Want White Emperador Marble For Your Home? Then Stop Scrolling

Want White Emperador Marble For Your Home? Then Stop Scrolling

White Emperador Marble
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In this article, we will highlight the prevalent White Emperador marble for bathrooms and discuss how you can use it in kitchens. In addition, we tell you everything there is to know about this white natural stone, including its specifications, how it compares to other surfaces, and more.

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What is White Emperador Marble?

White Emperador marble is a natural stone known as a ‘metamorphic rock’. It means that its composition has changed over time under the natural elements. White marble occurs when the calcite carbonate in the stone crystallizes, giving it its stunning, shiny appearance. In the case of this marble, when the original limestone (with the absence of silica) transforms, it becomes what we know as pure White Emperador natural marble.

About White Emperador Marble

White Emperador, also known as Emperador Bianco marble, comes from Konya, a big, industrialized state in Turkey and the capital of the Konya District.
The Emperador White quarry cuts the slabs to size. Sometimes, the quarries glue a mesh to the underside of the slabs to further strengthen the stone. As a result, these comprise natural cracks and fissures common on its fascia, which occurs more often in the white-honed marble finish. In contrast, the polished marble treatment is less invasive. As a result, it offers a more resilient fascia when compared to a honed marble worktop.

After cutting the slabs and applying protective coatings, the quarry carries out quality control of the slabs. Then, they load these into the containers that bring them to London.
A typical White Emperador marble light slab covers an average of four square metres and typically measures 270×150 cm.

When a piece of Emperador White stone cracks, stonemasons fill the aperture with matching resin, making it look like a natural vein in the slab. So you can expect the odd natural fissure on some sections of a White Emperador worktop or a White Emperador marble wall, whether in bathrooms or kitchens.

Can I Use This Marble as a Kitchen Worktop?

Yes, you can use White Emperador marble as a kitchen worktop, but with two caveats:

  • You should be ready to clean your worktops more often with White Emperador honed or even polished than with artificial materials such as quartz or porcelain. The primary focus is to clear off coloured substances in contact with the surface as soon as possible so these don’t absorb.
  • Don’t use acidic liquids on Emperador White worktops, including vinegar. When acids interact with the calcite carbonate, it generates carbonic acid, decaying the stone. In addition, it results in an ‘etching’ of the fascia, which can show marks on the marble’s surface. And although these marks can be removed by re-polishing the marble’s surface, it is best to avoid them in the first place.

White Emperador in Bathrooms

Marble such as Emperador White honed or polished is an excellent option for bathrooms. This stone provides a blank canvas for the rest of your design, whichever style. Additionally, the white polished marble surface bounces the light. As a result, it can make dark spaces look lighter, and small rooms appear larger.
White Emperador honed is more prevalent in bathrooms than polished finish because they offer higher slip resistance. For example, the matte finish will not become slippery if you have spillages on your bathroom floor.

A photo of a luxury bathroom with Emperador vanity tops, wall, and floors and golden coloured accessories
This photo shows an Emperador White marble installation in Muswell Hill, London.

In terms of aesthetics, the slabs are always better than White Emperador marble tiles. Not only because they can provide more extensive, seamless panels but also because marble slabs are of higher quality than tiles. Unfortunately, after the quarry often cuts the best part of the block into slabs, they use the remaining off-cuts to produce tiles that don’t comprise the stunning patterns that the centre of the marble block offers.

Besides a White Emperador wall or floor, installing a White Emperador vanity top is a great way to bring a natural flair into the bathroom when there are ceramic or other artificial materials in the room. The stone offers a vintage and calming feel that you cannot match with other decoration materials.

How Much Does White Emperador Marble Cost?

Emperador White marble costs £210per square metre in 2 cm thickness as of August 2022, and with a 10% inflation rate forecast, you can expect to pay a little more as the year progresses.
Comparatively, 30 mm thick Emperador White slabs cost 15% more than the 2cm thickness.
But the final price of your Emperador White will depend on the location and accessibility of the property, indicating the working variables (i.e. several fitters, how to install the stone in restricted spaces, etc.) required to complete the project.

Should You Choose White Emperador Honed or Polished?

Although we don’t recommend this marble for kitchen worktop applications due to its porosity and susceptibility to acid, Emperador White polished is a better option than honed. It is because it offers more resilient finish characteristics, which we discussed in this article. In addition, the stone creates a beautiful patina reflecting your habits and life over time if you don’t mind the marks and stains for a worn look.
White Emperador honed is better if you use it as flooring because it offers better slip resistance than polished.
And when using it as a white marble wall or vanity top in a bathroom, the finish you select won’t alter the stone’s performance so that either finish will suit.

White Emperador Marble vs Quartz

The main difference between these materials is that by being natural. So the marble will show organic veins and patterns, embedded fissures and unique colour variations. And engineered stones cannot match their natural beauty.

In addition, a natural Emperador White stone slab can sustain temperatures of up to 350 Celsius without being affected. In contrast, the maximum temperature that a quartz surface can withstand is 150 Celsius. Therefore, it would be best to never drag a pot from the oven directly onto a white quartz worktop.

The white marble will be perfectly suitable if you are working on exterior projects such as an outdoor kitchen. On the other hand, most white quartz is not suitable outdoors. It is because continued exposure to sun rays will ‘tan’ the surface making it look yellowy and non-reparable.
The main advantage of using quartz instead of marble is that quartz does not stain or etch under acid exposure. In addition, you won’t have to seal the quartz worktops’ surface every couple of years like marble.

White marble, Caesarstone Layalite and Silestone Miami Vena offer similar looks but different performances.

White Emperador vs Dekton and Other Porcelain Stones

The comparisons between this marble and Dekton also extend to porcelain almost as much as it does with quartz.
The fundamental principles are similar, and you can use a surface like Dekton Albarium or other porcelain for outdoor projects. Therefore, your choice would purely depend on the look of the slab you choose. In an interior kitchen, Dekton and porcelain worktops offer heat resistance of 250-300 Celsius (depending on the brand), so you can drag pots as marble.

A photo comparing a slab of Emperador White marble vs Dekton
Comparing Dekton vs White Emperador Marble

How Long Will Natural Emperador White Last?

White Emperador, like most natural marbles, can last over 100 years. To keep it looking new, follow the use and care suggestions we provide in this article or get in touch with our team.

Visit London to Choose White Emperador Slabs

You may have seen this marble in several high-street stores as tiles. And although many tile retailers offer White Emperador slabs, they often don’t stock them. It is because, being tile specialists, they don’t have the experience and connections that stone companies such as The Worktop Library have forged over decades.

By purchasing natural stone slabs from quarries worldwide over time, we build solid relationships that facilitate access to the best quality marble slabs from remote places. And this is different from the daily business a high-street tile shop carries out.
Not only will we offer stunning and more varied selections of Emperador White but many times at better prices too.
Do you want to see slabs of Emperador White in person? -We will arrange a slab viewing appointment at a time that suits you. Our partnering yards open on weekdays and Saturday mornings for your convenience.

You can also contact our team to check the current stock availability at your nearest partnering yard.

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