Kitchen Worktop Trends 2024

Kitchen Worktop Trends 2024

Kitchen Woroktop Trends 2024
By: Alan Jan 08, 2024 0 Comments

The new year brings new beginnings, and with 2024 being around the corner, it’s time to gear up for the latest home trends. Construction and interior design experts are all about trendy colours, décor pieces, cabinet designs, lighting positions, and more. But the best part of a chic home is the kitchen. You want your kitchen space to look stylish and modern like it’s straight out of an architectural magazine. And if you prefer a simple look, the experts also have something for you to make your kitchen stand out with kitchen worktops. Worktops are the centrepiece of any kitchen because that’s where everything happens, including cooking, baking, and cleaning. So, why not install a visually appealing worktop to enhance your cooking experience and provide a safe yet elegant space?

Here are some of the trendy worktop designs to look out for.

Quartz Worktops 

Marble, wood, stone, and granite kitchen worktops are prevalent, but 2024 is returning a blast from the past. Quartz kitchen worktops with veined patterns will take over kitchen designs in 2024. Not only are quartz countertops more affordable than most worktop materials, but they are also heat-tolerant and stain-resistant. 

Granted, the quartz countertops have been around, but they aren’t as popular. In 2024, you should look out for these elegant pieces because quartz is built to last, unlike most materials. It’s also easier to maintain and doesn’t require annual sealing to preserve its performance.

A close-up of a Silestone Versailles Ivory veined marbled surface

Quartz also allows you to experiment with different finishes and design options. You will notice an influx of veined and marbled quartz worktops in various shades and hues to match all home designs. Vibrant designs such as blue, green and lilac marble veins will trend. Another design to look out for is the quartz that mimics high-end materials like Calacatta marble but without the high maintenance needs. Another strong quartz worktop trend is installing inviting colours with an earthy appeal that you can easily combine with other warm materials such as wood and textiles.

Additionally, due to its growing popularity in 2024, manufacturers will strive to push innovation further and develop a broader range of colour schemes and patterns. Quartz surfaces with sparkles or specks of gold embedded within will become more commonplace as an affordable luxury option. Also, expect gradients that subtly transition from one shade into another across the worktop’s surface, creating an ombre effect – this can make a unique focal point within any kitchen or bathroom space.

A kitchen with a large window and Unistone Misterio Gold veined worktops and splashaback

Eco-conscious designers, too, have focused their interest on engineered quartz worktops that are environment-friendly since they’re made up mostly of natural minerals combined with resins. This makes them not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable. 

Natural Countertops 

If you prefer natural materials, don’t fret because natural stone countertops will still be trendy in the new year. Soapstone, marble, and quartzite countertops will continue to add elegance and timeless beauty to your kitchen.

Credit: GSM Group

The best part of these natural countertops is the unique veining patterns, versatile finishes, and durability. As you read on, you’ll learn to merge your love for natural worktops with other 2024 trends, like integrated sinks, statement marble pieces, and ultra-thin worktops. And who knows? You might discover a new way to modernise your classic marble or granite kitchen worktops.

Recycled Materials

The world is tackling climate change, and every industry is finding ways to contribute to the initiative. The construction industry is not any different, and you can expect worktops made from recycled materials. To embrace sustainability and eco-friendly homes, homeowners lean towards porcelain, marble, and quartzite countertops.

These natural materials are excellent because they’re all recyclable. But there’s an even better material for 2024: terrazzo. This material features repurposed granite, marble, quartz, and glass pieces, and in many designs, it offers worktops with zero resins. Terrazzo is low maintenance; you can personalise it to fit in any space.

Agglotech White Terrazzo Worktop Lido

Next year, artisans intend to use chunkier repurposed pieces and experiment with more colours to create vibrant and sophisticated terrazzo countertops. Plus, terrazzo worktops are exceptional because they’re durable, low maintenance, and highly functional for busy kitchen spaces. You can create super stylish terrazzo countertops for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Regarding engineered quartz worktops, the leading manufacturers have started producing materials with low silica levels to enhance their environmental footprint further. These materials are designed to handle the adverse effects of daily wear and tear, resulting in fewer replacements over time. 

Some examples are Silestone HybriQ-Q, which offers quartz worktops with up to 40% recycled minerals, and the Compac Obsidiana worktop, which uses 100% rainwater and is fully recyclable. Caesarstone recently launched Caesarstone, a new generation of quartz surfaces with reduced Crystalline Silica minerals for sustainable worktops in the USA, and we expect it to arrive sometime during the first part of 2024 in London.

A kitchen worktop in Caesarstone Dreamy Carrara Quartz with a table and chairs

Combined Countertop Materials

Mixing materials for a worktop seems far-fetched, but it is quite possible. In 2024, you will notice a shift in construction where homeowners and contractors are willing to explore the idea of mixed materials. For example, contractors will install white granite kitchen worktops around the hot section areas of the kitchen and white quartzite countertops in the cool areas. 

Mixing material can be tricky, so you have to consider several things, including space and the kitchen layout. Other functional materials that pair well include marble with granite, quartz with quartzite, and granite with quartz.

A black marble fireplace combined Crema Marfil marble floor tiles wth in a room

In smaller spaces or for people who don’t like dramatic designs, create a two-tone look by using one material on the worktop and another on the backsplash. That works perfectly! Alternatively, the island can use one material like marble and complement that with granite kitchen worktops.

Integrated Sink Countertops

Integrated sink countertops are popular, but you should expect more in 2024. They have better designs and will be bespoke to fit any space. You should expect sleek integrated sinks that are an extension of the countertop. These sinks are built with the same material as the countertop, and contractors intend to extend the same material to the drainboards.

A bathroom grey terrazzo integrated sink with faucets Agglotech Terrazzo Giudecca

Integrated sinks with the same material are great because they create a cohesive space, enhancing your kitchen’s aesthetic. But remember, the colour combinations matter because overdoing it can result in a chaotic space. The best approach is combining light and dark hues. For example, if you’re installing green granite kitchen worktops, use a contrasting or light colour for the cabinets. 

Ultra-Thin Worktops

Minimalism is a timeless trend, and that’s what you should expect more in 2024. Many homeowners are switching to ultra-thin countertops because they create sleek designs, bringing back the classic kitchen feel.

A pot on a Porcelanosa Xtone 6mm worktop Solo Black

Designers have created ultra-thin floating countertops that leave room for lower-level cabinets. And thanks to tech advancements, you won’t worry about the delicacy of these countertops. Artisans have the expertise to build durable, heat-resistant, and reliable worktops for your kitchen.

High-Drama Worktops

Minimalists may be taking over, but that doesn’t mean dramatic designs are out of style. In 2024, kitchen worktops will be bold enough to accommodate homeowners who live out loud. Contractors and architects achieve high drama using bold colours, grand pieces, and statement countertop materials. 

You will notice visually striking veining patterns on marble, onyx, or quartzite countertops and bold contrasting colours that leave an exquisite statement. Where surfaces fail, homeowners use accessories, accent walls, and greenery to create a statement.

A kitchen with Macaubas Giotto quartzite worktops Credit: GSM Group

For example, homeowners who prefer dramatic décor will use gold lighting pieces to accessorise a navy-blue countertop with bold veins. Additional accessories can include gold worktop vases, big clear glass fruit bowls or plant vases and complementary counter stools. High drama is exciting because it allows you to fully express your creativity while maintaining the theme of your home.

There you have it! With Worktop Library, 2024 promises to be an expressive year for homeowners, architects, tenants, and others in the construction industry. Whether you’re using marble, quartz, quartzite, stone, or granite kitchen worktops, talking to a professional will give insight on how to update your kitchen and step into 2024. If you’re building a new home, here’s your chance to explore modern trends so you can move into a futuristic and luxurious looking home. 

Don’t forget to explore trends in lighting, cabinetry, accessories, furniture, and more. You will discover several options that contribute to a cohesive, stylish, and inviting kitchen.


Alan Nussbaum

Meet Alan Nussbaum, our Sales and Marketing Manager, whose expertise in stone worktops is second to none. With almost two decades of experience, Alan’s impressive track record includes creating one of the first online stone companies in 2012 and pioneering the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in construction in 2018 before co-founding The Worktop Library with Maria.
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