Sensa Granite Cost

Sensa Granite Cost

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Our article will walk you through the pricing of a standard Sensa granite cost and our best advice for selecting a high-quality kitchen worktop.


1. How Much Do Sensa Granite Worktops Cost?

2. Prices of popular Sensa Granite Worktop Materials

3. Prices of popular Sensa Quartzite Worktops

4. What Impacts Sensa Granite Worktop Costs?

5. How Do Sensa Granite Prices Compare to Other Stone Worktops?

6. Conclusion

Kitchen renovations can be scary due to the high costs they entail. According to a recent survey from Which? In 2022, installing your kitchen cabinets can cost anywhere between £250 and £1,000.

And granite worktops depend on the size of the room. The survey also states that 26% of people find an alternative installer, and 9% install their kitchens. Therefore, many homeowners don’t use the same company to supply the cabinets and kitchen worktops to save costs. So, if you want to stick to your budget, hiring a reputable online worktop supplier might significantly reduce your final bill.

Another money-saving tactic is selecting the correct type of material, quality, thickness and finish of your worktops, avoiding unnecessary waste. You see, Sensa granite worktop prices vary according to the kind of stone. Other factors that affect the Sensa granite cost are the slab size, thickness, and finish you choose. So even when two different kitchens have the same Sensa granite countertop, their prices may differ. One comes from a slab of stone that perfectly fits the space without creating material waste. So, rule number one of natural stone worktop costs ensures that the slab size you select isn’t too big.

Sensa granite cost sizes

Natural stone worktops like Sensa quartzite or granite could be one of the most expensive components in a kitchen. But Sensa is a fantastic natural stone option for kitchens and bathrooms because of its slab-to-slab individuality and longevity. Given the long-term value of Sensa granite worktops, you can rest assured that your investment is sound. One of the critical characteristics of installing beautiful natural stone worktops in any home is that they raise the property’s status and the house’s overall value.

The Sensa granite cost could fluctuate significantly. If specific materials are scarce, these can push up the market price. Furthermore, distinct patterns, finishes and hues make for a more costly fabrication of granite or quartzite than softer stones like marble or quartz.

Nonetheless, a wide range of reasonably priced Sensa granite kitchen worktops and quartzite will fit most homeowners’ budgets who want to convert their worktops to protected natural stone.

The four main advantages of installing a Sensa countertop in a home:

  • It requires minimal maintenance: Cosentino, makers of Sensa, applies an undetectable long-lasting treatment to the worktop. The treatment chemically embeds itself into the material while allowing it to breathe. This technique enhances its inherent characteristics and extends its useful life.
  • It offers unique surfaces: The manufacturer meticulously extracts each slab from a natural stone block making each room unique. Sensa by Cosentino is ideal for kitchens and other domestic spaces because of natural stone’s strength, durability, and distinctive elegance.
  • It can withstand high temperatures: According to the Natural Stone Institute, granite offers the best thermal conductivity among natural stones. As a result, it makes Sensa an ideal stone for kitchens.
  • Higher stain-resistance: Sensa is a stain-resisting treatment that Cosentino applies to the material. Sensa is not a sealer and bonds to the surface of the granite in a different way than traditional sealants. Unlike other sealing solutions, the Sensa treatment secures itself by permeating the stone’s structure while keeping the original colour and attractiveness.


First, it is one of the five new additions to the Sensa Quartzite collection. Second, Siberia displays a white base with tiny black speckles that make it distinguishable. Third, Cosentino took inspiration from the purity of Siberian snow, delivering cosmetic and practical benefits to kitchens and bathrooms.


The gorgeous, even white granite is deep-sealed by Cosentino, so you don’t have to worry about staining the surfaces. Its popularity comes from its stain resistance and offers a new concept in the worktop arena. Siberia Sensa provides the highest level of protective treatment. It prevents stainability while preserving a visually appealing look. A Siberia worktop will be similar to Bianco Crystal granite, a light grey-white, medium-grained stone from Spain. The main difference between these granites is that Siberia by Sensa comprises a breakthrough treatment for granite’s power and personality. Although the Sensa granite cost is slightly higher, you can always keep your kitchen looking brand new quickly and effectively with Siberia.


We mentioned that the prices of natural stones such as granite and quartzite vary according to the slab size you select. And one of the common attributes of these stones is that nature creates them in similar sizes. For this reason, you should calculate that the average area that an Ice Blue Sensa slab covers are six square metres.

  • Thicknesses: you can choose Siberia in 2 cm and 3 cm thicknesses. A 2cm thick white granite is trendy in modern kitchens as it keeps a minimalistic look. In contrast, 3 cm thickness worktops are popular in traditional kitchens and farmhouses. Moreover, the additional thickness provides a chunkier appearance in rustic and industrial spaces.
Since this article discusses the Sensa granite cost, it’s worth mentioning that their costs are a critical difference between 2 cm and 3 cm worktops. With a 2 cm granite worktop, you use 30% less material than the 3 cm thick option. Less material can save you money on project expenses and transportation costs because 2 cm slabs take up less space and weigh less on lorries. Depending on the stone, labour expenses may also decrease.
  • Finishes: Siberia is a Sensa Premium quartzite and is available exclusively in Mirage finish. Do you wonder what a Mirage finish is? Mirage is the name that Cosentino gives to its natural stone surfaces with a highly polished shine.
  • Prices: The cost of a 2 cm thick Sensa Siberia quartzite per square metre is £177. Therefore, you can expect to pay approximately £1062 for a six-square metre slab of material. Similarly, the cost of a 3 cm thick Siberia is £232. And a slab of six square meters costs £1392.


It is another granite from Brazil with a gleaming finish. It has a brilliant white backdrop, which this type of stone is uncommon.


The crisp black veins, combined with cream or tan minerals, provide a suggestive and raw look in the final appearance. In addition, the colours contrast beautifully together, resulting in a granite worktop appropriate for classic kitchen designs. Granite Sensa Ice Blue Cosentino offers a brilliant white backdrop that you can pair with other colours and furniture such as blue, brown, black, and grey.


You can choose Ice Blue granite from 2 cm and 30 cm thicknesses. Ice Blue granite 2cm is a popular option because, in many cases, you have enough material to design your worktops and kitchen island out of a single slab.

Cosentino’s Ice Blue is a gorgeous natural granite. It offers a dramatic look on a stunning white backdrop. The material displays cream and beige veins, giving it a remarkable effect. In addition, its monochromatic and warm tones allow you to mix it with other colours into the style of your decor. Any surface crafted from Ice Blue will likely be a great focal point with a highly polished surface, adding a luxury touch to the room.

We mentioned that the prices of natural stones such as granite and quartzite vary according to the slab size you select. And one of the common attributes between these two stones is that nature creates them in similar sizes. For this reason, you should calculate that the average area that an Ice Blue Sensa slab covers are six square metres.

  • Finishes: Ice Blue is another Sensa Premium stone, but it is granite instead of natural quartzite. And just like its sister Siberia, Ice Blue granite comes with a sophisticated Mirage finish. This highly polished texture is perfect for small rooms and hidden spaces. In addition, it is reflective, meaning that placing it next to windows will attract a lot of natural light.
  • Price: Ice Blue granite Sensa granite costs £158 per square metre at 2 cm thick. Comparatively, the same material costs £215 per square metre at a thickness of 3 cm. Therefore, an average-sized slab of this Sensa granite costs approximately £1290 in 2 cm, and


Sant Angelo is a natural granite with grey, white, and black accents on a greyish backdrop. It is a resilient and compact stone—the finest grade of Indian granite.

Sensa Sant Angelo granite price

This grey granite offers a mild backdrop and distinctive grey veins that explode with power. Its clean surface adds to its intensity, making it the centre of attention in any setting.


Its white base, grey shadows, and purple and black veins make Sant Angelo granite the ideal surface for creating the most beautiful patterns. However, this stunning granite is unique in its distinctive veiny character in different coloured greys with a flare of red and blue. Because of its stark greyish tones, you can complement this granite with almost any kitchen cabinet colour. But, if you like tone-on-tone designs, match these grey worktops with grey cabinets to create a coherent and highly flexible aesthetic in your kitchen.


Sant Angelo is another stone that offers extra-large surfaces, continuing with the natural granite dimensions. A single slab of this grey and white granite will likely cover over six square metres of kitchen surfaces. Therefore, you may wish to use it in bathrooms, wall panels, floors, or shower enclosures.

Sensa Sant Angelo kitchen
  • Thicknesses: Sensa Sant Angelo is available in slabs with 2 cm and 3 cm thicknesses. What makes 20 mm thick granite so affordable is that you can use it as a worktop and splashback. When you order this granite countertop, you can install both pieces from the same sheet of material, keeping a low Sensa granite cost.
  • Finishes: Unlike Ice Blue and granite Siberia, Sant Angelo comes in a sophisticated Suede finish. -Do you wonder what Sensa Suede’s finish is? Suede is Cosentino’s proprietary name for the finish known as ‘leather’. A Suede finish is a contemporary stone style gaining popularity in design due to its grainy look and a gentle gloss that is less than polished granite. The manufacturer achieves the stone’s delicate texture by running diamond-tipped brushes over honed granite.
  • Prices: Sant Angelo costs £153 in 2 cm in thickness and £204 in 3 cm in thickness. A slab of six square metres of this Sensa granite costs £918 in 20 mm. Comparatively, the same slab at 30 mm thickness costs £1224. Although these prices are for the material and include vat, we recommend checking the latest prices before purchasing.

Below you can find a short film that shows you the beautiful pattern of this stunning grey and white granite countertop.

The above video displays the pattern of Sant Angelo granite.


Colonial White is a well-known granite from India with a white backdrop and tiny black and reddish spots scattered over the slab. Despite its soft looks, it is sturdy and durable natural granite.

Colonial White granite is a soft grey with grey, silver accents and jet black mottling. This Indian granite is excellent for domestic and commercial uses, including granite worktops.


Sensa Colonial White Granite is a lovely soft white stone with just enough texture and character to add a genuine, spectacular aspect to the kitchens of those who appreciate authentic, premium materials. Buckingham White granite, Platinum White granite, New Imperial White granite, and Indian Bianco Romano are all names for Colonial White granite.

Colonial White granite is symbolic of the famous British colonial missions to India. This stone has a delicate off-white backdrop with brown and beige spots. It is a one-of-a-kind neutral stone granite that complements a wide range of kitchen colour schemes. And we also adore how Colonial White Granite adds so much character to bathrooms. You can easily pair it with white cabinetry and exquisite stainless steel fittings to create a genuinely attractive kitchen.

  • Thicknesses: Colonial White is available in slabs with 2 cm and 3 cm thicknesses. You can use this 20 mm thick granite as both a countertop and a backsplash is what makes it so inexpensive. If you order it in large dimensions, you may install granite countertop and kitchen sections from the same sheet of material.
  • Finish: Colonial White comes in a polished, protected finish. It makes it practically maintenance-free due to its stain resistance, so you don’t need to apply further treatments.
  • Prices: Sensa Colonial White costs £167 at 2 cm thickness and £230 at 3 cm thickness. Sensa granite slabs of six square metres cost £1000 at 20 mm thickness. The identical granite slab with a thickness of 30 mm costs £1380, including vat.


The Cosentino crew travelled to Brazil and India, searching for the most magnificent stone nature offers. Almost every stone they select must meet a high degree of elegance. As a result, the Sensa Quartzite has a one-of-a-kind, elegant texture with a stunning yet delicate feel. Anticipate a distinctive combination in each Sensa slab since each surface of a Sensa Granite Quartzite contains dazzling veining rarely found in other types of natural stones. Do you know the three most popular quartzite stones from Sensa this year? -Read on.


Taj Mahal is solid granite quartzite with cream and beige tones and white crackling veins that exudes refinement. Its hues reflect the overpowering grandeur of nature and add aesthetic depth. Taj Mahal comes from Brazil, and it is one of the most popular stones in South America.


Taj Mahal Quartzite has a soft white backdrop with faint golden streaks. Genuine quartzite is more resilient than granite and is known for its marble-like texture and spectacular veins. You can use this exquisite stone throughout the home or business to create gorgeous quartzite worktops, waterfall islands, flooring, and feature surfaces. Beige, cream, and white are perfect hues complementing Taj Mahal quartzite. You may use any colour you want for your cabinetry and decor to give your space an all-white appearance.

Not only is this an excellent choice if you want a kitchen with a marble look, but it is also a fantastic option if you don’t have much time for maintenance. In contrast with white or cream marbles, the lack of calcium on the surface ensures that it will never etch when you expose it to acids. Some common acids that can etch the marble’s surface are soy sauce, lemon, vinegar, and orange. Sensa Taj Mahal granite includes a protective treatment that doesn’t require you to seal it often. In addition, none of the typical household cleaners can damage its protection.


  • Thicknesses: Taj Mahal is available in slabs with 2 cm and 3 cm thicknesses. If you want to create a breakfast bar without overhang support, we recommend choosing the Taj Mahal 30 mm as it offers additional strength compared to the 20 mm thick option.
  • Finishes: This quartzite by Sensa is available in a Mirage finish, with a highly polished surface. The Mirage finish is known to improve its hardness. In addition, the stone becomes less prone to chipping, cracking, or bruises because of the densification. Thus, this results in a shinier, cleaner worktop for considerably longer. In addition, the Taj Mahal Mirage finish retains a new, gleaming aesthetic appeal for many decades.
  • Prices: Taj Mahal costs £397 per square metre for a 2 cm thickness and £499 for a 3 cm thickness. A six-square-metre Sensa granite slab thickness of 20 mm costs £2382. The same slab, but 30 mm thick, costs £2994 including vat. If you love this stone, but your budget doesn’t allow it, get in touch with our team to recommend suitable alternatives.


This stunning Sensa quartzite comes in various grey colours ranging from light to dark, complementing the dark grey patterns over the slab. This Brazilian natural stone with a white backdrop has a wide variety of veins that might be strong, narrow, wide, interlaced, or isolated.


What makes Vancouver so distinctive, you may wonder? – Sensa Vancouver offers a grey quartzite with grey veining that runs vertically. It also has vertical grey veins that may expand or contract, making each piece unique. Its flowing black, grey, and white streams are interrupted by thin white minerals allowing you to combine them with almost any other object and furniture. You won’t find a greater compliment to this quartzite than white kitchen cabinets with white knobs. The lovely look you achieve while producing this lighting produces a great space. The most common colours of this stone are grey, green, purple, and white.

Vancouver Sensa granite cost


Thicknesses: You can select this Cosentino Sensa stone in 2 and 3 cm thicknesses. For example, the above photo displays a kitchen island at 3 cm, but the worktops and splashbacks are 2 cm thick. As a result, you get this grand island combined with a minimalistic worktop and walls.

Finishes: Like some of the new Sensa granite colours, this design is available in a gorgeous Suede finish. The exclusive pattern hides smudges and water stains better than a polished finish and is more stain-resistant than honed granite.

Price: Square metres prices for Sensa Vancouver. It costs £279 in 2 cm and £381 in 3 cm in thickness. One six-square metre slab costs £1674 in 20 mm thickness. Comparatively, the same slab but in 30 mm thickness costs £2286. Prices are for the material and include vat.


This Brazilian quartzite offers a pale base and delicate grey horizontal veins. White Macaubas can produce clean and consistent rooms while adding a unique and attractive feel.


With its light off-white backdrop and distinct delicate grey veining, this quartzite irradiates touches of bronze; the material seems to have the appeal of marble and the strength of granite. But is it a quartzite? –According to research by the British Geological Survey, a stone must contain at least 80% quartz by volume to be classified as a quartzite. Therefore, the properties of materials such as Macaubas white and Blue Macaubas classify as quartzite.

You can use this beautiful and elegant quartzite in any contemporary setting. Its distinctive white veining and irregular grey patterns make each slab a unique masterpiece.


Thickness and finishes: You can choose this Cosentino White Macaubas in 2 cm and 30 cm thicknesses. If you are on a budget, you better stick to 2 cm thick worktops. Not only that the material costs are lower, but you will also benefit from low-cost fabrication and installation. Quartzite is denser and heavier than other stones such as marble or quartz worktops.

Prices: Alongside the Taj Mahal, White Macaubas command the higher prices in the collection. One square metre of Sensa White Macaubas costs £294 in 2cm, and a six square-metre slab costs £1764. Similarly, One square metre of the same stone costs £396 in 2cm, and a six square-metre slab costs £2376.

We will discuss what factors Influence Sensa Granite worktop prices below.


Besides the materials costs, other factors affect the Sensa granite cost. For example, the following factors can all influence the price of Sensa worktops:

  • Cut-outs: More cut-outs mean higher prices.
  • Transport: these vary according to the location and the access to the property. Shorter distances reduce transport costs.
  • Type of edge: Many worktop suppliers include the standard countertop edge profiles such as pencil, bevel and chamfer edges at no additional cost in their estimates.
  • Installation prices: For example, a kitchen worktop installation on the ground floor will likely cost less than the same kitchen on the eighth floor via stairs. The worktop supplier would need more people to carry the pieces, adding to the installation cost. Similar charges may apply with narrow halls, bends, and restricted access, requiring more installers to handle the stone safely.
  • The granite finish: Mirage and polished finishes are readily available and cost less than Suede, honed, or leather finishes.
  • The granite and quartzite you choose: Scarce materials cost more readily available.


Sensa granite is not the least expensive stone. However, it isn’t the most costly. Besides quartz worktop prices, granite is one of the most affordable natural stone alternatives. Of course, this is wholly dependent on the criteria listed above. Sensa quartzite is often more expensive than granite, starting at £269 per square metre. However, while quartzite is more costly, it is less porous and offers a unique marble look without the maintenance marble requires.

According to a recent article by Checkatrade, the average price of kitchen worktops in the UK is £2232.50. But rather than focusing on stone worktop prices, their report averages the price with cheaper materials such as laminate and wood.

See below the average UK prices for kitchen worktops and the Sensa granite cost:

Why can you rely on

When it comes to getting things done, our manufacturing and installation teams have the skill and equipment to get your project cut and installed properly in the first place. We at are known for our exceptionally speedy turnaround because we understand how crucial it is for our clients to have worktops and other components installed swiftly and correctly. We appreciate your time, and our objective is to provide the finest work possible while also having you love it.


If you want to stay within your budget, selecting a trustworthy internet worktop provider may significantly reduce the cost of your kitchen or bathroom project. Premium stones such as Sensa granite and quartzite are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive worktop options. Sensa offers a wide range of quartzite worktops and granite surfaces with additional protection, saving maintenance costs in the long term. If you are on a tight budget, consider buying natural stones from alternative distributors that apply other brands of sealants to the worktops.


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