a close-up photo of a Compac Volcano Grey worktop
a photo of a kitchen with worktops and matching Compac Volcano Grey backsplashes
a bathroom with Compac Volcano Grey worktops and walls
a kitchen with Compac Volcano Grey countertops and floors
a photo of Compac Volcano Grey samples
an image of a Compac Volcano Grey slab for worktops
an image of a Compac Volcano Grey slab in a garage
a close-up photo of Compac Volcano Grey quartz and a product label
a photo of Compac Volcano Grey glace finish

Compac Volcano Grey

Comprising up to 100% recycled glass and quartz, the Compac Volcano Grey worktop from the Obsidiana Collection has properties and appearance that are completely indistinguishable from those of standard quartz surfaces. Read More

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Durable & Timeless Benefits

  • Extended manufacturer's warranty. For maximum use, our Compac quartz worktops have ;an available warranty of over 30 years.
  • Lightweight Material. Compac Quartz weighs 30% less than granite, making it much easier to work with during installation. Plus, it's just as strong and scratch resistant as its heavier counterpart.
  • High-End Design. Compac is a quartz material suitable for all cabinetries, from classic to contemporary. It is also an eco-friendly choice, as it produces renewable energy.

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