Quartzite Infographic 2021

Quartzite Infographic 2021

Quartzite infographic 2021
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Stonemasons and worktop specialists got together online to learn more about the realities, fallacies, and correct machinery and tools needed when supplying quartzite.

Quartzite infographic 2021. It’s the result of a poll asking about the level of comfort when fabricating the stone. And whether stonemasons have any problems whilst working with it, staining and chipping issues, etc. The panel even asked them if they steer their customers away from quartzite. And the results are precise: quartzite worktop fabrication requires the correct type of tooling and requires experience.

Quartzite Infographic 2021

Quartzite Infographic 2021

Alan Nussbaum, the Marketing and Support Manager at The Worktop Library, says ‘We consider ourselves lucky because we are always looking for the latest and trendiest surfaces to transform every home. So with it, we are one of the very first companies in the UK, adopting quartzite as a core kitchen worktop material in our collection for almost a decade. Over the last eight years, we have installed over one hundred and thirty quartzite worktops and counting. It makes us an experienced company when it comes to the supply and installation of these types of stone worktops.’
In addition, because quartzite is a natural stone, it varies according to the minerals that compose each block, bringing complexity to the stone’s fabrication, handling, and installation. And it is reflected in the quartzite infographic 2021.

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Quartzite issues. Will quartzite stain?

Many homeowners ask themselves this question. The quick answer is no if properly sealed. Another question is ‘will quartzite etch’?Although this answer isn’t as straightforward, we say that because it lacks calcium (found in marble), the stone won’t etch. This is if you use correct resins to install it and the correct chemicals to seal it.

Other common issues with quartzite that are mentioned in the quartzite infographic 2021 include:

  • Quartzite water absorption.
  • Bruising and chipping of quartzite joints.
  • Speed of fabrication, as it slows down production.
  • Chipping and breakages during fabrication and installation.
  • Staining of quartzite by using incorrect sealants and silicones.

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What you consider a stunning quartzite worktop may not be the correct type of stone for needs in your home. Because everyone carries different activities in their kitchens and because every home is unique.

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Quartzite vs Quartz vs Granite

One of the great benefits of quartzite is its ability to tolerate extremely high temperatures, also present with granite. Because manufacturers of Quartz add a polymer resin to it, quartz can take up to 150 Celsius degrees of heat. Anything over it would result in burning the surface of your quartz worktop, leaving a quartz burn mark, also known as ‘scorch marks’, which cannot generally be repaired. The quartzite infographic 2021 includes issues with etching as ‘staining’, highlighted by 56% per cent of participants as an issue.

Tip: If the quartz scorch marks aren’t too deep, you can remove them by using a scouring pad and a mildly abrasive product such as CIF Cream on your polished worktops. If the marks don’t come off, the only alternative solution is to cover the spots with a chopping board.

Issues When Cutting and Installing Quartzite Worktops according to the quartzite infographic 2021.

Lack of experience or appropriate tools can lead to problems when working with quartzite stones. But mislabelling of quartzite can lead to breakages and staining. Read to know more.

  • Mislabelling: The distributors of natural stones come up with fancy names to make the different materials attractive to their buyers. Therefore, sometimes marble, calcite, or even onyx could have misleading quartzite names , confusing matters further. Some of the issues arising from mislabelling is etching. It happens when certain minerals gets in contact with acidic liquids. Or adverse reactions with the chemicals that compose some resins or silicones. It’s a shame that many homeowners could be tricked by their stone suppliers into buying quartzite instead of something else that could be more susceptible to stains or even more breakable. But it is a reality that arises from the industry’s competition. And with hundreds of natural stones that keep coming to the market every year, it is bound to happen.
  • Brittleness: Although quartzite rates between 6 and 7 on Moh’s scale of mineral hardness, the composition of some slabs can be brittle, making them difficult to cut and install without suffering breakages. For this reason, many fabricators turn away projects with specifications that include quartzite surfaces in their specifications.
  • Delays with deliveries: Because of its density and strength, making bespoke quartzite worktops takes between two and three times longer than Quartz. But fabricators don’t always know exactly how long each quartzite slab will take to fabricate. It is because the hardness and brittleness of quartzite varies from block to block. This makes production timings more uncertain when compared to manufactured materials like quartz. And it can lead to delays in meeting a deadline.

Despite these concerns, quartzite countertop demand continues to grow amongst homes in the UK and around the globe.

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Quartzite: an aspirational stone worktop for sophisticated homes.

So, with all these issues, you may wonder ‘Why is quartzite so appealing? -Here are some reasons:

  • It offers unique aesthetics, unmatched by almost every other worktop material
  • When polished, its finish offers the highest sheen amongst natural stones
  • Quartzite is highly resistant to acids
  • It is available in light colours such as white, grey, and creamy, warm hues.
  • A tough and highly resistant to scratches
  • It has very low porosity leading to none or minimal liquid absorption.


Whilst looking for a quartzite worktop, you will come across varied types of natural stones. Therefore, it’s essential to know the suitable ones for your needs. Also, choosing an experienced quartzite worktop supplier will help you select the correct stone. In addition, their experience can make a lot of difference in meeting your expectations, in terms of aesthetics and timings.

A little time researching your ideal quartzite and finding a reliable worktop supplier can help you benefit from having a stunning and unique natural stone worktop.
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Alan Nussbaum

Meet Alan Nussbaum, our Sales and Marketing Manager, whose expertise in stone worktops is second to none. With almost two decades of experience, Alan’s impressive track record includes creating one of the first online stone companies in 2012 and pioneering the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in construction in 2018 before co-founding The Worktop Library with Maria.
Alan’s outstanding work is featured in numerous Stone and Home Decor magazines. In addition, he collaborates with the industry’s leading stone brands, cementing his reputation as a true innovator.
Before starting a thriving career in the stone industry, Alan honed his skills by overseeing luxury fashion brands such as Burberry, Matches Fashion, and Patrick Cox. With his unique blend of experience and expertise, Alan is a true trailblazer in the stone worktop industry. His passion for delivering exceptional service is evident in every aspect of his work.

Alan Nussbaum

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