Quartzforms Review

Quartzforms Review
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A stone made in Germany that provides high-quality kitchens and bathroom worktops.

Quartzforms belongs to the Scanpin Group, a company that owns brands such as Marmo Arredo (a processor of natural stone and quartz surfaces), Eulithe (a rigid polyurethane foam for technical laminates), and Offmat (providing solutions to create “responsive” coverings). The group’s foundation goes back to 1981, thanks to the tenacity and expertise of Domenico Luigi Scapin.

It is a brand of quartz worktop materials offering products for the home and office when significant developments are in the construction sector. The brand is known for its continual search for new materials and alternative finishes and its impeccable production process. 

Similarly, its core aim is to help create unique and elegant interiors with its quartz countertop materials. As a result, the brand brings a multitude of new concepts to the world of kitchen and bathroom design.

A photo of a quartz blender at Quartzfomrs’ manufacturing facilities


  1. How Quartzforms is Made
  2. Quartzforms Quartz Benefits, Material Attributes and Performace
  3. Terms and conditions of the Manufacturer’s Warranty
  4. Designs: Collections and Quartzforms Quartz Colours
  5. Quartzforms Prices 2021
  6. Where to Buy Quartzforms
  7. Comparisons between Quartzforms, Silestone and Caesarstone
  8. Care and Maintenance
  9. Conclusion

This Will Fundamentally Change the Way You Look at Quartzforms: Constant Stone Evolution

Quartzforms is a quartz compound that is the result of the entire Bretonstone process. Bretonstone is an Italian technology that creates quartz countertop materials with unmatched characteristics. Its versatility, resistance, aesthetics, hygiene and ease of maintenance make it a preferred quartz worktop by architects, designers and homeowners in the UK.

The Bretonstone system technology enables a specific vacuum Vibro-compaction process. Moreover, the system makes the quartz slabs by mixing silica sand, or pure quartz with polyester resin and UV stabilized coloured pigments. Although quartz is one of nature’s most potent minerals, it is incredibly malleable and versatile. In addition, it has mechanical and electrical insulation properties and excellent thermal shock resistance: a set of particular characteristics that make it unique and very efficient.

Quartz surfaces are ideal for environments and collective spaces where people carry out their cooking and social activities.

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Quartzforms Quartz: How is it made?

It is made of approximately 93% resin-bonded quartz crystals, giving them a different hardness and finish. In addition, the products provide convenience and versatility for daily use. Its manufacturing mimics the Earth forming process where high heat and pressure create durable natural worktops such as granite.
To make Quartzforms made in Germany surfaces, the brand follows a five-step process:

1- Mixing: The brand organizes the raw materials following a specific formula to complete each design. Firstly, crushed quartz crystals get mixed with polymers and colourings. Then, the company includes mirror chips, fine glitters, seashells, etc., according to each colour design.

2- Pressing: Once the raw material blend perfectly, a paste forms. Then, the paste goes into an industrial press that mimics the natural process of granite formation.

3- Solidifying: The quartz paste is exposed to extreme heat by an industrial baking machine. Then, the slab goes into a tunnel to cool naturally for up to 24 hours.

4-Quartzforms Quartz: The production team calibrates the slabs during the final step and removes any excess material. Additionally, they finish the surface before undergoing quality control.

A video with the manufacturing process of conglomerate quartz

This video shows how Quartzforms makes its worktops.

One of the benefits of Quartzforms is that it offers an ecological quartz worktop.

As a worktop material with its main components in natural quartz, Quartzforms is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Moreover, its resins and additives total a maximum of 7% of the total product composition. Consequently, only the remaining 93% of the material is composed of raw materials. Similarly, the stone does not absorb liquids meaning you can’t stain it by spillages of wine, coffee, ketchup, and any other coloured foods.

This video highlights the main benefits of Quartzforms surfaces

Are you looking for a stunning worktop material with no maintenance?

One of the reasons this brand has become popular in the United Kingdom is the number of benefits to any home. Once you get to learn the features of this material, you’ll want them in no time.
Here are some performances that give you the practicality you would expect when it comes to your kitchen worktop maintenance:

  1. Hygiene: because of its virtually zero-porosity, no bacteria or germs can get into the surface.
  2. Stain Resistance: is resistant to stains because it is non-porous. In turn, this feature makes Quartzforms a waterproof countertop.
  3. Resistance to Impact: Whilst cooking, chopping foods, taking pans out of the dishwasher or dish out of your sink, the accidental impact may occur. As a matter of fact, quartz rates 7 in the MOh’s scale of minerals, pairing the toughest natural granites.
  4. Fire Resistant: the quartz surfaces are non-flammable and highly fire-resistant for the safety of your family.
  5. Acid Resistant: unlike marble or limestone, you can chop and cut lemons and oranges on these worktops. Things like vinegar and other acidic substances are a worry of the past once you experience the practicality of a Quartzforms worktop.
  6. Scratch-proof: take your keys and try to scratch the surface. You will notice that the quartz surface is tougher than metal, and you will not be able to mark it easily.
  7. Versatile: the collection comprises 55 original designs available to all UK users. Moreover, you can choose from 17 additional Quartzforms designs via special order.

What You Don’t Know About Quartzforms Certifications

There are a few things that you probably don’t know about the brand and its global certifications. First, Quartzforms makes its quartz in Germany. But besides the location within the European Union of their production facilities, you will be interested to know about all the certifications that these products have. Read on:

  1. CE Marking: The manufacturer declares that the product meets the health, safety and environmental protection standards required by EC directives.
  2. NSF: The NSF certificate confirms a safe material. Emphatically, it does so in direct contact with food or water.
  3. Greenguard Gold:  the material follows certification standards for low emission products. It offers more stringent certification criteria than the standard Greenguard certificate by confirming that a product is acceptable for use in schools and healthcare facilities.
  4. ÖHMI – ISO 50001: The ISO 50001 standard defines energy management to meet both environmental and economic requirements.
  5. ÖHMI – ISO 9001: This certificate sets guidelines for energy efficiency. In addition, it certifies improvements in internal productivity.
  6. Breton: It is a technological certificate confirming that the material does not contain volatile organic compounds.
  7. ASTA World-Wide: It is the certificate as a member of the World-Wide Agglomerated Stones Manufacturers Association. Surely, a worthy certificate for the company.
  8. Kosher: By following kosher certification standards, it ensures that the product and its production meet all the requirements of the Kosher Law. Evidently, the Kosher certification is in increasing demand by various consumer groups.
Quartzforms Certifications
Quartzforms boasts eleven product certificates by global organizations.

The Quartzforms Warranty

With the flawless manufacturing process and the high performance and strength of Quartzforms slabs, we can offer you a 25-year warranty when you follow our guidelines for its proper use. Furthermore, if you face any problems with the Quartzforms surface, the company makes it simple for you to solve them.
Firstly, you need to fill in the Quartz warranty form within 30 days of your quartz surface installation. Secondly, include the batch number of your slabs. -Request this information from your worktop supplier. Last, include your supplier’s name and the worktop’s installation date, providing the property’s address in case of inspection requirements.

Terms and conditions of the Quartzforms Warranty

We recommend you read through the warranty terms and conditions of the brand, which are similar to the Silestone warranty or the Caesarstone warranty in the UK. One of the best features of the Quartzforms Quartz warranty is that it is transferable. So if you sell your property, you can transfer the warranty to the buyer, helping to increase the value of your property.

  1. The 25-year limited warranty applies to the Quartzforms product only.
  2. Inappropiatefabrication or installation is the responsibility of the fabricator or installer.
  3. This warranty applies to the product’s proper use and maintenance, following the Quartzforms care & maintenance guildeline.
  4. Similarly, the warranty applies to the Quartzforms surfaces permanently installed in an interior setting and have not been moved from their original location.
  5. When transferred, you must submit a new warranty registration with proof of the original purchase. The new warranty will be valid for the period remaining since the original purchase.

Download the warranty here

Quartzforms Quartz Colours

As of 2021, we mentioned that the Quartzforms Quartz Collection boasts a range of fifty-five designs and fifteen unique order materials comprising 17 Ranges. Moreover, you can choose any of these colours in different thicknesses and finishes. It is the entire colour range that composes the 17 Quartzforms Quartz ranges.

Quartzforms Forest Range:  Kaleidoscopic textures from nature

A dreamlike voyage inspires this range through the vast and splendid reaches of the universe. The brand found new and enhanced inspiration in the kaleidoscopic textures, rich in light, dimension, and life. As a result, an ever-changing, infinite creative range shows in this new collection of expressive, eloquently textured panels inspired by nature and its fickle inspirations.

Discover the Future with the Quartzforms Planet Colours

To turn quartz into beauty, the brand creates unique minerals. As a result, the Planet quartz colours are expressive and resilient, and they are the source from which the Planet Collection by Quartzforms gains its glory.
The Planet Quartz collection comprises eleven designs inspired by the natural beauty of our galactic infinity and dimensional shifts.

Solve Your Home Interior Dilemma with the Quartzforms Veined Colours

The purpose of classic marble is to inspire the beauty of nature by bringing timeless materials with vibrancy and vitality. Similarly, these captivating stones evoke feelings of eternity and serenity in any space.
The Quartzforms Veined Collection comes in Jumbo slabs with a size of 320×160 cm, allowing you to express your creativity at its total reach. To clarify, here are the seven designs that comprise this marble-effect worktop range:

Which Quartzforms looks like marble?

The Quartzforms colours that look like marble belong to the Veined and the Forest Collections. In detail, it is natural marble that inspires some of these designs. What’s more, below you can see the list of the marble stones that inspire the Quartzforms worktop colours:

  1. Forest Betulla: Carrara marble
  2. Planet Pluto: Calatorao quartzite
  3. Veined Cream: Botticino marble
  4. Quartzforms Veined Canova: Carrara C marble
  5. Planet Venus: Statuarietto marble
  6. Forest Garrigue: Bardiglio marble
  7. Halley: Sahara Noir natural marble
  8. Planet Neptune: Milas Lilac marble
  9. Jupiter: Saint Laurent natural marble
  10. Veined Deco: Bronze Armani marble
  11. Forest Sughero: Afyon Yellow marble
  12. Quartzforms Veined Africa: Nero Marquina marble
  13. Planet Mercury: Fiori Di Bosco marble
  14. Planet Honey Galaxy: Paonazetto marble
  15. Forest Magnolia: Black Marquina marble
  16. Planet Mars: Imperial Dark Brown marble
  17. Veined Bernini: White Carrara CD marble
  18. Planet Tempel: Calacatta Boehme quartzite
  19. Planet Interstellar Cloud: Statuarietto marble
  20. Veined Baroque: Dark Imperial Brown marble
  21. Quartzforms Veined Michelangelo: Carrara Michelangelo marble

The Absolute Collection: An Exceptional Kitchen Where Your Family Will Love to Cook

Absolute quartz worktops create extremely pure and intense surfaces, made even more attractive and deep by their distinctive grain, as fine as stardust. Their unparalleled elegance improves your home, from kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities to walls and floors.

Deck Out Your Home With the Breeze Quartz Collection

Engineered quartz: the surfaces in the Breeze collection feature delicate veins and fine grain. Indeed, these slabs present gentle shades, elegantly accented by tone on tone colours. Basically, Breeze is suitable for all surfaces, from kitchen counters to your bathroom’s walls and floors. The Breeze collection comprises the below designs:

Incredible Luxury: Create the ideal space with the Imperial Collection

The quartz slabs from the Imperial Collection feature a prominent veining pattern thanks to the striking contrast between the predominant colour and the texture. As a result, the stones are attractive and dynamic, perfect for decorating any room in your house.

5 Designs from the Fossil Collection for Making Your Kitchen Design Stand Out From the Crowd

The Fossil Collection is a reinterpretation of the millennial fossil formations and the mystery that surrounds them. In other words, it is a fascinating range of stones that captivate the history of our planet. In detail, it comprises five quartz colours in monochromatic and warm shades representing the mineral fossil formations scattered around the Earth.

Extreme Collection: premium products that add a level of style that any other product cannot match

Have you ever wanted to make your home look more modern and stylish? The Extreme Collection offers new and revolutionary materials to form kitchen worktops, and they are perfect for your home. Evidently, you can now turn any flat surface into a kitchen counter area.

QF Collection: a diverse range of worktops for every kitchen.

When it comes to kitchens, have you ever considered that the worktop is the most important feature? The staff at Quartzforms have been manufacturing worktop materials for over 40 years and have created a diverse collection of countertops.

The Add Collection: fine crystal glimmers combined with medium-size grains resulting in shimmery worktops with a touch of elegance for your space.

Have you always dreamed of having an ultra-modern kitchen? Quartzforms has the technology to make your dreams come true. Check out this range and see the below design gallery. Then, order a free sample to see which kitchen design works best for you.

Lavic Collection: Terrazzo patterns without maintenance.

Lavic is a line of kitchen worktops that is a luxury in interior design. Undoubtedly, the Terrazzo worktops give a modern look to your kitchen and add a luxurious feel to your space. Check Lavic Black and Lavic Navajo, and see how you can add modern design to your kitchen.

The MA Collection: the purity of quartz with highlight grains and crystalline fragments, bringing warmth to kitchens and bathrooms.

If you are looking for a modern kitchen that looks good and operates well, the Quartzforms MA Collection has an extensive range of worktops that will suit your needs. What’s more, you can browse the gallery below for more information.

The Twinkle Collection: offering character and personality for traditional and modern kitchen worktops, bathrooms and walls.

Twinkle range colours offer quality materials and value pricing to help you create a modern kitchen in no time. Similarly, they will allow you to design a kitchen that’s an unexpected treat any time of the day. Similarly, you can create designer kitchens with Quartzforms Twinkle White, Black and Grey.

The Cloudy Collection: offering tone-on-tone designs in elegant colours with fine grains and subtle veins.

Are you looking for a contemporary kitchen with a dynamic design and superior performance? The Quartzforms Cloudy Collection has a comprehensive range of coloured worktops that will change your space. Unquestionably, you should browse our gallery below to see more of these.

The Pebble Collection: A wide range of fine-grain worktops in various colours offering the natural look of stones with movement on the surface.

Are you tired of dealing with waste, dirt, mould, or mildew? Solution? Quartz stone countertops. Particularly, check out the below gallery to see how Quartzforms Pebble countertops will transform your kitchen into a modern place to work.

Two of the most popular Quartzforms colours with their Collections

Did you know what two designs stand alone in their collections? The colours were part of other discontinued collections but have remained in the brand’s catalogue due to popular demand.

  • Quartzforms Soul Calacatta is a type of Calacatta quartz resembling the famous Calacatta Gold marble from Italy. Calacatta Soul offers bold veining on a pure white backdrop. Similarly, t is a modern design that suits traditional and contemporary kitchens, offering an easy-to-clean worktop without special maintenance. Unlike marble, you won’t need to add coatings or sealants to the surface, meaning that once you install it, you can forget about any worries with stains, scratches, and more. Last, Soul Calacatta quartz is available in slabs with a size of 3200 x 1600 mm, giving you ample choices regarding the design of expansive worktops without having any visible joints. In addition, it has antibacterial properties that keep away bacteria from your kitchen and bathrooms.
Quartzforms review Soul Calacatta quartz
This photo shows a Quartzforms Soul Calacatta quartz slab.
  • Brazilian Canadian White: It’s a white quartz worktop material displaying grains of medium size in a random pattern. Evidently, according to the manufacturer, Canadian White offers a ‘harmonious disarray’ with a stunning translucency effect for bathrooms and kitchens. It is ideal for making vanity worktops, kitchen splashbacks as well as countertops. With such a versatile worktop surface, the brand offers two slab sizes: a standard slab with 3050 x 1400 mm, and a Jumbo slab with 3200 x 1600 mm. The two-choice colour allows you to minimize costs in a small or large kitchen because you reduce material waste when choosing the correct size slab for your needs. Additionally, you can select Canadian Quartzfomrs White from thicknesses of 12 mm, 20 mm, and 30 mm, helping you create pretty much any interior application
Quartzforms Brazilian Canadian White
This photo shows a close-up image of Brazilian Canadian White quartz.

Quartzforms Prices 2021 and 2022

The combination of our country’s Brexit and the COVID-19 developments have resulted in longer lead times. Also, it resulted in late deliveries and increased prices of most raw materials in 2021. Additionally, labour constraints, higher shipping costs, and post-Brexit labour regulations have meant material shortages in many cases. However, we can say that Quartzforms consistently delivers when you plan. Therefore, we recommend reserving your favourite quartz materials from their collection with 3-5 weeks’ notice. It has provided a positive outcome for all our clients with a 100% success rate, delivering the worktops within the deadline.

Regarding pricing, Quartzforms sits comfortably behind the two most prominent brands: Silestone and Caesarstone. Similarly, its offer of quartz surfaces made in Europe and similar product warranty as the two largest quartz manufacturers have positioned the brand nicely in terms of prices. For this purpose, the Quartzforms pricing structure comprises seven price groups.

As with most quartz materials, the brand Prices their worktops according to the level of complexity that each design has to achieve a perfect slab. Generally, the cheapest quartz designs display fine grain as they are the most straightforward to manufacture. Second are the quartz colours with classic additives such as mirror chips or fine glitter. Next are the colours with more dynamic patterns, such as the colours from the Breeze Collection. Lastly, and the more upscale designs such as marble-effect and concrete-effect designs.

The price list below shows the entire Quartzforms price list for 2021 by price group segments.

Where to Buy Quartzforms?

Buy Quartzforms near you, at The Worktop Library in London. The company offers the entire Quartzforms range of worktops comprising 74 different designs. In addition, it provides special finishes such as Spacco and accessories like the full integrated Quartzforms sinks. With a turnaround of five working days from template to installation, it is the fastest way to transform your space in under a week. The Worktop Library is an approved supplier of QUARTZFORMS UK LTD, the official surface distributor in the country.

Download the entire Quarzforms price list.

Comparisons between Quartzforms, Silestone and Caesarstone.

Just like the two largest brands Caesarstone and Silestone, Quartzforms offers excellent surfaces at a good value. So, it is best to choose your countertops as per your needs instead of on the brand’s back.

Quartzforms vs Silestone. Which is better? Engineered worktops. Pros and cons of two different materials.

The German brand contains 92% natural minerals. As a result, the Quartzforms Quality ensures they are a long-lasting material that can withstand daily use. While the Quartzforms is less costly in general than Silestone, they offer very similar benefits. For example, they have high resistance to scratches, stains, and chemicals like Silestone. Quartzforms is also safe for allergy sufferers since it doesn’t require sealants.

On the other hand, Silestone is another synthetic material comprising 95% natural quartz sand. It makes it non-porous and easy to clean. It also can be shaped into any form.

Silestone worktops provide you with a significant number of benefits. The most notable are the unique design options, sturdiness, and ease of maintenance. On the other hand, Silestone is not for everyone in terms of the price range. For example, it’s more expensive than Quartzforms for countertops in kitchen or bathroom refurbishes, which are a more affordable option for budgeting for home renovation projects.

Our verdict: both brands offer high-quality quartz surfaces and similar benefits. It would be best if you based your decision on the design that best suits your needs. Also, if you require matt finish worktops, Silestone offers a broader range of options.

Quartzforms vs Caesarstone: which one should I buy?

Since we discussed some of the main benefits and characteristics of Quartzforms compared to Silestone, we will now focus on the differences between Caesarstone and Quartzforms. Both of these brands offer something unique. For example, Quartzforms offers the ‘Spacco’ finish, the first concrete-look surface amongst quartz makers; Caesarstone recently launched the first range of quartz products that you can use outdoors. Certainly, you can check the below is a comparison chart between these two global manufacturers:

Quartzforms vs Caesarstone
An inphographic of Quartzforms vs Caesarstone.

Quartzforms Care and Maintenance

The surfaces are non-porous and do not need sealants or any other proofing procedures. However, being resistant to high temperatures, it is advisable to protect it using table mats to avoid direct contact with the saucepan surfaces or utensils from the oven. Direct contact with hot objects or flames could cause indelible marks due to the heating of the resin or breakages caused by thermal shock.

Care of your Quartzforms worktops:

Never overload the quartz surfaces with weights exceeding 50 kg (never jump or sit on the top) and avoid dropping pointed or sharp objects on them (such as knives, bottles, pans, cooking utensils etc.) which, due to their shape, could cause chipping which would be challenging to repair.

Cleaning your Quartzforms worktops:

Quartz is highly easy to clean. However, if you do get a mark on your quartz, we recommend you clean it off while it is still fresh because spots left on the surface for more extended periods may become difficult to remove.

  1. Cleaning Organic substances: if food residue, oil, splashes of sauce etc., cause marks, you must clean substances using a kitchen detergent. Then, you must spray the detergent on the spot and leave it for 5 minutes or more to give the active ingredients time to dissolve the dirt and make it easier to remove. Next, wipe the area should with a damp sponge, then dry it with a paper towel. Repeat the procedure until the place is spotless.
  2. Cleaning Mineral substances: marks from liquids such as water, tea, coffee etc., which, if left to dry on the surface, leave residues of calcium or other minerals which can adhere to the surface. To clean this type of stain, we recommend using a descaling detergent (decalcifying agent). You should spray the detergent onto the mark and leave it to rest for 5 minutes or more, giving the active ingredients time to dissolve the minerals and make them easier to remove. Then, wipe the surface with a damp sponge and dry it with a paper towel. Repeat this until the area in question is clean.
  3. Silicone stains: you can remove these by using a solvent for silicone available from any DIY shop. Then, you should sprinkle or spray the solvent onto the silicone and leave it to work for the time that the silicone’s instructions recommend.
  4. Pen Marks: you can clean ink and pen marks from quartz worktops by using pure alcohol.


Quartzforms is a high-quality quartz surface material, matching the performance and features of the most prominent quartz brands. Its USP (unique selling point) combines Italian design with german manufacturing processes. With a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty and exclusive designs, it is a reliable worktop material for those who seek pleasing aesthetics and value for their homes and offices.

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