Alternatives to Silestone Calacatta Gold

Alternatives to Silestone Calacatta Gold
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You may wonder, Is Calacatta Gold quartz popular? It is one of the most popular worktop materials in the UK this year. It is due to the charming aesthetics and superior performance it offers. But what are the alternatives to Silestone Calacatta Gold?

Not the usual Calacatta Gold Quartz

Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold belongs to the Eternal Series, a collection of quartz worktops inspired by marbles of the world. In turn, Calacatta Gold’s inspiration is the famous Calacatta Oro marble from Italy.
There are no doubts as to why Silestone is a leading brand. It designs beautiful materials, and its production capacity is second to none. In addition, it boasts a total of six warehouses known as ‘Cosentino Centres’ across the UK. The six Silestone warehouses are in Gloucester, Hook, Darlington, Manchester, Dublin, and East London. It means that when you order a Silestone, you’ll receive a product that comes with quality inspections by the manufacturer. Similarly, it virtually guarantees that your chosen Silestone countertop is always in stock and ready to ship.

Who makes Calacatta Quartz?

There are a vast number of companies making Calacatta quartz. The leading quartz brands in the UK are Silestone, Caesarstone, Compac Quartz, Quartzforms, and Cambria Quartz. Each of these brands has its versions of Calacatta Quartz which have names according to the look or materials that inspire each product. In addition, large High Street retailers and stone distributors in the country import other types of Calacatta Quartz, mainly from Asia. The leader in Calacatta Gold quartz is Silestone. It offers quartz products that include Calacatta Gold, Eternal Calacatta Classic and Eternal Bianco Calacatta.

Silestone Calacatta Gold is Eternal

Silestone Calacatta Gold is a premium marble-like quartz product. It has almost the same look and feels as genuine Calacatta Gold marble. However, the materials of each Calacatta worktop are different. In addition, the difference between their surfaces is at a chemical level. Similarly, the product is available in many shapes and sizes. For example, you can choose to have solid tiles or decorative elements on each side. This choice gives you many possibilities for your kitchen layout and is one of the most high-quality materials.

Affordable Silestone Calacatta Gold alternatives that look as sophisticated

Although Calacatta Gold by Silestone is a magnificent product, you may not have the budget to buy it. So, what are the alternatives if you are looking to get a Calacatta quartz worktop instead of marble? Read on to know more.

Quartzforms Soul Calacatta: Calacatta Gold’s manufacturing basis are the principles of “high impact, high stability, and unique, exceptional durability”. And it is why it can endure heavy use in both commercial and domestic applications. This worktop also stands out for its brilliant colour – a mixture of muted, golden tones. The brand makes the colour that makes it so unique by applying a compound, which Quartzforms have developed. You can choose Soul Calacatta from thicknesses in 20 mm and 30 mm. The slab size is 3240 x 1640 mm, giving you enough surface for an island and a set of worktops.

Price: £343 m2/ 20mm thickness

A modern kitchen island in Soul Calacatta by Quartzforms

Unistone Olympus White: The Unistone brand has worked hard to develop a balance between aesthetics and functionality. It means that these gorgeous and durable quartz worktop products always contain natural materials, and they’re of exceptionally high quality. You’ll also find the best value when you shop for a Unistone product online. It doesn’t have gold or any other precious metal. Instead, it contains several quartz minerals that contain superior characteristics to granite, marble, and limestone.Moreover, you can choose this alternative to Silestone Calacatta Gold from t0 mm and 30 mm thicknesses

. And you can also select it from sizes of 3000 x 1400 mm or 3300 x 1650 mm. These come in super-handy for expansive kitchens or bathrooms.

Price: £175m2/ 20mm thickness

Olympus White offers an off-white marbled worktop that brings elegance to contemporary kitchens.

More alternatives to Silestone Calacatta Gold

Compac Unique Calacatta Gold: Although this colour isn’t exactly affordable, we wanted to include it in the list because of its incredible aesthetics. Unlike other coloured quartz worktops, Unique Calacatta Gold comes in a wide range of shades, giving it a vast palette of hues. The most popular of which include golden, grey, and white. The look of the stone is highly natural, but it is a statement-maker, nonetheless. You can choose Unique Calacatta Gold from thicknesses in 12mm, 20 mm and 30 mm. In addition, the Surfaces Company’s Unique Series of Compac offers a Giant Slab size of 3300 x 1650 mm. It provides you with enough material to create a set of worktops as well as a kitchen island and splashbacks.

Price: £256m2/ 20mm thickness

Unique Calacatta Gold is a quartz product by Compac launched in 2021 with great success in the UK.

Opal Calacatta Gold: Opal Quartz offers reliable surfaces at affordable prices. To do so, you can receive a free sample of their product or view the entire slab via an appointment. However, the finished product does look stunning with its pastel colours. In addition, the handcrafted look makes it popular with interior designers. If you want the look without the premium price, this is another alternative worktop material option. You can choose this Opal quartz worktop product from thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm. The slab dimensions of Calacatta Gold by Opal Quartz are 3100 x 1600 mm in Jumbo size. It has a slight price advantage by offering a smaller slab size than most of its competitors.

Price: £187m2/ 20mm thickness

An Opal Calacatta Gold kitchen island displays bold grey veins and golden tints.

Calacatta Quartz worktop options: Calacatta Gold, White, Grey, or Black?

Opal Calacatta Grey: Calacatta Grey is the monochromatic sister of Opal Calacatta Gold quartz. Similarly, it is and one of the great alternatives to Silestone Calacatta Gold. This white-veined worktop is a compound of over 90% natural quartz, making it highly durable. Opal Calacatta Grey Quartz is perfect with colours such as cream, grey, white, black, and brown.

Are you looking for a white veined worktop material? This stone worktop might be just what you are looking for. You can choose Calacatta Grey quartz by Opal from thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm. Like its counterpart, this slab offers a size of 3100 x 1600 mm to decorate your kitchen or bathroom.

Price: £187m2/ 20mm thickness

Opal Calacatta Grey quartz worktops with an LED lighting surround

A new Calacatta Gold

BQS Neo Calacatta: is an exciting new product from Beltrami Quartz. Beltrami is a company initially focusing on paving, offering stone products for outdoor and indoor use. In 2020, it was acquired by Brachot-Hermant, a multinational with over 120 of experience in supplying natural and engineered stone for the European market. Here are some statistics about Brachot. First, the brand boasts an extensive logistic network and holds over 950,000 m2 of materials in stock. Second, it owns twenty quarries across five countries and owns sixteen distribution centres across three continents. This combination helps in growing the Beltrami Quartz brand in the UK. Third, Neo Calacatta by BQS is a stunning interpretation of natural Calacatta marble.

Neo Calacatta offers vast, elegant, dynamic, grey veins that flow across its polished brilliant white base. It evokes natural stone’s luxury but with the added durability and ease of cleaning synonymous with quartz. You can choose this stone worktop from thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm. The slab size is 3200 x 1600 mm.

Price: £174m2/ 20mm thickness

A kitchen worktop in BQS Neo Calacatta, an affordable Calacatta quartz alternative by Beltrami

A different Calacatta Quartz offer from Compac, The Surfaces Company

  • Compac Unique Calacatta Black: Calacatta Black by Compac is one of our best worktops. This is because of its timeless design and beautiful vein. We also offer this product in three thicknesses. If you’re looking for worktops for your kitchen, you can choose from Calacatta Black in a polished finish. Similarly, for a matt finish countertop with bold veins, you may like Compac Unique Statuario. It’s available in a matt finish with soft touch known as ‘Glace finish’ giving your home a classic look. With Unique Calacatta Black quartz worktops by Compac, you can have the kitchen of your dreams with the most modern kitchen worktops in the market.

Price: £318m2/ 20mm thickness

Compac Unique Calacatta Black
Unique Calacatta Black is an excellent alternative to Calacatta Gold quartz for dark coloured kitchens.

All the new quartz worktop alternatives in under 45 seconds

If you are right in the middle of your kitchen refurb and short of time, you may wish to watch the below video. It shows the aesthetics and characteristics of the best alternatives to Silestone Calacatta Gold that you can find.

Our 45 seconds video shows you the 2021 Calacatta Gold Quartz alternatives.

What backsplash goes with Calacatta gold quartz?

It is a question that our clients ask us very often. The white backdrop of the material allows you to combine your worktops with practically any other material and colour. These are some examples of backsplashes that go with Calacatta Gold quartz:

  • Pure white quartz: a monochromatic hue that matches any other colour.
  • Glass Backsplash: you could combine your Calacatta worktops with a transparent glass splashback or with a white glass backsplash.
  • Wood: natural wood offers a particularly good combination with marble worktops as they bring additional warmth to the kitchen. Even though most homeowners don’t use wood as a backsplash, many combine wood with Calacatta quartz in areas such as the breakfast bar or the kitchen cabinets.
  • Porcelain and ceramic: Dekton, Neolith, Laminam, and Techlam offer ceramic and porcelain splashbacks in a wide range of colours. The realism of porcelain slabs is second to none in 2021 and can imitate wood, concrete, terrazzo and other materials, almost with perfection.
backsplash for Calacatta Gold quartz
A gallery of Backsplashes that go well with Calacatta quartz

By now, you should have found the ideal Calacatta Quartz material for your dream kitchen or bathroom. And also some ideas of how you can combine your Calacatta worktops with a suitable backsplash.

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