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dekton kreta metro kitchen
dekton kreta ultracompact kitchen island
dekton kreta table
dekton kreta
a photo of Dekton Kreta Uyiko finish
dekton kreta worktop slab

Dekton Kreta

Dekton Kreta takes inspiration from old cement flooring, depicting the serene movement and uniform flow, varying the depth of its hues. Read More

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Durable & Timeless Benefits

Benefits of Dekton Worktops for your home and office.

  • 1. Wide Colour Range: Choose from fifty Dekton colours spanning seven collections.
  • 2. Scratch & Abrasion Resistant: Offers almost 5.5 times more abrasion resistance than white marble.
  • 3. Thermal Shock Resistance: Withstands up to 300 degrees, making direct contact with hot items safe.
  • 4. Fireproof: A Class A1 rating ensures the highest performance regarding reaction to fire.
  • 5. Easy to Clean: Resistant to bleach and acids, simplifying daily maintenance.
  • 6. Stain Resistant: Handles various cooking ingredients, foods, and substances without compromising their integrity. Daily cleaning is effortless with a glass spray, soft scouring pad, water, and neutral soap.
  • 7. Low Maintenance: Requires no sealants, coatings, primers, or enhancers.

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