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Kitchen Planning
Kitchen worktops
03 May 2021

Kitchen Worktop Prices 2021. How much do worktops cost?

Preparing a budget kitchen worktop involves multiple variants that will make the...

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Quartz Worktops
23 Apr 2021

Caesarstone Intense White Review

Intense White Caesarstone review by The Worktop Library in London...

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Quartz Worktops
19 Apr 2021

Silestone Worktops, m2 prices, and colours

We often talk about Silestone worktops as if these were...

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Granite Worktops
16 Apr 2021

New Sensa granite and quartzite in the United Kingdom

New Sensa granite and quartzite colours arrive in the United...

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16 Apr 2021

Welcome to the Worktop Library’s Blog

What motivates our worktop blog, you wonder? Our company seeks...

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