Exploring Ascale Ceramic: Induction Cooking and Stunning Finishes

Exploring Ascale Ceramic: Induction Cooking and Stunning Finishes

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Introducing Ascale Tau: Examining the Innovative Ceramic Slabs

Ascale Tau has been carving a name for itself in kitchen design in the world of interior design in recent years. It is due to its innovative approach to creating ceramic slabs, touted as the future of kitchen worktops. Given its technological advantage and keen focus on aesthetics, Ascale Tau is seemingly unrivalled for those looking for utility and sophistication.


The Origin of Ascale Tau

Ascale Tau, also commonly referred to as Ascale, is a revolutionary solution brought to us by the Pamesa Group, a Spanish business renowned for its expertise in ceramic manufacturing.

Drawing over half a century of experience and commitment to innovation, Tau Ceramica has created a sintered stone slab embodying luxury and functionality.

Pamesa Cerámica is the flagship brand of the Pamesa Business Group. It was established in 1972, and 2023, it acquired Best Surface SL, a manufacturing facility previously owned by Laminam, Increasing annual production capacity to 1,500,000 m2 of sintered stone slabs in thicknesses ranging from 6 to 20 millimetres and sizes of 120×280 cm and 160×320 cm.

A photo of two red buildings belonging to Ascale Tau's Pamesa Ceramic Groups
Above: Pamesa Group’s facilities in Castellon, Spain, for Ascale Tau Ceramic

The large-format brand first hit the market in 2017. Ascale’s commercial director, Ramón Benlloch, says the brand has grown over 60% in sales in 2023 compared to the previous year and consolidated its presence in over 70 countries.

Ascale’s strategy is to continue adorning homes and businesses by providing high-quality service, top-quality materials and the most competitive prices amongst the leading porcelain slab brands.

The group is already the largest producer of ceramic slabs in Europe and the fourth globally (after Mohawk, which owns Marazzi, Lamosa and SCG Ceramics).

Also, in 2023, it launched the first carbon emissions-free manufacturing hydrogen-powered facility, a milestone that places Pamesa at the forefront of the sinteredstone industry.

Ascale Slab Dimensions: Understanding the Sizes of Ascale Ceramic Slabs

Gracing our kitchens and homes with elegance and sophistication, Ascale Tau ceramic slabs have revolutionised our spaces and lifestyle.

Prevalent for its innovation in making highly durable and versatile tiles, the Ascale Tau collection has substantially raised the bar in the ceramic industry. This section of our comprehensive guide takes you through the journey of this spectacular collection, from its appealing origins to its state-of-the-art features and unparalleled benefits.

Sizes Available for Ascale Ceramic Slabs

Determining the correct slab size is essential for optimal functionality and visual appeal in your kitchen space. A large Ascale slab panel makes a compelling statement regarding aesthetic appeal and practicality for sweeping, open-plan kitchens.

Conversely, smaller slabs may provide the perfect solution for compact or unusually shaped kitchens. The selection ultimately depends on the kitchen layout, individual preferences, and practical requirements. 

The Ascale slabs offer an extra-large slab size, delivering flexibility for various kitchen designs, sizes and functions. The standard slab size is touted to be approximately 3.2m x 1.6m, providing ample space for expansive kitchen worktops, large islands, and even innovative backsplashes.

However, the choice of slab sizes is not confined to these dimensions. The beauty of Ascale’s offering lies in its versatility. It provides an array of bespoke sizes your worktop supplier can fabricate to fit compact and uniquely shaped kitchen and dining spaces adequately. 

An image of an Ascale Ceramic slab size and a man next to it
Ascale’s 3.2×1.6 metres slabs

3200 x 1600mm: Ideal for large kitchen islands or worktops.

Innovative Features of Ascale Tau

The Ascale Tau ceramic slabs are aesthetically pleasing and packed with several innovative features. Imbued with ultra-tough characteristics, they promise unmatched longevity under challenging conditions.

Their resistance to scratch, heat, and chemicals makes them an excellent worktop choice for residential and commercial applications. Furthermore, they display unique hydro-repellent properties which offer great practicality, especially in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms where water use is prevalent.

Ascale Tau ceramic slabs retain their aesthetic charm and functional superiority even in prolonged usage and extreme conditions.

Benefits of Choosing Ascale Tau Slabs

Choosing Ascale Tau is not just an investment in a stunning worktop; it also brings along an array of added benefits:

  1. 1. The anti-bacterial property of the slabs ensures a hygienic surface, making them ideal for kitchen or bathroom applications.
  2. 2. They comprise a UV-resistant surface, promising an eternal vibrance of colours, unfazed by exposure to sunlight.
  3. 3. Ascale Tau slabs are low-maintenance and easy to clean, thanks to their stain-resistant nature.
  4. 4. They are environment-friendly, constructed from natural raw materials and use a manufacturing process that limits CO2 emissions.

Ascale Tau ceramic slabs offer the comfort of use and the gift of timeless beauty, transforming your working and living spaces into an example of classic elegance and contemporary practicality.

A short video showing the features and benefits of Ascale ceramic surfaces

Elegant Finishes: A Look at Ascale’s Ceramic Finish Options

Ascale has continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation. Renowned for its fusion of exquisite aesthetics and superior functionality, the brand’s Tau ceramic slabs are arguably the epitome of modern craftsmanship.

However, At the heart of the Ascale revolution is its commitment to curated design and quality and its dedication to creating cutting-edge solutions to enhance culinary experiences, as exemplified by the Ascale Ceramic Induction Cooking surfaces. 

Dive into Ascale’s Ceramic Finish Varieties

Ascale Tau is known for its cutting-edge sintered stone surface, and its ceramic finishes are no exception. These finishes enhance the aesthetic appeal of surfaces and offer a range of functional benefits.

A photo showing Ascale ceramic finishes and materials, and a black background

Ascale Matt Finish

The Matt finish, an acclaimed variant among Ascale’s ceramic finish options, presents a divergent realm of aesthetics imbued with a soft and diffused luminosity that nods to the natural world.

This finish embodies sophisticated minimalism, showcasing an understated elegance that can instantly elevate any kitchen design. The delicate, non-reflective surface boasts a tangible smoothness, calling the observer to a tactile interaction.

Yet, it’s not all about visual lure; a wealth of practical benefits is also tied to the Matt finish. The matt finish, less susceptible to visible smudges and fingerprints, demands less rigorous maintenance.

Furthermore, it fares well against familiar kitchen foes such as heat, scratches, and dampness, demonstrating commendable resilience under daily use.

With such attributes, the Ascale Matt finish becomes a choice of excellence for those seeking an amalgamation of beauty and functionality in their kitchen worktops.

Soft Matte Finish: A Velvety Porcelain Texture

The gorgeous Ascale Soft Matte Finish represents elegance and subtlety. It’s an underplayed luxury, defined by its muted, non-reflective surface that gives a minimal yet sophisticated feel to any space it adorns. This finish is characterised by its velvety texture, merging supreme comfort with remarkable durability.

In terms of features, the Ascale Soft Matte Finish is amazingly resistant to scratches, staining, and extreme temperatures, making it an intelligent choice for kitchens.

Proving to be an asset, it demands minimal maintenance, offering simplicity and practicality to the user. The matte finish subtly diffuses light, helping to mask fingerprints and smudges, a significant advantage in busy kitchen spaces. 

Its versatility allows it to blend into modern and traditional kitchen designs easily. It provides a modern, understated aesthetic in contemporary kitchens that accentuates clean lines and minimalist decor.

Meanwhile, in conventional setups, it offers a homely warmth that complements classic elements, creating an overall balanced design. The Ascale Soft Matte Finish is perfect for those who appreciate the delicate blend of function, style, and timeless appeal.

a close-up photo showing the Ascale Taj Mahal porcelain worktop Soft Matt finish, and a pomegranate
A close-up photo showing the Ascale Taj Mahal porcelain worktop with a Soft Matt finish

Ascale Polished Finish

The charm of the Ascale polished finishes is not only in its impressive variety but also in its exceptional aesthetic appeal.

This glossy finish presents an alluring gloss that impeccably enhances the richness and depth of colour within, adding a striking touch to any interior space. The polished finish captures the natural light, creating an effect that brightens the room and adds a sense of sophistication. 

Offering a remarkable availability of 18 distinct colours in thicknesses of 6mm, the Ascale polished finish is impressively versatile. This plethora of colourful options empowers you to source the perfect match for your interior design.

For those who desire a more pronounced grain or pattern, the finish is available in 21 design variants in 12mm thickness. Indeed, each design brings with it a unique aesthetic to complement the polished sheen.

Beyond aesthetics, the Ascale polished finish is also prevalent for its practicality. For individuals seeking sturdy and high-performing ceramic slabs for their kitchen or other high-traffic areas, there are ten exclusive colours in a formidable 20mm thickness.

These robust slabs not only afford a striking appearance but are designed to resist wear and tear, ensuring long-term durability alongside the visual appeal that Ascale is renowned for.

a photo showing an office wall in Ascale Lasa White polished, a plant and a wood panel behind
Ascale Lasa White Polished finish offers superior marble gloss, bringing light into otherwise dark spaces.

Selecting the Perfect Finish for Your Project

Welcome to this comprehensive section on Ascale Tau Ceramic Induction Cooking and its diverse range of Ceramic Finishes. This guide is designed to navigate you through the innovative world of Ascale Tau, from understanding the size of an Ascale slab to exploring the beautiful array of ceramic finishes and learning about their unique TPB Technology used in induction cooking. 

Let’s investigate these fascinating realms that make Ascale a prominent name in the industry. 

Choosing the Right Ascale Slab Dimensions

Understanding the size of an Ascale slab is integral to making the most of its application. The size of a slab can alter its functionality and aesthetic appeal and influence the design of a space.

Let’s dive into the broad spectrum of Ascale slab dimensions to assist you in choosing the ideal size for your specific project.

How Ascale Ceramic Finishes Enhance Aesthetics

Exploring the stunning range of Ascale ceramic finishes, it becomes evident that each variety offers a distinct characteristic. Whether you want the raw, natural appeal of the matt finish or the elegant refinement of the polished finish, each design palette has a unique option.

  • Matt Finish: This Ascale ceramic finish offers a subtle charm with its muted composition.
  • Polished Finish: The glossy finish delivers a radiant and sophisticated appeal.
  • Soft Matt Finish: The Soft Matt Finish is a texture exclusive to Ascale ceramic slabs for a calm ambience, providing a unique finish with an extra-smooth touch different from the regular matte finish.

The interaction of light with these finishes dramatically impacts the aesthetic effect, enhancing each Ascale ceramic finish’s surrounding aesthetic, providing a more photo-realistic design than most of our quartz worktops West London we offer.

Please stick with us to delve deeper into these sophisticated finishes and explore which suits your taste the best.

Ascale Induction Cooking. What is TPB technology?

Stepping into the world of induction cooking, the innovative offerings of Ascale truly stand apart. With a commitment to efficiency, aesthetics, and top-notch performance, Ascale brings impressive technology to the kitchen world. At the core of this innovative approach is a splendid feature known as TPB Tech Induction technology. 

TPB Tech stands for Top Porcelanic Barcelona – a patented, cutting-edge induction cooking technology invented by Joan Lloveras, distributed in the UK by TPB Tech UK, and brought to the market by Ascale and its competing porcelain brand Sapienstone.

This technology seamlessly integrates the induction burner with the ceramic worktop, creating a flat surface for an uninterrupted aesthetic and supreme practicality. 

a photo showing an Ascale Belvedere Black worktop's induction cooking and a pot on top
Induction cooking on an Ascale Belvedere Black worktop

A Glimpse into Ascale’s Induction Cooking Solutions

The standout feature of Ascale’s induction cooking solutions is the TPB Tech. Instead of cooking on a raised burner or hob, TPB Tech enables direct cooking on the ceramic slab.

Integrating the induction burner into the worktop gives you a 100% usable surface. Additionally, it offers various benefits – it transfers heat directly to the cookware, enhancing efficiency and allowing for precise temperature control, which is a practical feature in smaller homes for kitchen worktops West London.

Ascale’s slabs, featuring TPB Tech, have a connection channel system that keeps the surface temperature consistent, making it safe to touch even during cooking. It offers homeowners peace of mind, especially in homes with children. 

The Cutting-Edge TPB Technology Explained

TPB Tech converges form and function to bring a remarkable experience to your stone kitchen worktops. The technology incorporates the induction cooking system directly within the porcelain slab.

An intricate balance of heat-resistant ceramics ensures a safe and highly efficient cooking surface. The heating elements, built into the ceramic slab, provide direct heat to your cookware rather than heating the worktop.

Additionally, this technology results in higher energy efficiency and precise temperature control than traditional induction cookers. 

Advantages of TPB Technology in Ascale Induction Cooking

  1. 1. Efficient and Sustainable: TPB Tech is much more energy-efficient than traditional stovetops. The direct heat transfer significantly reduces energy wastage.
  2. 2. Advanced Safety Features: TPB Technology features an auto-switch-off mechanism, heat indicators, and child lock features – these prevent overheating, ensure safe usage and provide peace of mind.
  3. 3. Easy to Clean: Since the induction burner is integrated into the worktop, the cleaning process is similar to wiping clean a worktop, making it much easier and less time-consuming as the absence of raised burners or grills eliminates the need for detailed cleaning.
  4. 4. Powerful and Precise: TPB induction cookers are powerful despite their delicate appearance. They offer instantaneous heat control similar to gas hobs – from intense heat to a mild simmer, giving you complete control over your cooking.

Integrating remarkable aesthetics, peak efficiency and top-notch safety features, Ascale’s TPB Induction technology revolutionises the traditional concept of a cooking surface – combining induction cooking, decoration and furnishings all into one seamless package.


What are the features of Ascale TAU ceramic worktops? 

Ascale ceramic worktops offer waterproof, durable, heat-resistant, frost-resistant stone kitchen worktops that resist abrasion and maintain stable, consistent patterns. Ideal for kitchens!

What are the benefits of using Ascale ceramic worktops? 

Ascale ceramic worktops offer various benefits, including their lightweight design, UV resistance, European manufacture, resilience to temperature extremes, resistance to scratches and stains, and 100% natural materials. These features make them a practical and stylish choice for indoor and outdoor applications.

Are ceramic slabs the same as porcelain tiles?

While ceramic slabs and porcelain tiles use clay and suit similar applications, they differ in quality, durability, and price. Standard porcelain tiles are generally of lower quality. Ceramic slabs which use sinterization are like porcelain slabs.


Ascale Tau ceramic worktops continue to revolutionise the world of kitchen design and functionality with cutting-edge technology and aesthetic appeal. Crafted from high-quality materials, Ascale Tau ensures that homeowners can rely on the durability and longevity of their kitchen worktops. Users can personalise their spaces with different worktop dimensions to fit their design vision and practical needs. 

The beautiful and elegant finishes offered by Ascale serve to elevate any kitchen or bathroom setting. Whether the preference is for a matt finish that provides a smooth, understated elegance or a polished finish that gleams sophistication, Ascale ceramic finishes provide numerous aesthetic options.

Furthermore, Ascale’s induction cooking takes the home cooking experience to new heights. The proprietary TPB technology in the worktop allows for seamless and more efficient cooking processes, enhancing the kitchen’s aesthetic and practical aspects. 

Overall, Ascale Tau Ceramics sets the bar high in the industry, offering revolutionary solutions to create functional and fashionable kitchen spaces. With a deep understanding of what homeowners seek, Ascale continues to innovate, providing high-quality worktop solutions that are just as much an investment in lifestyle as they are in the home. 

A Final Word

In conclusion, Ascale Tau ceramic worktops and their comprehensive range of finishes, sizes, and induction cooking technology elevate home kitchens’ functionality and style.

Combining Ascale’s quality materials, innovative design features, and advanced technology will result in a worktop that is a cut above the rest. With its commitment to customer satisfaction and constant innovation, Ascale continues redefining the boundaries of kitchen design and technology, delivering aesthetically sound, highly practical, and efficient spaces.


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