Terrazzo Worktops: A Modern Way to Give Your Home a Stylish Look

Terrazzo Worktops: A Modern Way to Give Your Home a Stylish Look

A Modern Way to Give Your Home a Stylish Look using Terrazzo Worktops
By: Alan Feb 16, 2023 0 Comments

A chic home decor requires a perfect blend of style and durability. An aesthetically pleasing home has an added touch of elegance and sophistication. Terrazzo worktops are the quickest and most effective way to upgrade a home interior for a majestic, visually appealing home. 

Terrazzo gained popularity during the 1400s in Venice, Italy. Back then, Italians decorated their homes with intricately patterned Terrazzo, a strong material withstanding the test of time. This artificial stone offers a wide variety of colour and design options. It combines stone chips of marble, quartz, granite and other natural stones bound by epoxy resin or concrete base. It is generally made by pouring a solid concrete or epoxy layer and embedding stone chips. It is left to set and dry and later ground down under a heavyweight grinder.  

Terrazzo colour combinations can match any design palette to build extraordinarily durable, non-porous and hard-wearing surfaces. There are several ways to use it because it can be poured on-site, precast or hydraulically pressed into tiles. Let’s look at the several uses of Terrazzo to give a modern and stylish look to a home.

10 Ways to Use Terrazzo for A Modern Yet Stylish Home


The most popular use of Terrazzo worktops is primarily flooring. It can be used as tiles or poured on-site using concrete or epoxy resin and terrazzo chips. It enhances the visual appeal if brilliant-hued chips are paired well with the neutral colours of the interior. Also, terrazzo flooring and a combination of wooden furniture, cabinets, counter, or even a staircase pair well.

Bathroom Accent Wall

This artificial stone’s non-porous properties and high durability make it perfect for bathrooms. In addition, a terrazzo wall with a fragmented pattern paired with solid-coloured flooring can give a bathroom an elegant and aesthetically pleasing look. The only requirement is to choose the right size and colour combination.

Ways to Use Terrazzo for A Modern Yet Stylish Home

Countertops & Kitchen Worktops

The highly porous nature of this artificial stone makes it an ideal choice for kitchens. Pairing pastel shades of terrazzo with pastel backsplash gives the kitchen a sophisticated look, adding a vintage touch. Also, vibrant-coloured terrazzo with embedded glass chips looks excellent in the kitchen.

Splashbacks & Basins

Another use of terrazzo in the kitchen is as a backsplash. Serene hues of handmade terrazzo tiles in the backsplash pair perfectly well with the colourful marble chip and glass countertop.

Terrazzo is water-resistant and non-porous. These properties make it an excellent choice for washbasins. In addition, it can be used for making both a drop-in sink and a table-mounted terrazzo basin.

Countertop for Splashbacks & Basins

Aesthetic Bathtubs

Terrazzo can give an aesthetically pleasing touch to the bathroom. It is an excellent option for outdoor or open bathrooms due to its high durability and bacteria-resistant properties. In addition, it gives an edgy look to the bathroom, complementing the entire setting.

Bannister Staircase

Terrazzo pairs perfectly well with metals and metallic accents when polished to a high shine. In addition, it offers a wide variety of choices for bannisters. For example, a dark terrazzo staircase pairs well with a stainless-steel bannister. Also, inserting steel rods into terrazzo steps gives a chic look to the home interior.

Worktop for Bannister Staircase


Terrazzo furniture can add visual texture to streamlined spaces. The patterned tabletop can add depth to a room and give a chic look to the area. There are plenty of choices for mixing materials, colours, fragments and sizes within the terrazzo mixture that provide a sleek and contemporary look to the home interior.


Terrazzo dinnerware and accessories offer a unique dining experience by giving a sophisticated look to the dining table. Also, the antibacterial properties of terrazzo make it ideal for tableware. It can also be used for table accessories such as candle stands, fruit trays, etc.

Outdoor Flooring & Driveways

Terrazzo, a resilient, robust stone, can withstand daily wear and tear in outdoor spaces. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for floorings and driveways. In addition, an essential feature of terrazzo floors is that they are very low-maintenance and rarely need replacement. As a result, they are making the excellent stone a great choice for high-traffic areas.

Terrazzo worktop for Garden Decor

Garden Decor

Terrazzo is the best handmade stone for outdoor seatings, flooring, furniture and fountains. In addition, hanging planters and other terrazzo-based water features are a big attraction in the garden. It is also an ideal choice for indoor playgrounds as it can retain water for a long time due to its non-porous nature.


Terrazzo is one of the most versatile and durable artificial stones. It is the best choice for home interiors and exteriors for people looking for a stylish yet durable design material. This stone offers numerous options for customisation of designs, colours, and sizes to give a stately look to the decor. The creative design options, combined with the right hues, allow several combinations to provide any interior design with a subtle, bright, balanced, or bold look.


Alan Nussbaum

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