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a close-up photo of a Honey Onyx worktop an empty vase and a plant vase
a photo of a cosy kitchen with a Honey Onyx kitchen Island
a photo of a minimalistic white bathroom and a stand alone tub with a wall cladding in Honey Onyx behind
a photo of a living room with a Honey Onyx fireplace surround a sofa and a plant
an image of a Honey Onyx slab vein cut slab outside a stone yard
an image of a Honey Onyx slab cross cut outside a stone yard
a photo of a Honey Onyx backlit slab inside a dark warehouse
an image of a Honey Onyx sample on a table and a grey background

Honey Onyx

The colours of Honey Onyx range from pale gold to rich amber hues interspersed with streaks of warm sandy browns and deep golden tones, creating a captivating mosaic of natural beauty. Read More

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Durable & Timeless Benefits

Colour range: Natural onyx comes in many colours, from white and cream to shades of yellow, red, orange, brown, blue, and green. Some onyx stones also have black or grey veining, contrasting lighter background colours.

Long-lasting material: Onyx materials can last up to a century with proper care and maintenance.

Luxurious appearance: Natural onyx has an opulent appearance that can significantly heighten the look of any space.

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