5 Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Care of Your Quartz Worktop

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Care of Your Quartz Worktop

Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Care of Your Quartz Worktop
By: Alan Jan 13, 2023 0 Comments

Choosing the right worktop is the prerequisite for an ambient, efficient, and well-maintained kitchen. Quartz worktops are renowned for their innate durability and hassle-free cleaning. Despite making the right material choice, homeowners who ignore spills, dirt, and cluttering end up with stained, faded, and cracked countertops in a couple of years. Being an engineered material, quartz is famed for its strength, resilience, and elegant charm. If you’re looking for quartz worktops, London has terrific options that make for a worthwhile and long-term investment when preserved well. However, neglecting the basic tenets of worktop maintenance will also cause hygiene issues and defeat the very purpose of choosing this high-quality material.

Caring for Quartz Worktops London

While Quartzite is a natural stone that is quarried similarly to granite, quartz worktops are manufactured using raw, filtered quartz. Using a trademark vacuum and vibration process, 90% quartz is fused with suitable polymers and resins to form a highly resistant and attractive worktop. The intensive process makes engineered quartz far more hardwearing than natural Quartzite. To buy a worktop online, homeowners can also request any colour or design that enhances the visual aura of their kitchen. The aesthetic range of engineered quartz and its customisation options are simply top-notch! Furthermore, quartz worktops can last a lifetime when cared for appropriately. Here are some essential tips in this regard.

1. Daily disinfection using a mild sanitiser is advised. Especially if the countertop is thriving with activity, microbes will thrive on the surface even though it appears sparkling clean. Amid this global Covid-19 pandemic, it is best to clean the surface with a light disinfectant at least once daily.

2. To buy quartz worktops online, homeowners should consult certified manufacturers who provide or specify the right quartz cleaners. The cleaning agent should have a neutral pH value. Any chemical that is remotely acidic or alkaline will harm the surface.

3. A plastic scrubber is recommended for sticky residues, grease, or glue stuck on quartz worktops. The most onerous grime can be removed with soapy water in gentle circular motions.

4. To remove tough but non-sticky stains (like ink or fruit juice), lightly rubbing with alcohol can help. But this has to be immediately followed by wiping with warm water.

5. Using soft, clean rags and warm or soapy water for daily cleaning is the unanimous recommendation of all the certified manufacturers of quartz worktops in London.


Taking care of Quartz Worktop


5 Mistakes to Avoid While Taking Care of Quartz Worktops

There are five cardinal sins regarding quartz worktops’ daily cleaning and upkeep. While quartz is far easier to maintain than natural stones like Quartzite and marble, suitable precautions must be taken for the maximum longevity of the countertop. Avoiding these mistakes is also essential from hygiene and aesthetic points of view: –

Placing Excessively Hot Pots and Pans directly on the Quartz Worktop

To a great extent, quartz worktops are resistant to high temperatures and pressure. But this attribute should not be taken for granted. Placing hot utensils directly on top is a big no-no for those zealously devoted to the upkeep of their worktops. Once a scorch mark appears due to careless handling, there is no option for spot treatment. The entire slab will have to be replaced. Using kitchen mats, runners and coasters is highly advisable if quartz countertops are to be maintained well in the long run.

Forgetting to Dry Wipe the Countertop

Gentle wet wiping once or twice a day is a cleaning routine that most homeowners swear by for quartz surfaces. While this is professionally recommended, homeowners need to pay attention to a critical point: wet wiping has to be followed by dry wiping. It takes only a minute or two of extra effort but ensures no watermarks. Leaving the countertop wet regularly will culminate in gradual but permanent water spots and stains.

Things to keep in mind while taking care of quartz worktop

Not Using a Chopping Board

Another mistake many homeowners commit is taking quartz worktops’ scratch-resistance and stain-resistance properties for granted. While this innate resistance of quartz is admirable, there is no excuse for not using a chopping board. Dicing, cutting, and regularly chopping on the countertop surface might not have an immediate impact. But it will leave ugly stains and scratches eventually. Furthermore, not using a chopping board is an unhygienic practice and will lead to the growth of harmful pathogens.

Not Attending Spills Immediately

Owing to the low porosity of quartz, homeowners can handle spills/stains, unlike with other surfaces such as wood and marble. However, this doesn’t mean that a spillage on the quartz worktop should not be wiped immediately. Letting a spill remain on the surface for too long will make it harder to remove. In addition, the removal process might cause scratches, and some portion of the food/beverage might seep inside to cause permanent, ugly marks. Therefore, being proactive about wiping spillages is necessary for quartz countertops.

Using Harsh Cleaners, Abrasive Pads, or Hot Water for Cleaning

To ensure that their quartz worktops remain sparkling clean at all times, many homeowners mistake using unnecessarily strong (alkaline or acidic) cleaners, harsh abrasive cleaning pads and hot water for cleaning. It can damage the surface and leave permanent marks as well as scratches. Instead, quartz surfaces require fuss-free cleaning with simple, neutral soap, warm water, and a soft cleaning cloth. Scratches caused by these untoward and harsh cleaning practices also lead to hygiene concerns. In addition, the tiny crevices increase the surface area for perpetuating toxic microbes. This mistake should be avoided to ensure attractive, gleaming, and safe quartz worktops.


Quartz was explicitly designed in the 1960s in Italy to provide homeowners with elegant, long-lasting, and easy-to-maintain worktops within a reasonable price range. Today, its popularity has spread worldwide. Quartz surfaces add to the charisma of home interiors, not just in the kitchen but across all spaces. As long as the above mistakes are steered clear of, quartz worktops are guaranteed to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance hassles.


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