Have you heard of Worktop Library’s collection of Unistone worktops? It’s amazing! They’re made by Brachot-Hermant, a rockstar producer and distributor of stone.

This combo makes for an unbeatable, unbreakable, and unstoppable worktop that will last you a lifetime.

Unistone Worktops

Worktop Library presents a magnificent collection of Unistone worktops for the contemporary homeowner. Manufactured by Brachot-Hermant: a renowned stone producer and distributor, 90% of the material composition of Unistone uses quartz, while the rest is composed of resins.

Rich in style, design, and aesthetic appeal, these worktops stand distinguished in every setting. Whether you’re looking for hygienic kitchen or impeccable bathroom worktops, your search ends today.

Available in three finishes: polished, honed, and Velluto (matt finish with a soft texture), our Unistone worktops offer absolute beauty and a delicately engineered work of art.

Advantages of Unistone Worktops

  • NSF-Certified: It doesn’t release damaging components when in contact with food.
  • Colour & Design Versatility: Unistone comes in 50+ colours and design options
  • Impact Resistant: Unistone is sturdier than metal and resistant to substantial impacts.
  • Highly Durable: Strong and sturdy, Unistone is immune to premature wear & tear
  • Non-porous and Non-Absorbent: Stains don’t retain on their surface, and you can remove marks quickly.
  • Heat resistance: Performs well and does not burn near high temperatures.

Caring & Maintenance Tips For Unistone Worktops

Caring for Unistone countertops do not require a lot of effort or additional products. Here are seven simple steps you can take to ensure its proper care and maintenance:

  • ● For regular cleaning, use a damp cloth or paper towel with mild soap or non-acidic cleaner. Once clean, rinse and dry the surface.
  • ● For worktop stains that are hard to remove, use CIF CREAM (white, neutral) and a soft sponge. For non-polished surfaces, you can also use VIM. Rub well and rinse the surface afterwards with clear warm water and wipe it with a clean cloth.
  • ● Avoid using steel wool; use a soft sponge instead.
  • ● Do not use bleach, ammonia-based products, strong solvents, or products with a pH value higher than 10 on a Unistone surface.
  • ● Do not use products that contain trichloroethane or methyl chlorides, such as paint removers or strippers, to clean your Unistone worktop surface.
  • ● Use an insulator or trivet to rest your hot skillet or roasting pan. Despite its heat resistance, you must exercise caution.
  • ● To ensure that the surface does not chip or scratch prematurely, use a chopping board. Do not use sharp objects such as knives or screwdrivers directly on the surface.


Unistone Worktops


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The infamous Unistone quartz worktops are available in three finishes, adding a touch of luxe glamour to your home. While the polished finish has a glossy smooth texture, the honed finish is strictly matte, whereas the Velluto finish has a velvety-matte texture that combines both finishes.

Available in 50 colours, Unistone worktops can take on any colour and aesthetic of your preference. From snow white to pitch black shades and everything in between — Unistone s extensive palette is a delight for homeowners who want a wide array of colour options.

Easy to customise and easier to maintain, these worktops don’t demand your time regarding the cleanliness and maintenance departments, requiring the bare minimum to keep it spotless.

If you’re looking for aesthetic, practical, and incredibly user-friendly worktops, give our Unistone worktops a chance. Perfect for contemporary homes, it sits splendidly in kitchens and bathrooms.

  • I want to purchase a Unistone worktop. Which one should I choose?

    Our Unistone worktops are available in 50+ unique designs. While all Unistone designs are remarkable, Unistone Bianco Carrara, Unistone Carrara Misterio, Unistone Carrara Venatino, Unistone Alaska White, Unistone Avalanche, and Unistone Bianco Assoluto Velluto are some of the unique designs that stand out. Our customers have repeatedly handpicked recommendations through word of mouth to their families, friends, and acquaintances.

  • What is the material composition of a Unistone worktop?

    Get ready to have your socks knocked off by Unistone’s worktop surfaces! They’re made using over 90% natural quartz, so you get a seriously strong and durable surface. But that’s not all, folks! Unistone uses cutting-edge Breton technology which like a crazy science experiment involving vacuum, compression, and vibration to blend quartz with resin. The result? Worktop surfaces can take a severe beating and still come out looking fresh as a daisy.

  • Unistone worktops are available in 3 polishes. Can you tell us more about it?

    Unistone worktops are highly valued and appreciated by homeowners who care about the intricate details. Our Unistone surfaces are available in three unique finishing, namely:

    • Polished: The polished finishing is glossy and smooth. It accentuates the patterns, colours, and white spots with perfect clarity.
    • Honed: The brand obtains the honed finishing by scouring the surface until it exudes a warm and matte shine. The grain size during scouring determines the result.
    • Velluto: The Velluto finishing is an innovative method developed within Brachot’s, which results in a velvet, matte finish with warm, maintenance-friendly colours.
  • How long does a Unistone worktop last?

    Instead of chopping your veggies directly on the quartz, use a chopping board to avoid premature usage. And when your pans are sizzling hot, don’t put them directly on the worktop! Use trivets to prevent any unnecessary breakage over time. With a bit of care, your Unistone worktop will be the envy of all your friends!

  • I bought a Unistone worktop. Should I seal it?

    If you are in love with a Unistone worktop, there’s good reason to celebrate because a Unistone worktop does not require sealing. Inherently non-porous, you will not need to seal them as the surface does not absorb liquids or stains.

  • Can I place a hot pan or vessel on a Unistone Worktop?

    No, we do not recommend it. Placing a hot pan directly on a Unistone worktop surface may not immediately damage the material, but it could gradually crack due to thermal shock. As a result, you should always use a trivet to place a hot pan or vessel.

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