble from Spain. But again, unlike its natural stone predecessor, CRL Staccato offers total protection against stains and scratches when you install it in the kitchen, the best place for quartz worktops.



CRL Staccato price, sizes, thicknesses, and more

CRL Staccato quartz in 2021 is £220 per m/2, and the CRL Staccato quartz m2 price in 30mm thickness is £287. Both prices include vat but exclude the labour, which will vary according to your project’s location and specific needs.

The sizes, thicknessess, and finishes of CRL Staccato Quartz

CRL Quartz launched Stacatto following an increasing demand for black marble effect countertops but always keeping its motto of producing the best quality quartz worktops possible. The brand follows strict quality control guidelines to ensure only the best quartz worktops for bathrooms and kitchens come out to the market. Because of its recent creation, Staccato is amongst the best quartz worktops for modern kitchens. The slab size of CRL Stacatto is 3200 x 1600 mm, meaning that in many cases, you will be able to install your kitchen island and worktops out of a single sheet of this quartz surface material. Thicknesses: you can choose Staccatto 20 mm thick or also, in 30 mm thickness. Both of these work excellent for horizontal or vertical applications. Whilst a 20 mm thick quartz surface is great for matching your worktops and kitchen splashback very straight-forwardly, a 30 mm worktop in this material will be an abundant yet sophisticated focus to your space.



See Vesuvious and Staccato in a one-minute video

If you don’t have a lot of time for researching worktops online, we understand. However, executing any remodel and refurbishing projects is time-consuming, and costs can add quite quickly. Hence, we made the below video for your convenience.

Which is the best cleaner for quartz worktops?

White vinegar is the best cleaner – it is natural and the best at killing bacteria without staining your clothes. Vinegar is also a great all-purpose cleaner. For most surfaces, vinegar is a powerful antibacterial cleaner that will keep your kitchen work areas hygienic and clean. You can use vinegar as your daily cleaner for worktops without buying unique products for your cleaning routine at home.

I don’t like the smell that vinegar leaves on my worktops.

Whilst you may love an effective DIY cleaning, the fact is that not everyone likes the smell of vinegar. If that is you, scenting vinegar with essential oils can work wonders. You can even find essential oils with cleanliness and health benefits such as being anti-fungal and anti-viral or oils with mood-changing effects. Since the smell of vinegar isn’t liked by everyone while cleaning worktops, the most common worktop cleaner is a window cleaning spray. You can buy a generic window cleaner, or a branded one like Windowlene, as it contains less than 5% of Anionic surfactants.


Vesuvious and Stacatto offer some of the best quartz worktops for kitchens because they look like marble, but they don’t require maintenance. Similarly, their set slab sizes can help organize the refurbishment of interior spaces reducing waste and costs in any project. Pricewise, both products sit comfortably alongside the prices of mid-price granite and marble, with the advantage of boasting a 25-year product warranty that protects your surface investment. If you enjoyed our article, you could subscribe to our blog. Also, if you are feeling generous, you can follow or like us on Instagram!



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