9 Delightful Quartz Worktops You Can Use With Irresistible Coloured Kitchen Cabinets

9 Delightful Quartz Worktops You Can Use With Irresistible Coloured Kitchen Cabinets

9 Delightful Quartz Worktops You Can Use With Irresistible Coloured Kitchen Cabinets
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Quartz is one of the most beautiful and resilient surfaces because it looks like marble and granite without maintenance. Although white marble kitchen worktops may stain, quartz worktops have a more versatile appeal on kitchen applications such as worktops. And you can combine them with kitchen cabinets in any colour. In addition, they can provide the space with great aesthetics and additional protection against bacteria and germs.

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Today, we will discuss inspiring ideas share information and prices in stunning quartz worktop designs to complement coloured kitchen cabinets.
We’ll cover many kitchen styles, from classic, traditional, modern, period, compact, Scandinavian country to a simple breakfast bar. In addition, our article will highlight the colours of CRL Quartz. It is a new contender in the quartz manufacturing industry, offering charming designs of high-quality stones at competitive prices.

Heartwarming CRL Quartz Surfaces That Bring Life to Pastel-colour Kitchens

The brand offers a versatile design option that you can use in any situation. You can choose from many stone colours and finishes, including polished and honed. In addition, these stones are available in extra-large size slabs with thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm. The various sizes provide more design consistency over vast kitchen worktops and bathroom vanities.
Scratch, heat and stain resistance are all features of CRL Quartz. In contrast to natural materials like marble, these stones do not require sealants. These only need the bare minimum of cleaning to keep them appearing as good as new. Cleaning is simple with soap and water or a mild detergent.

White kitchen cabinets and white worktops

In the case above, the above photo shows this marbled quartz stone combined with white kitchen cabinets. It offers a traditional twist in a modern setting.
Monte Bianco is a marble-effect surface that blends whites and greys on-trend colours. As a result, it provides visual intrigue and character to any kitchen or bathroom. And it works well in any room since it incorporates natural marble. CRL Quartz Monte Bianco is available in a slab size of 3.3 x 1.65 metres and exclusive polished finish. The extra-large sheet ensures you will place a minimal number of joints if any.
The square metre price of Monte Bianco quartz costs £248 in 20 mm thickness. And its m2 price in 30 mm thickness is £322.

Unforgettable Spaces When You Use Grey Cabinets and Carrara-Style Worktops

If you are thinking of keeping a traditional look in your space, you may wish to consider using monochromatic elements. Colours like grey, white and black never go out of fashion. Similarly, these ‘colourless’ hues allow you to combine them with kitchen cabinets in any shade, from pastels to vibrant tones.

Dark Grey Kitchen and CRL White Water Quartz
White Water creates a delicate marble feel in the kitchen in the above photo. And it can pair beautifully with stainless steel or strong, natural black marble. Similarly, CRL White Water’s smooth grey veins mimic the tranquil beauty of flowing waves, creating a soothing and inviting ambience. Suppose you wish to add a feeling of grandeur to your kitchen. In that case, you can pair this marble-like surface with dramatic grey kitchen cabinets. Or even with a conventional White Water matching quartz splashback.
CRL Quartz White Water is available in a sheet size of 3.3 x 1.65 metres and exclusive polished finish. The extra-large slab is another option for creating surfaces without seams.
The square metre price of Monte Bianco quartz costs £286 in 20 mm thickness. And its m2 price in 30 mm thickness is £365.

Light Blue Cabinets and CRL Quartz Grey Worktops Are Insanely Gorgeous

If you are looking for softer and muted shades to create a welcoming space, combining grey stone with the look of marble is a clear winner. Using grey and blue in your kitchen may make it more exciting and unique. In addition, metallics, such as gold and brass, can liven up your décor, but the choices are unlimited.

Light Blue Kitchen and CRL Grey Mist Quartz

The above photo shows how light blue kitchen cabinets and walls combine beautifully with Grey Mist. It is another marbled quartz surface from CRL Stone. Grey Mist has a natural look and comes in trendy grey shades. The restricted, dark grey veining and subtle white flecks offer a versatile, luxurious look that complements many materials. Similarly, Grey Mist works effortlessly with any colour and material. So you can pair it with a versatile surface solution in the modern kitchen, responding to the grey interior design trend.
CRL Quartz Grey Mist is another stone that comes in extra-large sheets of 3.3 x 1.65 metres. It has an exclusive polished finish that can bring light into any interior.
The square metre price of CRL Grey Mist quartz is £205 in 20 mm thickness. And it costs £269 per m2 price in 30 mm thickness.

Use Irresistible White Marble and Sage Green Cabinets For An Obscenely Charming Kitchen

Sage is becoming increasingly popular in interiors. Moreover, some well-known brands in the colour-design arena even predict it to be the defining hue of 2022. The delicate, earthy green-grey colour suggests the plant that bears its name.
And green is the opposite of red when you look at the colour wheel. It means that you can complement these colours with each other better than with different shades. For example, Sage pairs well with light, subdued red pinks. Similarly, Sage Green pairs well with white at the more muted end of the green spectrum. In addition, you can pair the paler greens pair with brass accents, natural wood tones, and deep, rich blacks. And deeper emerald and forest greens work well with deep magenta and ochre.

Sage Green Kitchen and CRL Rover White Quartz

The magic of Kitchens in Glamorous Navy Blue Units and Dazzling Grey Marble from CRL Quartz

When talking about modern kitchen design, we can say that navy blue has become one of the most popular colours. Metallic appliances in silver, gold, and brass will breathe new life into the space, while grey marble countertops add a rustic yet luxury touch. A magnificent navy kitchen offers a whole new meaning to the phrase “feeling blue”. Similarly, it can inspire you to decorate your home with the season’s favourite colour.

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets and CRL Pacific Grey Quartz Worktops

A bold contemporary space like the kitchen above, with light grey walls and navy shelving, looks edgy and elegant. The stone is Pacific Grey from CRL Quartz. Because of its dark grey veins on a softer grey backdrop, you can pair it with bright and dark hues, adding flair to the space.
CRL Pacific Grey quartz is available in an exclusive polished finish. And the slab size of 3.2 x 1.6 metres is ideal for small and large kitchens.
CRL Quartz Pacific Grey costs £229 in 20 mm thickness, and it costs £299 in a thickness of 30 mm.

If you are looking for additional design inspiration using Pacific Grey quartz worktops, you can watch the below video with seven ideas you can use in your home.

A short video containing seven design ideas you can use with Pacific Grey Quartz.

Build An Exciting Green Kitchen for Effortless Baking and Cooking

When using dark green and white, you can create a kitchen that suits both your family and the history of your home. The outcome is an attractive kitchen where you want to push your cuisine and baking abilities to the next level—Mix white worktops with dark green kitchen units, design, and other elements.

Green Kitchen with Calacatta worktops

Calacatta quartz is ideal for individuals who seek the natural beauty of marble without the drawbacks of marble. And as you can see above, it pairs beautifully with dark kitchen units.
Calacatta marble is whiter than other marbles. But it has more visible veining for a dramatic aesthetic that adds a high-end and premium appeal to any kitchen. Regardless of the style of your kitchen, you can pair this adaptable quartz surface seamlessly with dark green kitchen cabinets.
CRL Calacatta quartz’s slab size is 3.2 x 1.60 metres. It can help you effortlessly fit all the pieces of a medium-sized kitchen within a single slab.
The square metre price of CRL Calacatta quartz costs £229 in 20 mm thickness. And it costs £299 per m2 in 30 mm thickness.

Pure White Quartz and Hunter Green Cabinets: Two Sensational Ingredients In a Stunning Kitchen

Green is an elegant shade of the spectrum that represents vitality, youthfulness and freshness like no other. But, conversely, making it a little darker can bring a genuinely traditional feel to any space. Farmhouse and rustic kitchens with colour schemes and textured walls seem warm and inviting. Similarly, fabulous Mediterranean kitchens in deep green look just as lovely as those in other colours!

Dark Green Kitchen cabinets and CRL Ultra White Quartz Worktops

The above kitchen has cabinets in hunter green in combination with CRL Quartz White Water. White Water’s subtle soft grey veins imitate the serene beauty of flowing waves, producing a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. You can combine this marble-like surface with stainless steel. Similarly, you can use dramatic, matte black appliances, adding to the grandeur proposed by your green kitchen units.
CRL White Water quartz’s slab size is 3.3 x 1.65 metres, displaying a reflective polished finish in both 20 mm and 30 mm thickness.
The square metre price of CRL Calacatta quartz costs £286 in 20 mm thickness. And its m2 price in 30 mm thickness costs £365.

The key to a coherent kitchen design is to ensure that all pieces are in sync.

Starting with one feature, in this case, your kitchen cabinets, you can then pair the flooring and your worktops. Additionally, you can pair the rest of the room’s features with light and neutral tones to achieve an ageless look.

In the case of the above kitchen, its user combines the colourless hues of grey in the kitchen units, countertops and splashback. The two-tone grey combination keeps the design exciting yet timeless.
The surface in question is Concrete Gris quartz by CRL Quartz in a honed finish. Concrete Gris is ideal for spaces that require a sleek grey-toned worksurface to impress everybody. It replicates the spectacular look and feel of genuine concrete but with all of the benefits of a quartz worktop.
This attractive surface fits smoothly into any surroundings because of its basic design and cool-toned base colour. The photo above is a perfect example of how you can give life to any kitchen using tones of grey.
CRL Concrete Gris is available in a giant slab size of 3.3 x 1.65 metres and exclusive honed finish. Unlike natural concrete, the matt surface is easy to clean and never requires sealants.
The square metre price of CRL Concrete Gris honed is £205 in 20 mm thickness. And its m2 price in 30 mm thickness is £269.

Make The Most Out Of The Versatility Of Pastel-coloured Kitchen Cabinets.

If you prefer to add some colour to your space, you can experiment with pastel tones. For example, pastel-coloured kitchen cabinets might be just what your kitchen needs. A room ignites when using pastel tones and colour combinations that aren’t overbearing. And pastel colour kitchen cabinets look great with various materials and designs and bring a timeless look again.

CRL Kalahari quartz in a light blue kitchen

The photo above combines baby blue kitchen units with beige quartz worktops and matching backsplashes. The combination offers a warm and peaceful vibe to this lovely kitchen. We love the contrast between these two different hues and the ‘splash’ of classicism brought about by using a marble-effect stone.
The worktop in the photo is Khalahari from CRL Quartz’s Rock Collection. Kalahari is a popular choice for people looking to bring a natural and personal feel to their kitchen. It emulates the raw beauty of stone and delivers a distinctive design. Thanks to its gentle beige tones and delicate white veining, this surface will make any area seem warm and inviting.
CRL Kalahari quartz’s slab size is 3.2 x 1.60 metres. An industry’s standard slab works perfectly well when making a kitchen island and worktops without wasting stone.
The square metre price of CRL Kalahari quartz is £167 in 20 mm thickness. And its m2 price in 30 mm thickness is £216.

Why Choose Quartz to Effortlessly Pair Your Kitchen Cabinets in Any Colour

Your worktop installation is the final stage of your kitchen’s makeover. After you’ve installed coloured cabinets, you can add high-quality surfaces to complete a gorgeous design.

Here are five critical reasons you should choose a CRL quartz worktop over other surface materials.

  1. Create contrast in your room with ease. Solid coloured quartz worktops are an easy way to add contrast to your space. Pair with sage cabinetry or light grey cabinetry for subtle depth for a striking contrast. Alternately, match the colour of your cabinet to the specks or veins in the quartz countertop.
  2. Maintenance-free surfaces. Quartz does not etch or stun in the same way marble does, making quartz surfaces far more durable. In addition, unlike marble, quartz worktops are nonporous, which means they won’t absorb moisture or liquids.
  3. Natural marble look. Natural marble is offered from various slabs, resulting in a lack of pattern consistency. Quartz countertops have the appearance of genuine stones like Sensa granite and marble. But they are more durable, and material compositions are all meticulously designed. Using quartz in your kitchen will provide a uniform style.
  4. Easy repairs. Repairs in quartz surfaces are more manageable than in granite because of the uniformity in the pattern. While a quartz worktop is extremely rare to chip, if it does, replacing a broken component is straightforward. In contrast, it may be not easy to match colours or patterns when making repairs to a multi-coloured granite worktop.
  5. Peace of mind with a worktop warranty. An excellent guarantee often covers quartz kitchen worktops due to their longevity. Although the odds of you needing to use it are extremely slim, you’ll be ready if you do. CRL Quartz worktops come with a 25-year warranty. Because marble or granite worktops are more likely to stain, they don’t usually come with the same types of warranties.


Quartz is one of the most attractive and durable surfaces available because it mimics the appearance of marble and granite while requiring no upkeep. In addition, quartz is a flexible design choice that you can apply in various settings. You can choose from several different stone colours and treatments to pick from, including polished and honed. And extensive kitchen worktops and bathroom vanities, the varied quartz sizes give more aesthetic consistency. Natural light and a white plank ceiling and cabinets combine well to open up the kitchen. Finally, balance the hue with plenty of colours on top cabinetry, walls, or the backsplash to avoid an overwhelmingly dismal impression.



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