Quartz Slab Sizes: Know the Perfect Dimensions For Budget Elegance

Quartz Slab Sizes: Know the Perfect Dimensions For Budget Elegance

Quartz slab sizes: know the perfect dimensions for budge elegance blog article cover
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Whether you’re a homeowner set on remodelling your kitchen, an architect drafting a design for a new café, or an interior designer bringing life to a client’s dream home, choosing the suitable quartz slab sizes is paramount to achieving aesthetic brilliance while keeping within budget.

Few things tarnish a beautifully conceived interior design than waste or an unexpected cost overrun. Luckily, with various brands offering varying quartz slab sizes, you can strategically plan your designs for minimal waste and maximum savings, which we will discuss today.


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“The secret of getting ahead is to get started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex tasks into small manageable ones, then starting on the first one.” – Mark Twain.

Although not directly related to interior design, this quote from Mark Twain accurately captures the essence of designing with quartz slabs. It’s all about planning, breaking the project into manageable tasks, and starting on the right foot. And in this case, selecting the appropriate quartz slab size is the perfect starting block.>

Let’s get into the world of quartz slabs, explore sizes from popular brands, and provide tips on making these choices work for various interior design projects. Shall we begin?

Classification of Quartz Slab Sizes

Quartz tends to vary by brand, type, and model. Quartz slabs are manufactured in three main sizes: Standard, Jumbo and Giant.

Understanding the sizes available can help you maximise your investment, keep waste to a minimum, and ensure that your designs fall within your budget. Here, we’ll discuss the sizes offered by some of the top brands in the industry.


You might have heard about Arenastone, one of the local quartz slab distributors in the South of England market offering curated quartz slabs. The good news for homeowners like you is that they provide various dimensions, helping you achieve your desired aesthetics without breaking the bank.

Slab Sizes Weight
Slab 1: 3040mm x 1400mm Approximately 220kg
Slab 2: 3200mm x 1500mm Approximately 270kg
Slab 3: 3200mm x 1600mm Approximately 290kg
a photo of an Arenastone Grigio Ghiaccio quartz slab and a light grey gradient background

The larger slab sizes can be great for larger projects like kitchen worktops, island counters, or commercial bars in cafes and restaurants. The smaller slab, on the other hand, works well for bathroom vanity tops or other more minor design elements. By carefully selecting the proper slab size, you can limit material waste and ensure your project stays within budget. 

Pro Tip: One unique feature of Arenastone quartz is its availability in half-size slabs, measuring 3040 x 700 mm and 3200 x 800 mm—ideal for small projects. However, note that half slabs’ delivery, fabrication, and installation costs are equivalent to a whole slab. Opting for Arenastone half quartz slabs when avoiding an extra purchase for project completion is preferable over acquiring a standalone half slab.

B-Quartz by B-Stone

If you want to infuse your space with affordable luxury, you’re probably considering B-Quartz by B-Stone. Hailing from Belgium, B-Stone offers high-performing quartz worktop surfaces perfect for homeowners, interior designers, cafe and bakery owners, and architects alike. Known for its top-tier quality and competitive pricing, it’s a brand worth considering for your next interior design project.

An image of B-Quartz Florentine quartz slab outside a stone yard

The available slab sizes B-Stone Quartz provides are 320 x 160 cm. The B-Quartz 3200 x 1600 mm slab size comes in 21 different designs in 20 mm and 30mm thicknesses across six price groups, intended to help you reduce waste and keep your project on budget.

BQS Quartz – Beltrami B-Quartz Products by Brachot Harelbeke

BQS Quartz by Beltrami was acquired by renowned European surface distributor Brachot-Harelbeke, offering stunning quartz slab solutions at reasonable prices. Their standard size range includes a 320 cm x 160 cm slab with a 20 mm and 30 mm standard thickness.

an image of of a slab of BQS Quartz Avenza

This wide range of colours, alongside their affordable pattern variety focusing on worktops within Price Groups 1 and 2, caters to all design needs, from expansive kitchen worktops to compact bathroom vanity tops. Trust BQS Quartz to balance beauty and functionality in your space while ensuring minimal wastage during installation.


As a leading brand in the quartz industry, Caesarstone offers its quartz slabs in two size variations. The standard size measures 3050 mm x 1440 mm. They also provide jumbo slabs, perfect for larger projects measuring 3240 mm x 1640 mm.

An image representing a person next to Caesarstone quartz standard and jumbo quartz slab sizes

Here are a few practical tips when using Caesarstone Quartz for your projects:

  • Consider your cabinetry design, which should complement the quartz slab size and prevent unnecessary wastage.
  • Plan the seam placement strategically to ensure the slab’s pattern flows smoothly across your countertops or walls.
  • To stick to your budget, ensure you understand the total costs, including slab, fabrication, and installation. It’s wise to factor in a buffer for unexpected expenses, often in renovation projects.

You can ensure minimum wastage and recurrent costs by exploring and understanding the available Cambria Quartz slab sizes. So, plan wisely, splurge strategically, and let Caesarstone Quartz worktops add that dazzling charm to your spaces.

Cambria Quartz

Renowned for its unrivalled design and superior durability, Cambria Quartz offers some of the largest slab sizes in the industry. Whether you’re a homeowner planning a dream kitchen or a café owner looking to give your worktops an aesthetic boost, getting familiar with these dimensions is essential.

Cambria produces a standard quartz slab with dimensions of 3070x1410mm and jumbo quartz slabs measuring about 3350mm x 1660mm. These generous sizes make it ideal for large-scale applications with uninterrupted aesthetic continuity. Choosing Cambria slabs will save you a lot on wastage and seam-related issues.

A diagram showing the different formats Cambria Quartz slab sizes, thicknesses and weights on top and tile formats at the bottom

Moreover, larger slabs equate to fewer joints, giving you a flawless, seamless finish and a more refined look – ideal for providing a touch of elegance to your design projects.

However, with great size comes a slightly hefty price tag. Cambria Quartz can be somewhat more expensive compared to other brands. If you want to learn more about the Cambria Quartz options, this in-depth article will help you. Still, the investment is justified by its unique material features. It is non-porous and resistant to bacterial growth. It offers a wealth of colours and patterns that can transform any interior.


If you are looking for both high-quality and superb aesthetics in your quartz slabs, then Cimstone is another brand that fits the bill. Prevalent for their unparalleled strength and durability, Cimstone quartz slabs with quality Italian craftsmanship and design in mind. These slabs come in two primary sizes:

320 x160 cm This size slab is perfect for larger kitchen worktops and bathroom vanity tops.
330 x165 cm This size is ideal for larger installations such as kitchen islands, secondary counters, or backsplash finishes.
330 x2000cm The Giant Cimstone quartz slab is ideal for expansive panelling and seamless flows in kitchen island waterfalls and full-wall bathroom claddings.

Regardless of the demanding requirements of your project, be it an ambitious home renovation or a trendy café fit-out, the versatile slab sizes offered by Cimstone have you covered. But that’s not all.

With Cimstone, you have a myriad of finish choices – polished, honed or a natural finish, enabling you to customise according to your preference and the aesthetic requirements of your space. However, it’s essential to remember that the choice of finish can influence the price, so choose wisely based on your overall budget.

So, are you ready to plan your interior& design project with Cimstone quartz slabs, keeping a check on waste and budget overruns? Consider the following tips:

  1. Plan Ahead: Ensure you have precise dimensions for your project. Planning will help when ordering your quartz slabs to minimise waste and ensure an efficient installation.
  2. Consider Your Space: The size and layout of your space can significantly influence the slab size you choose. Larger spaces can accommodate bigger slabs, while smaller areas might require the more manageable smaller slabs.
  3. Budget Wisely: It’s worth noting that slabs with bigger sizes can sometimes prove more cost-effective in terms of the price per square metre. However, they may lead to more waste if you don’t fully utilise them. Balance your upfront costs with potential savings from minimising wastage.

Cimstone offers a solid variety, quality, and affordability, making it a favourite choice for homeowners, architects, and business owners.


Compac, known for its innovative designs and quality material, offers quartz slabs in standard and extra–large sizes. The typical Compac slab measures 3050 mm x 1400 mm, while the extra-large measures 3300 mm x 1630 mm.

A diagram showing Compac Quartz slab sizes and thickness, on a white background with the Compac Surfaces Logo in black

These are not the engineered marble from Compac Surfaces or Compac Terrazzo slabs with 3000 x 1230 mm sizes, so check that your colour of choice is a quartz product before purchasing.

Now that we have a good understanding of the different sizes available let’s move to a crucial aspect – selecting the right slab size for your project while keeping your budget in check.

CRL Quartz

Since its inception, CRL Quartz has been a leading force in the quartz industry, delivering top-quality products to a diverse clientele. Their quartz slabs are available in various sizes, catering to almost any demand. Whether you are a homeowner with a knack for DIY projects, an interior designer with an eye for exquisite detail, a homebuilder seeking durable materials, or a business owner seeking to transform your space visually, CRL Quartz offers a solution.

To make informed decisions when planning your interior designs, focus on four main slab size categories offered by CRL Quartz Standard, Jumbo and Giant.

The standard CRL Quartz slab size measures 3050 x 1400 mm, and the Jumbo CRL Quartz slab has a 3200 x 1600mm. The Giant slab formats from CRL are the largest quartz slab size available in the market, offering a mammoth 3300×1650 mm and a 3470x2010mm quartz slab size in the Cristallo Collection for expansive surfaces.

A photo showing the different format option for CRL Quartz Slab sizes and thicknesses on a dark grey background

Pro Tip: A critical note is that not all CRL Quartz colours are available in all four slab sizes. Consequently, this can dramatically affect the planning and execution of your design project. Fundamentally, you engage in a robust discussion with your kitchen worktop supplier. These industry experts can guide you aptly regarding the ideal Quartz slab size selection that aligns with the preferred colour and design aesthetic you are after.

Relying on the expertise of your supplier ensures you reduce waste and stay within your budget. It prevents scenarios where you’ve selected a colour only to realise that it doesn’t come in the slab size you need, causing last-minute changes or increased costs to accommodate your original choice. They can also offer alternative solutions if your colour preference is unavailable in the desired slab size.


With a reputation for durability and a wide range of hues, Diresco has become a popular choice for homeowners and industry professionals. Their quartz slabs come in three sizes: 305 x 140 cm, 320 x 155 cm, and the new jumbo size, 330 x 163 cm. The ample options effectively cover everything from small kitchen worktops to large commercial spaces, giving you the options you require for your interior design project.

Things to Consider:

  1. Design Flexibility – The three different sizes offered by Diresco provide greater design flexibility. Whether you’re revamping a cosy café or a bustling restaurant, there’s a size appropriate for your project.
  2. Consistent Quality – Diresco maintains stringent standards across all slab sizes like the other brands mentioned. You can rest assured that your quartz surface’s aesthetic appeal and durability will not vary with the size of the slab.
  3. Avoiding Excessive Waste – Large slabs may seem appealing, but it’s essential to consider the potential for waste. If your space can be effectively covered with a smaller slab, purchasing a larger one would only lead to unnecessary wastage and escalated costs.

Nile Quartz

If you’re after versatility and a broad range of options, Nile Quartz should be on your mind. Offering a vast collection of quartz slabs, this brand allows you to tailor your choice based on personal taste, your home’s design theme, desired aesthetics, or the specific needs of your project.

For most of their designs, you can expect the standard slab size to be 3220 x 1620mm. It is a brilliant choice, especially for larger projects where maximum slab use and minimum wastage are essential. You can also have thinner 2cm slabs in polished finish, perfect for smaller jobs or tricky spaces. 

Regarding thickness, Nile Quartz offers 30mm thick quartz slabs, ideal for luxury projects and high-traffic areas, given their superior strength and durability. If a tight budget constricts your project, don’t fret. The 20mm slab combines cost-effectiveness and functionality.

Best Uses of Nile Quartz

Nile Quartz slabs can be your best friend if you’re an interior designer or homeowner. Its minimal waste potential makes it suitable for ample worktops, kitchen islands, and spacious commercial interiors like cafés or restaurants. Smaller slabs can be optimal for bathroom vanities, wall cladding or desktops. Let’s not forget bakeries, where cleanliness is paramount – Nile Quartz slabs offer an excellent solution due to their non-porous nature, which inhibits bacterial growth.


Quarella is a stalwart brand in the quartz industry, having developed the ‘Breton’ method – a pioneering resin treatment process for manufacturing engineered quartz. Alongside aesthetics, their commitment to sustainability and minimal environmental impact is an essential factor to consider when choosing Quarella.

A diagram showing Quarella quartz slab sizes, thicknesses and weights

Quarella quartz slabs are available in several dimensions. They are excellent for interior design projects, from expansive kitchen worktops to delicate bathroom vanities. Let’s break down some of their most popular sizes:


Quarella slab sizes (cm) Project Recommendations

Slab Size Applications
140 x 305 cm This size slab is perfect for larger kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops.
305 x 142 cm This size is ideal for medium-sized installations such as kitchen breakfast bars, peninsulas, secondary counters, or backsplash finishes.
320 x 160 cm The Quarella Jumbo slab is perfect for larger surface areas such as floor-o-ceiling splashbacks and spacious kitchen islands.

Quarella quartz worktops are perfect for bathroom countertops, wall cladding, small kitchen islands, or café tables. It’s also a prudent choice for those looking to minimise waste and keep their project within a more modest budget. It’s pertinent to remember that, regardless of the size selected, each slab possesses the signature elegance of composite quartz: a uniform pattern, a spectrum of colour choices, and exceptional durability.

One of the significant benefits of selecting Quarella for your design project is its consistency in colour and pattern from one slab to another. This attribute ensures seamless flow, particularly in larger projects requiring multiple slabs.

However, you might wonder how to maximise these benefits whilst ensuring your project remains within budget. Read on for more insightful tips.


Next on our list is Quartzforms. Comprising advanced manufacturing technology aligned with German excellence, Quartzforms’ quartz slabs are a testament to Italian style and sophistication.

The size of the Quartzforms slab can significantly impact your project. Slabs come in two sizes: the standard size measures approximately 3000mm x 1400mm, and a ‘large-size’ quartz slab of 3200 x 1550mm, while the jumbo size is about 3200mm x 1600mm – a versatile choice for larger projects. Their 20mm and 30mm thickness options can cater to various design preferences, while 12mm Quartzforms slabs are special-order items.

Not only does the slab size affect the design aspect of your project, but it also plays a vital role in calculating the amount of waste generated, the project budget, and the overall aesthetics. Opting for the larger jumbo size may mean less waste for expansive areas or large kitchen islands as you piece fewer slabs together. However, the standard size could offer more flexibility and cost-effectiveness for smaller rooms or projects with unique architectural features.

A diagram showing the Quartzforms Quartz slab sizes and thicknesses with a drawing of a person and a logo

When it comes to Quartzforms, there are considerations to bear in mind. Suppose you’re designing a room where continuity and seamless lines are essential. In that case, larger slab sizes allow for fewer seams and joins. It could significantly enhance the overall look and feel of your space. On the other hand, for smaller spaces or projects with distinct, intricate features, larger slabs may not always be the most efficient or economical option.

Thus, matching the right slab size to your project can ensure you achieve the desired aesthetic while staying within your budget requirements.


Another top choice among homeowners and interior designers is Silestone. This brand offers three different slab sizes for maximum versatility. The standard slab measures 3060 mm x 1400 mm, while the jumbo size is larger at 3250 mm x 1590 mm or 3270 x 1590 mm. Silestone slabs are available in 12 mm, 20 mm, and 30mm thicknesses. Still, you must consult which models are available for each slab size before purchasing Silestone quartz for your worktops, walls, or floors.

A diagram showing Silestone slab sizes for standard and jumbo formats with the Silestone logo on a white background

Budget Considerations:

Purchasing large slabs might seem like a great way to save money per square metre, but that’s not always true. Investing in the potential waste is crucial, as any unused quartz is money down the drain. Silestone by Cosentino provides options to suit various size requirements and budgets. However, remember that more giant slabs will typically be more expensive and require more specialised transport and installation, which could affect your budget.

Additional Advice:

When selecting a quartz slab size, consider your project’s practicality, budget, and aesthetic vision. Discuss your needs and space measurements with your supplier or granite specialist to ensure you select the perfectly sized Diresco slab for your project. This way, you can avoid needless costs, manage your budget effectively, and achieve the desired aesthetics for your space.

Silkstone by The Surface Collection

When choosing versatile and high-quality quartz surfaces, Silkstone, a re-brand imported by The Surface Collection, is an outstanding brand to consider. Offering an exciting array of eye-catching and long-lasting quartz slabs, these are ideal for creating aesthetically pleasing and resilient countertops, backsplashes, wall panelling and more.

The typical slab size offered by Siklstone is 3200 x 1600 mm. With its large size, you’ll have ample material to accommodate various applications without worrying about limitations caused by smaller slab dimensions. These slabs are available in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses, providing flexibility regarding construction robustness and aesthetic dimensions.

A white diagram showing Silkstone Quartz slab sizes and thicknesses and the Silkstone logo in brown

Whether you’re looking to design a modern kitchen top, a stylish restaurant counter or a sturdy retail display, Silkstone grants you the freedom to tailor-make areas with a minimalist or subtle vein design. The slabs are exceptionally brilliant for expansive spaces due to their size, generating less waste and reducing cost overruns.

Moreover, Silkstone quartz is designed to resist scratches, stains, and heat, ensuring preserved aesthetics and functionality over time. Hence, this ensures you invest in a visually striking, durable, low-maintenance surface.

Stone Italiana

Stone Italiana, an Italian quartz manufacturer, has been a trailblazer in the quartz industry since its establishment in 1979. This brand’s reputation has grown due to its innovative practices, consistently producing a variety of sizes for different applications. Whether you’re refurbishing your home, designing an interior space or renovating a café, Stone Italiana’s quartz slabs will undoubtedly contribute to the vision you have in mind.

The brand offers two main sizes, giving you various options to create the look you want without producing much waste. Let’s explore these sizes and their potential applications:

  1. Standard Size: Stone Italiana’s traditional slabs measure 3070 x 1440mm, making them ideal for expansive projects like kitchen countertops or large-scale assignments.
  2. Flooring Quartz Slab Size: Stone Italiana’s flooring-sized slabs tip the scales at 1250x1250mm for those planning bathroom and kitchen flooring projects. These slabs are perfect if you’re tackling a commercial designing job or if your domestic design calls for lengthy, robust quartz surfaces.

Furthermore, the brand’s thickness options are 10mm, 20mm, and 30mm. The thickness you choose will significantly influence the solidity and feel of your quartz installations, so it deserves careful consideration.

Stone Italiana’s various quartz slab sizes offer aesthetic appeal, practicality, and affordability. The availability of different sizes and thicknesses makes Stone Italiana a fantastic option for achieving a sleek and modern design without wasting your budget excessively.

A photo of representative Stone Italiana quartz slabs on a grey base

Tips on Choosing the Right Size: To make the most out of Stone Italiana quartz slabs, consider the dimensions of the space you’re designing. Refer to your blueprint or measurements to determine which slab size fits best. Always aim for a size that minimises wastage and ensures your project stays within budget. If you’re unsure, seek advice from an interior design professional to help you make the best decision.


Suppose you’re searching for high-quality, durable, attractive quartz surfaces for your project. In that case, Technistone should be up on your list. Hailing from the Czech Republic and recently acquired by American Company Wilsonart Surfaces, Technistone is renowned for its premium quality quartz slabs, which have gained popularity in residential and commercial projects.

A diagram showing Technistone Quartz slab sizes and thickness in grey on a white background

The standard size of a Technistone quartz slab is approximately 3180mm x 1550mm. The brand also offers a jumbo slab of 3200x1600mm. Technistone quartz slabs are generally available in two thicknesses – the more budget-friendly 20mm thick option and the thicker and sturdier 30mm variation. Tehnistone quartz slabs offer flexibility when planning your interior design project, depending on your requirements and budget constraints.

What sets Technistone apart is its unique range of quartz variants, from the veined patterns of the Wilsonart Collection to the tactile charm of the Technistone Noble Collection to the fascinating patterns of the Harmonia Quartz colours.



Within quartz surfaces’ comprehensive realm, Unistone is a distinctive blend of performance and aesthetics. Available in various colours and designs, it’s prevalent among interior designers for its versatility and affordability.

A Unistone slab is typically 304 by 140 centimetres, with the thickness varying between 1.2 cm, 2 cm, and 3 centimetres. The standardised size enables minimal wastage, making it a practical choice for various projects. The Unistone Jumbo slab comes in a 330 x 165 cm size and is available in polished and Velutto finishes, with Velluto offering a similar texture-matte look to Silestone’s Suede finish.

an image showing a photo of Unistone Quartz slab sizes

Whether you’re remodelling your home kitchen, designing a trendy café, or sprucing up a corporate office, this brand will effortlessly complement your space. Interior designers particularly love the 3-centimetre thickness option since it’s ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops due to its resilience and appealing finish.

Considerations For Choosing The Correct Slab Size For Your Project

While the splendour of a quartz slab can utterly transform any interior, there are practical considerations to consider when planning your design project. One such crucial factor often overlooked is the transportation and handling of these striking pieces. The rough and tumble of the journey can sometimes lead to minor edge damage on quartz slabs, otherwise unnoticeable but could affect your outcome.

Reduce 1 mm for all quartz slab edges.

So, here is a helpful tip for you – when calculating the amount of material needed for your project, it’ll be wise to subtract 1mm from each quartz slab edge. This practice accounts for any minor imperfections that could have occurred during transit. Not only does this ensure a flawless finish, but it also minimises waste and helps to keep your project on budget. Remember, when it comes to design projects, precision is key!

Consider each blade cut uses 4-6mm from the slab of quartz.

When planning an interior design project involving quartz, it’s important to remember that each time a blade cuts the quartz slab, it will consume between 4mm and 6mm of the material. You must factor in this reduction when calculating the slab size you’ll need. If it isn’t, there’s a chance you could end up short of material, causing delays in your project and potentially increasing costs.

Now, you might wonder, “How often does this occur?” It’s simple. This reduction will apply every time a cut takes place to customise the quartz slab to fit your desired specifications, be it a kitchen worktop, a vanity top, a tabletop, or wall cladding. Therefore, it’s incredibly critical to factor this in during the planning stage.

But what if you’re working on a small project or have a complex design that requires many cuts? It is an example of when an expert’s guidance truly becomes invaluable. A knowledgeable tradesperson can advise you on the best approach to minimise the number of cuts and, thus, make the most out of your slab.

Remember, a well-planned project means less waste, more savings, and a smoother execution.

It might be tempting to reduce costs by maximising the use of every piece of quartz you buy. However, in an attempt to do so, you may compromise the aesthetic finishing of your project. For example, trying to align patterns of a veined quartz slab from two different pieces hardly works perfectly.

Therefore, it’s always wise to balance the practical considerations – like budget and utilisation-slab utilisation – with aesthetic goals to ensure your finished project is cost-effective and visually striking.

Remember to leave enough offcuts when designing worktops and splashbacks with bold veining.

When planning your design for surfaces involving materials with striking patterns, such as Calacatta quartz, it’s critical to consider the importance of the offcut. The unique veining patterns present in these materials require careful navigation. To respect the natural flow of these beautiful designs, you must leave ample room in the slab. Using every millimetre of a slab may not leave enough for veins to flow across an island waterfall or in a full-height splashback, so allocating a bit of surplus material for such design elements will enhance the overall aesthetic of your project.

This approach allows you to have the freedom to create your envisioned layout while honouring the inherent aesthetic of the material.


In conclusion, understanding the various quartz slab sizes by brand can significantly impact both the aesthetics and affordability of your interior design project. Each quartz brand offers unique attributes and benefits, so becoming familiar with what is available is essential. With so many options, you can handpick the quartz slab size and brand that aligns with your budget and design considerations.

BONUS: Quartz Slab Sizes by Brand for Effortless Design Planning

Designing your dream space, whether it’s your home, café, or bakery, can be an exciting experience. And it’s even better when you have all the information you need.

To help, we’ve compiled a handy cheatsheet on quartz slab sizes by different brands. This guide will assist with your interior design project and keep things within budget.


  • What is the maximum width of a quartz worktop?
    A: The maximum width of a quartz worktop can vary according to the manufacturer, ranging between 1.40 metres and 2 metres.
  • What is the maximum size of a quartz slab?
    A: The maximum quartz slab size measures 347x 2.01 metres. Contact our team to learn more about quartz designs in extra-large dimensions.
  • How big is a slab of quartz?
    A: Quartz slab sizes vary according to the manufacturer. However, the maximum slab dimensions for a quartz slab are between 330 x 165cm and 347 x 201 cm.
  • How big is a slab of quartz?
    A: Quartz slab sizes vary according to the manufacturer. However, the maximum slab dimensions for a quartz slab are between 330 x 165cm and 347 x 201 cm.
  • What is the Calacatta gold quartz slab size?
    A: Calacatta Gold quartz slabs typically come in sizes ranging from 3200 x 1600 mm to 3300 x 1650 mm, depending on the manufacturer.
  • What is the slab size of Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold?
    A: The slab size of Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold is typically 325 x 159 cm and can reach up to 327 x 159 cm depending on the production batch.
  • What is a quartz offcut?
    A: A quartz offcut is a residual material smaller than 50% of the original slab after cutting slabs.


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