New Sensa granite and quartzite in the United Kingdom

New Sensa granite and quartzite in the United Kingdom

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New Sensa granite and quartzite colours arrive in the United Kingdom.

The Sensa Granite range by Cosentino has become an increasingly noticeable player in the scene of natural stones. This recognition is primarily attributed to the five new magnificent additions to its colour palette: Siberia, Nilo, Platino, Vancouver, and Silver Grey. These colours upgrade Sensa Granite’s visual aesthetics and represent the iconic harmony of natural granite and quartzite. 

The exciting revamp of the range introduces four quartzites and one granite, all sourced from the abundant quarries of Brazil. Carefully selected for their unique composition and commendable resistance to stains, these stones offer pleasing aesthetics and lasting durability.

Siberia Granite: The Perfect Choice for Creating a Cool Ambiance

Imagine a granite that reflects the crystalline beauty of nature and offers durability that’s top-notch at the same time. That’s precisely what Sensa Nilo is all about. Produced by Cosentino, a global leader in natural stone surfaces, this granite variant boasts an array of stunning hues, ranging from deep blacks to sparkling whites, set against an ice-blue backdrop.

Each slab is, indeed, a tribute to the sublime beauty of Mother Nature. But the appeal of Sensa Nilo isn’t restricted to its aesthetic appeal alone. This granite variety stands out for its performance, too. It’s highly resistant to stains, scratches, and heat, making it extremely durable. However, the standout feature is the Sensa by Cosentino warranty. That’s right, every Sensa Nilo slab comes with a 15-year certified warranty, offering you even more confidence in your purchase. 

What’s more, Sensa Nilo is fashioned with Senguard NK protection, which is unique to Sensa products. This innovative technology enhances the stone’s ability to repel liquids such as water and oil, thereby preventing damage and preserving the stone’s natural beauty for extended periods. So, no more worrying about those accidental spills! 

A part of the Sensa Exotic Collection, Nilo goes exceptionally well with several styles, whether a contemporary setting, a rustic charm, or a classic elegance design. You can use it for kitchen worktops, islands, backsplashes, and even flooring. The possibilities are indeed endless! 


Sensa Vancouver Grey Quartzite

Let’s shift our focus to Sensa Vancouver quartzite. Much like the snowy expanse of Siberia, this quartzite showcases a stunning white backdrop, reflecting the purity of freshly fallen snow. The surface is intermittently adorned with minute black speckles that only serve to enhance its inherent allure. 

No less striking is the Sensa Nilo quartzite. This earthy treasure presents an enticing spectacle with its numerous veins. Swathed in hues that dwell somewhere between the brightness of dove grey and the intense depth of dramatic black, the veined aesthetic is another option you may want to consider for your home. 

Consider incorporating the Sensa Platino Natural Quartzite into your living spaces. This stone garners admiration for its striking mineral formations, reminiscent of the fluidity of ocean waves flowing through its veins.

The stone’s finish mirrors the tactile, soft allure of leather, providing a matte texture that invites touch. The serene energy it brings lends a balanced ambience to whichever indoor area it graces. 

Back to Sensa Vancouver quartzite, this richly textured stone, with its uneven veining pattern, paints a canvas of tranquil beauty. Noteworthy are its subtle paths that appear to be hand-painted, inviting a tactile exploration of its surface.

You’ll find Sensa Vancouver quartzite available in both 20 mm and 30 mm thicknesses, with two distinct finishes from which to choose. It is a testament to its adaptability to a myriad of design preferences.

Dive into the Artistic Finishes of Cosentino Sensa Stones

Taking artistry to the next level, Cosentino brings a specially curated palette of finishes for their Sensa stones. Charming you with their fine detailing, these finishes not only uplift the natural aesthetics of the stones but also provide superior durability and longevity. 

If it is a sublime spectacle you are after, the ‘Polished’ option is your pick. It gives a high-gloss surface that mirrors the stone’s intricate design while offering an ultrasmooth touch. This finish is ideal for those wanting a sleek, modern look, reflecting light to add a sense of spaciousness to compact spaces. 

On the other hand, the ‘Leather’ finish offers the Sensa stone a spectacular velvety touch, emanating a muted elegance that appeals to lovers of minimalist designs.

With its warm, homely feel, the Leather finish is an excellent choice for cosy and inviting spaces. It also hides fingerprints and smudges, offering a practical yet stylish solution.  In short, whether your design tastes lean towards the flamboyantly glossy or the subtly elegant, Cosentino’s Sensa stones promise an unparalleled finish for every aesthetic preference.


  • Mirage: a highly glossy natural stone worktop surface. It can brighten up spaces when you use it on light-coloured granite countertops.
  • Leather: It has a soft matt stone surface finish when you touch it.


Finally, let’s turn our attention towards the Sensa Silver Grey Granite. It is a stone that truly distinguishes itself, not only through its commendable durability but also through its homogenous aesthetic appeal. Woven throughout the rich grey surface, you’ll find striking white veins. They stretch horizontally across the stone, infusing warmth and tranquillity into any space, from bustling kitchens to serene bathrooms.

One of the temptations of Sensa Silver Grey Granite worktops is the ability to tailor them to your unique tastes. They’re available in two thicknesses – 20mm and 30mm. Regardless of the option, you can rest assured that both are superbly suited to all interior styles, whether a modern minimalist kitchen or a classic, rustic living room.

To further heighten this versatility, Sensa also offers a choice of finishes. Choose from the glamorous Mirage, which imparts a high-shine finish, or opt for the subtly textured Leather finish, which provides a tactile and understated appeal at home in traditional and contemporary designs.

More details about Sensa by Cosentino For Kitchen Worktops

Let’s explore a bit more about Sensa by Cosentino, an excellent choice for your kitchen worktops. This prime selection of natural stones hails from Brazil and India’s granite and quartzite quarries. It’s well worth noting that these stones are managed by Cosentino Latina, a subsidiary of Cosentino based in the charming Brazilian city of Vitória.

Remarkably, this production hub is Cosentino’s exclusive manufacturing centre outside its central facilities in Cantoria, in the picturesque province of Almería. Owing to this strategic positioning, Cosentino Latina has established itself as a leading exporter of natural stones in Brazil.

A unique and groundbreaking Senguard NK protection sets these natural stones apart. This state-of-the-art technology ensures superior levels of protection against harmful substances. Moreover, it shields your granite countertops from damage caused by acids, protects them from UV rays, and imparts scratch resistance.
Among the many advantages of choosing these granite and quartzite materials, one standout perk is that they require no special daily maintenance. This, when coupled with their stunning aesthetic appeal, makes them ideal for use as stone kitchen worktops. You can also utilise these surfaces for diverse indoor and outdoor applications. To illustrate, Sensa granite is an exceptional pick for crafting kitchen worktops, vanity tops, and outdoor table tops.

The NSF certification of Sensa offers all the required guarantees regarding food contact with your stone. Accordingly, the quality of these surfaces carries a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Sensa granite and quartzite offer materials for the most demanding users. Above all, it is excellent for lovers of nature and the original beauty of natural stone. 

These are highly aesthetic natural stones available in different sizes and shapes for any slab of Sensa. For example, you can create large surfaces without joints or seams. Similarly, these bring a fresh and elegant choice for a resistant, durable, high-quality material.

Sensa Granite offers a wide array of colours and patterns for kitchens

Do you know the best thing about Sensa granite? Th best thing about this collection of protected granite for worktops is its variety. It is available in many colours and patterns.

Are you unsure which Sensa granite offers the best option for your kitchen? -You can get in touch with our team.

Sensa quartzite is available for homes across the UK. It comes with numerous benefits when compared to other kitchen worktop products.

Here are six advantages of using Sensa Quartzite:

  • Outstanding performance: Rest assured, you’ll experience the exceptional performance of this top-tier granite and quartzite collection. Therefore, you can put your mind at ease as concerns about discolouration over the years are virtually non-existent.
  • Low maintenance: Expect to spend little time maintaining your granite. The same goes for Sensa quartzite. Sensa granites are easy to clean when compared to other worktop products.
  • Exclusive design: Be assured every Sensa Granite collection slab is as unique as natural. True to its nature, no two worktops will be the same, adding an unrivalled bespoke element to your space. Knowing that you possess one of Earth’s most exquisite stones brings an impossible value to your home or workspace.
  • High stain resistance: Cosentino, which makes Sensa, has developed their protective high stain resistance treatment. Compared to other quartzite and granite materials, these products have security with the best sealant on the market.
  • Contact with foods: The range of Sensa quartzite and granite is certified. Hence, it can safely come into contact with food and other substances in your kitchen.
  • 15 years warranty: Sensa granite results from a natural stone surface that lasts a lifetime. The manufacturer warrants all their materials for 15 years.

The above video briefly introduces the year’s four new Sensa granite and quartzite colours in the UK.

Do I need to seal Sensa worktops?

If you’re wondering whether to seal your Sensa worktops, rest easy knowing that Sensa provides luxurious natural stone materials, including granite and quartzite, designed to keep your surfaces remarkably neat. Not only are these worktops visually appealing, but they also offer exceptional hygiene standards.

Thanks to its low porosity, alongside a special protective treatment, you can rest assured that food residues won’t penetrate your Sensa surfaces. Sensa surfaces ensure the health and well-being of your family, which, let’s face it, is at the top of our priority lists when maintaining a clean, hygienic kitchen.

For a deeper insight into the benefits of Sensa granite, Brad Sheral, the National Account Manager for Cosentino, performs a series of Sensa Granite tests in the following video:

Protecting your Sensa granite and Sensa quartzite surfaces

This paragraph discusses the durability of Sensa worktops

Although Sensa stones are practically maintenance-free, there are a few things to remember:

  • Cleaning your Sensa worktops: You can use soap and warm water to clean your kitchen worktop. But, you may prefer to use a mild household cleaner. Specifically, ensure you don’t use abrasive products on Sensa surfaces.

  • Scratches: Granites and quartzites are perfect for everyday use. However, we recommend you use a trivet to protect it.

  • Thermal shock: quartzite and granite are among Earth’s most potent minerals. Despite this, we recommend using a mat when placing hot objects in the oven. It avoids drastic changes in temperature on your granite and quartzite worktops.

How does Sensa Granite compare to other brands?

A few other brands offer protected granite surfaces in the market. For example, here are two prominent comparative ranges in the United Kingdom for stone kitchen worktops.

Granith, made by The Size, offers a 10-year warranty on their materials.

Naturamia is a range of protected stones by Levantina. In addition, they offer a certified 10-year warranty for kitchen worktops.

Sensa, on the other hand, warrants their products for 15 years. In addition, Sensa offers a transferable warranty that comes in handy if you sell your home.


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