New Caesarstone Colours For Outstanding Sustainable Kitchens

New Caesarstone Colours For Outstanding Sustainable Kitchens

New Caesarstone colours
By: Alan Mar 17, 2022 0 Comments

The brand unveiled the new Caesarstone colours from the refreshing Pebbles Collection at the KBB 2022 Exhibition. 

The leading Israeli surface manufacturer exhibit was one of the show’s delights, with a steady stream of people eager to witness its new Caesarstone colours.

Five of the newly announced styles belong to Caesarstone’s Pebbles Collection. It is a range of sustainable quartz surfaces that follow the flow of water and wind on natural rocks. In addition, the brand introduces five innovative quartz textures promoting relaxation and serenity. These stones bring the benefits of sun rays into the core of your kitchen and bathrooms.


1. Caesarstone’s five new sustainable quartz surfaces with neutral hues

2. Short Video containing the five new natural slate-looking materials

3. Conclusion

The five gravel patterns in the Pebbles collection use a vibrant spectrum of soft, grey neutral colours mixed with milder shades to create different finishes. The new designs follow the perpetual route of the pebble, conveying a sincere admiration for our environment. By creating environmentally-friendly worktops, Caesarstone emphasizes the concepts of coexistence and inclusion. Our planet should be enjoyed by everyone, nature and humans alike, as a natural biosphere. Furthermore, by launching these 93% natural quartz surfaces, Caesarstone is committed to sustainability via innovation and better manufacturing techniques. In addition, the brand is currently concentrating on a supply chain that focuses on ecological practices, health, and safety standards.

new Caesarstone colours of sustainable worktops


The design team intends to create pieces that serve as the centre of attention in your homes, such as an expansive kitchen island, full-height backsplashes, and seamless extra-large wall panels. One of the critical characteristics of this quartz collection is that your worktop supplier can create bespoke edge profiles in different shapes and thicknesses. These small details make the materials stand out in any room. In addition, like the rest of Caesarstone colours, these surfaces are non-porous, scratch, stain, and impact-resistant.


Riverlet offers a honed finish for a hint of freshness, reflecting more sunlight in kitchens. It is a beautiful off-white accented with amber veins that run smoothly over the material. You can pair this creamy marbled stone with wooden furniture or white kitchen cabinets to enhance the surface’s natural look.

In addition, a Caesarstone Riverlet worktop is impervious to water. You can clean its surface with minimal effort using ordinary household cleaners. Similarly, you can cook, chop, cut and place hot pans or pots on the countertop because Riverlet can tolerate up to 150 Celsius. But what is the best part? -This non-absorbent material will never need to seal or use additional protective treatments. The stone’s stain and scratch resistance are simply extraordinary.

Size and Thickness: 1001 Riverlet is available in a natural honed finish. The 305 x 144 cm slab allows you to design pieces free from joints and seams. In addition, you can choose this work surface with thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm. 

Price: Caesarstone Riverlet in 20 mm thickness costs £172.99 per square metre. The m2 price in the same design but in a thickness of 30 mm, is £226.99. Prices are for the materials and include Vat.


The name of this product already tells us something about the thought process behind this design: ‘Wyndi-Go’.
The stone offers clay variations flowing like the wind over a pale grey surface striated with milky greys. It evokes a pebble’s multiple tones and a speckled texture emphasized by Honed finishing for a realistic appearance.

new caesarstone colours 1002 Windygo Kitchen

Caesarstone Wyndigo is one of the colours showcasing the brand’s continual initiatives to exhibit its dedication to its core values. These are sustainability in its products, eco-friendly manufacturing, health & safety, and social conscience. With over 2000 staff across 50 countries, over 100 designs, and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, this global leader plans further expansion into the sustainability sector. Caesarstone recently purchased Lioli Ceramica and Omicron Granite  for starting a new range of sintered stone porcelain worktops scheduled for the Summer of 2022.

Thicknesses and Size: 1002 Caesarstone Wyndigo comes in a naturally honed finish. And the305 x 144 cm slab dimension lets you create works with no joints or seams. You may also get this work surface in 20 mm and 30 mm thicknesses.

Price: Caesarstone Wyndigo in 20 mm thickness costs £172.99 per square metre. The m2 price in the same design but in a thickness of 30 mm, is £226.99. Prices are for the materials and include Vat.


Raindream uses multiple thin sheets of slate neutrals accented by gentle dark grey brushes shaped in muted accents. In addition, you can choose this surface in a Polished finish that makes it appear like natural marble—continuing along the lines of three successful designs, namely, 4120 Raven, 2003 Concrete, and 4030 Oyster. By choosing Caesarstone Raindream, you can create a stunning centrepiece that keeps sustainability at the heart of your kitchen, bathrooms, and other home interior areas.

new caesarstone colours 1003 Raindream kitchen

Sizes & Thicknesses: With a slab measurement of 305 x 144 cm and a natural honed surface, 1003 Raindream is one of the Caesarstone colours to recreate the beauty of a natural slate without its maintenance and performance hassles. This work surface is available in thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm. Additionally, it is practical because you never need to wax or seal it.

Price: Caesarstone Raindream in 20 mm thickness costs £172.99 per square metre. The m2 price in the same design but in a thickness of 30 mm, is £226.99. Prices are for the materials and include Vat.


Stoneburst’s design brings different greenish-grey hues that blend with the rocks’ overtones and dynamic grey veins. In addition, by offering a Honed matte finish, the stone further enhances the feelings of peace and relaxation.

With this slate-effect, sustainable worktop, the company reinforces its mission of bringing the wonder of the planet’s raw materials into your home with surfaces that provide the foundation of people’s daily lives all around the globe.
Thicknesses & Dimensions: You can choose Stoneburst from 20 mm and 30 mm thicknesses in a highly polished finish. Besides being highly heat resistant, this design will bring light into the kitchen. In addition, the 305 x 144 cm slab size of Caesarstone Stoneburst makes it ideal for creating large panels such as bathroom walls and backsplashes from floors to ceilings.

Price: Caesarstone Stoneburst in 20 mm thickness costs £172.99 per square metre. The m2 price in the same design but in a thickness of 30 mm, is £226.99. Prices are for the materials and include Vat.


One Caesarstone colour presents a surface comprising stone and soil like an agger. However, even though the Agger Grey countertop looks and feels 100% natural, it surpasses the performance of other stones with a robust structure that is highly resistant to scratches and impact.

Dimensions & Thicknesses: 1005 Grey Agger is available in thicknesses of 13 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm with a glossy, polished countertop. And with a slab dimension of 305 x 144 cm, you can easily design stunning wrap-around kitchen islands.

Price: The price of Caesarstone Agger Grey in 20 mm thickness is £172.99 per square metre. The m2 price in the same design but in a thickness of 30 mm, is £226.99. Prices are for the materials and include Vat.

Did you know that Silestone is another leading quartz brand offering similar alternatives to Caesarstone? -You can Get Free Silestone Samples here.

Here’s a short video of the new Caesarstone Colours from the Pebbles range


The above is a short film showing the new Caesarstone 2022 colours.
If there are any of the designs you would like to see as a sample, please let us know!


Caesarstone, the second-largest surface producer worldwide, has unveiled the debut of its latest range of quartz worktops inspired by tumbling pebbles seen in nature’s streams, rivers, and seas. The new Caesarstone colours from the Pebbles Collection capture the memories of our planet’s activity and convey the overall essence of these little natural stones. In addition to their natural looks, the quartz stones belong to the Price Group 2 from the manufacturer, making them an affordable option for those who want eco-friendly materials that are both beautiful and affordable for most bathroom and kitchen projects.


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