23 Stunning White Marble Kitchen Ideas for 2023

23 Stunning White Marble Kitchen Ideas for 2023

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Whether you’re a busy professional, a bustling family, or the proud owner of a favourite London spot like a café, restaurant, or bakery, making your kitchen aesthetically pleasing is a common desire. If 2023 is the year you plan to upgrade, you’ve come to the perfect place. Welcome to our guide, “23 Stunning Best White Marble Kitchen Ideas in 2023”, a comprehensive collection showcasing the timeless elegance and unrivalled sophistication of white marble. 


  1. 1. Pale White Marble Kitchen
  2. 2. Modern Kitchen With White Marble 40 mm Thick Worktops
  3. 3. Contemporary Kitchen With White Backlit Marble
  4. 4. White Honed Marble Minimalist Kitchen
  5. 5. White Marble Contrasting Black Kitchen 
  6. 6. Eclectic Kitchen With White Marble Table Top
  7. 7. Contemporary Kitchen With White Marble Island
  8. 8. Traditional Kitchen Green Cabinets and Honed White Marble
  9. 9. Transitional Kitchen with White Marble Splash Back
  10. 10. White Marble with Veins for Kitchen Bar Tops
  11. 11. Modern White Kitchen With Translucent Marble Backsplash
  12. 12. Farmhouse Kitchen with White Porcelain Marble Worktops
  13. 13. Period Kitchen with White Marble Fireplace
  14. 14. Scandinavian Inspired Kitchen with White Marble Features
  15. 15. Industrial Style Kitchen with White Marble Worktops
  16. 16. Mediterranean Kitchen with White Marble
  17. 17. Mid-Century Chic Marble White Kitchen
  18. 18. Shabby-chic style Kitchen With Elegant White Marble
  19. 19. Compact Kitchen Optimisation with White Marble
  20. 20. Luxurious Open Plan Kitchen with White Marble Accents
  21. 21. Rustic Country Kitchen with Classy White Marble Touches
  22. 22. Victorian Kitchen Revival with Classic White Marble Elements
  23. 23. Large Coastal Kitchen Adorned with White Marble Details
  24. 24. Video Summary

23 Stunning White Marble Kitchen Ideas for 2023

Our handpicked designs range from natural to engineered stones, each with unique style and charm. We not only describe why every idea merits a place in the top 23 but also how to replicate these styles in your own space. We’ve tailored this guide to make navigating the world of white marble kitchens a breeze for our discerning London-based readers. Prepare to uncover many possibilities as we journey together through the most innovative and stylish kitchen designs in 2023. Let’s dive right in.


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Pale White Marble Kitchen 

A photo of a kitchen with White Carrara Extra marble polished and steel appliances
Credit: Alex Qian

Introducing pale white marble, such as Carrara, is a solid strategy for bringing warmth and textural contrast into a kitchen dominated by cold steel appliances. Bianco Carrara marble is prized for its soft, milky white colour imbued with subtle grey veins, introducing an element of natural elegance to your kitchen. 

Implementing a Carrara marble worktop in your kitchen design allows you to create a harmonious balance between the cold, contemporary appliances and the warm, traditional essence of the marble. Let’s dive in to find out how you can achieve this aesthetic balance with style. 

Utilising Carrara Marble in Your Kitchen 

One of the innovative ways to include Carrara marble countertops in your kitchen design is with a stunning and impressive marble splashback. The soft, grey veins on the white backdrop can tie in beautifully with stainless steel appliances and wood flooring surfaces and cabinets.

Equally, Carrara marble worktops can make a beautiful addition to your kitchen, offering an upscale and elegant feel. They are exceedingly pleasing when paired with dark cabinets, where the stark contrast between the white marble and the black elements creates a modern and contrasting look.


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Modern Kitchen With White Marble 40 mm Thick Worktops 

A photo of a white kitchen with 40 mm thick marble worktops, a black ceramic hob and pots
Above: Argos Marble kitchen worktops with 40mm thick built-up mitred edging. Credit: Hakim Santoso

If you’re drawn towards a modern, clean aesthetic in your kitchen, then incorporating a 40mm thick white marble worktop may be the perfect addition. This thickness is both visually striking and practical for daily kitchen tasks. 

One marble option for this contemporary look is Calacatta Gold marble. Esteemed for its elegant, bold veining with gold hints, it can add a dramatic yet sophisticated effect to your kitchen. 

To achieve this look, consider these tips: 

  1. Choose Cabinets Wisely: Pair your worktops with sleek, contemporary cabinets in contrasting colours for a balanced look. For instance, black or dark grey cabinets can offer a striking contrast against the white marble.
  2. Minimalist Hardware: Choose simple, understated hardware to maintain the modern aesthetic. Opt for stainless steel or brushed nickel finishes.
  3. Adopt Open Shelving: Open shelves can lend airiness to the kitchen instead of upper cabinets. They offer the ideal place to display your chic dinnerware or kitchen accessories.

Besides aesthetics, a 40mm thick white marble worktop benefits from being robust and heat-resistant, ideal for busy family kitchens or professional settings like cafes and bakeries. 

To maintain the marble’s beauty, it’s recommended to seal the worktop annually and immediately wipe off any spills, particularly those acidic, like lemon juice or vinegar, as it could etch the marble. 

In the heart of London or the outskirts, a kitchen with a 40mm thick white marble worktop promises a blend of functionality, durability, and unarguably elegance. 


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Contemporary Kitchen With White Backlit Marble

a photo of a contemporary room with a white marble backlit worktop
Credit: The Worktop Library

The idea of a contemporary kitchen with backlit white marble is a luminary inception that elegantly unites functionality with high-end design. This particular setup emphasises setting a majestic, glowing ambience, making your kitchen stand out and simultaneously elevating the luxurious vibe. 

The backdrop for this concept is usually Thassos marble, famed for its clear, semi-transparent surface. Switched on, the backlighting highlights the unique patterns in the marble, creating an ethereal glow that is nothing short of mesmerising. If you want more brilliance in the space, you can use stones such as Crystal White Marble, Alabaster White marble, or some of the new sintered porcelain with backlighting capabilities.

To flawlessly achieve this look, there are a few points to keep in mind: 

  1. 1. Choosing the Right Marble: Opt for white marble with natural patterns for a more dramatic illumination. Nambia White Marble or Hanoi White are optimum choices to get this effect.
  2. 2. Selecting the Ideal Backlight: For a warm, soothing glow, go with LED lights with a colour temperature of around 2700K. If you prefer a cooler, modern hue, choose a 4000K setting.
  3. 3. Consider the Installation: The positioning of the marble is crucial in optimising the light effect. Ideally, you should install the marble against a wall for the backlit effect to cast a pleasant, glowing silhouette.

To top off this stunning design, complementing it with sleek, modern kitchen appliances and fixtures gives you a breathtaking kitchen. Don’t forget to blend neutral tones and a minimalist approach to let the backlit marble be the kitchen’s focal point.

Whether preparing a cinnamon-spiced latte in the morning or hosting a late evening supper, the radiant hues cascading from the backlit marble will set the perfect mood for any occasion.


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White Honed Marble Minimalist Kitchen 

a photo of White Honed Marble Minimalist kitchen worktops made from Carrara marble
A photo of a White Carrara marble-honed worktop serving as a desk in the corner of a kitchen.

Opening the door to a minimalist kitchen adorned with white honed marble is like a breath of fresh air. Its natural and subtly textured finish exudes a sense of calm and tranquillity. Every feature, from the modern kitchen worktops to the clean, sharp lines of the cabinetry, radiates effortless elegance. 

The stone to create this look is typically polished to remove imperfections and ensure a smooth, reflective surface. However, the difference with honed marble is that it goes through a unique sanding process, resulting in a matte finish that is more resistant to scratches and lends a sophisticated, timeless charm to your kitchen. It gives the room a more personal touch while maintaining the clinical cleanliness you expect from a minimalist kitchen. 

Tips for Achieving the Look: 

  • 1. Embrace Subtleness: The aesthetics of a minimalist kitchen are defined by the concept of ‘less is more’. Avoid clutter and stick to only necessary items. The beauty of the honed marble worktop should take centre stage.
  • 2. Choose Neutral Shades: Complement your honed white marble kitchen worktops London with a palette of soft greys, beiges, and nudes. These colours accentuate the marble’s natural texture and help establish a soothing environment.
  • 3. Incorporate Smart Storage: To maintain a clean, clutter-free look, incorporate plenty of storage. Consider built-in cupboards or discrete under-counter units.
  • 4. Select Understated Accessories: Instead of vibrant, eye-catching pieces, choose understated accessories that suit the minimalist style. From a busy family in London to a bustling business owner in Greater London, a minimalist kitchen with white-honed marble offers the perfect blend of simplicity, elegance, and practicality.

Whether cooking for customers or whipping up a midweek dinner for your family, this style ensures a welcoming and pleasant environment that is easy to clean and maintain. Indeed, the honed white marble minimalist kitchen is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the beauty of natural stone and the power of simplicity.


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White Marble Contrasting Black Kitchen 

A photo of a book matched Panda Whit marble inspired island by Infinity Surfaces porcelain
Above: Infinity Panda White porcelain with book-matched slabs and an island waterfall

Crafted to evoke dramatic movement and contrast, the White Marble Contrasting Black Kitchen style harnesses white marble’s soothing tranquillity and pristine aura, artfully juxtaposed against a rich, black backdrop. Stones such as Panda White Marble and Scandalous Marble are ideal choices that embody this design ethos, owing to their marked contrast of bold black streaks against a milky white veneer, ensuring an immediate impact to both the eye and senses alike for all kitchen worktops London projects. 

Additionally, don’t overlook the allure of hyper-realistic porcelain patterns, a rising trend in modern kitchen fitting. Brands and materials like Infinity Surfaces Panda White and Fiandre Maximum Panda White range offer a variety of unique designs that seamlessly mimic the natural beauty of marble, accentuating the stark contrast of your black and white theme. 

You might choose a white marble worktop complemented by modern black kitchen units or a dramatic black feature wall to achieve this look. The balance of light and dark creates a striking visual statement and instils a sense of harmony and balance.

White and black marble with bold patterns are usually exotic and scarred. If you want to replicate the look with affordable marble worktops, try white and black marble-effect quartz. Polish off your new kitchen with brushed steel or chrome appliances and fixtures for an added dose of sophistication.


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Eclectic Kitchen With White Marble Table Top

A photo of a Calacatta Oro marble tabletop and eclectic kitchen worktops London
Credit: Beatriz Sillveira-Batik Interiors

Eclectic and vibrant, this kitchen design idea oozes character while maintaining that crisp, clean white marble aesthetic that captivates you. Here, we’re looking at absolute contrast and diversity, a break away from the usual monotone or two-tone kitchens. If you’ve got a bohemian heart, this might be the design for you. 

The leading player in this scene is a stunning White Marble Tabletop, the show-stealer that ties the entire room together. But what type of marble exactly? This design makes a daring statement with Calacatta Oro, one of the purest Italian marbles. Revered for its immaculate whiteness and bold, intriguing vein patterns, it’s a refined choice that brings elegance to even the most whimsical designs. 

To achieve this look, start with a high-quality marble table. Preferably, use a Calacatta Oro marble slab for its unmatched pureness and elegance. 

  • Tip 1: Embrace a blend of different colours, materials, and textures around the kitchen.
  • Tip 2: Invest in a mix of quirky, vintage and modern chairs that enliven the space and create delightful unpredictability.
  • Tip 3: Allow the white marble tabletop to remain centrepiece. All elements should direct the eye towards it.

Finally, remember that this design idea thrives on breaking routine and predictability. It’s the passion project of an adventurous spirit. So, if this sounds like you, start planning your Eclectic Kitchen with a White Marble Table Top. 


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Contemporary Kitchen With White Marble Island

A contemporary kitchen with a Statuarietto marble island and worktops, and five round lamps in the ceiling
Credit: Levantina

Marble isn’t just for classic kitchens. Even for less conventional spaces, incorporating white marble can inject a dose of freshness and luxury.

Let’s explore the enticing world of contemporary kitchens with white marble islands. These grand centrepieces serve as natural gathering points and functional workstations while infusing an airy, modern elegance into the room. 

The beauty of a white marble island lies in its ability to blend seamlessly into many design palettes. A white marble island can quickly adapt if your kitchen features light or dark cabinetry, industrial accents, or sleek modern appliances. This versatility isn’t just aesthetic; a large island provides ample space for meal preparations, socialising, and casual dining. 

To achieve this contemporary design:

Start by choosing your marble type. Statuario and Statuarietto marble are two popular options. Polished Statuarietto marble has a shiny, reflective surface which can light up a room. In contrast, Statuario honed marble has a matte finish that reduces glare and conceals stains better, providing a softer, more natural look. 

Next, pair this style with high gloss kitchen units or dark wood cabinets to make the white marble stand out.

Quality lighting is essential in making your marble island the room’s focal point – consider pendant lighting above or LED lights installed underneath the worktop. Lastly, modern bar stools and fresh herbs or flowers can add that final, personal touch to elevate your space. 

Keep in mind that despite its beauty, marble requires maintenance. Stay on top of spills to avoid persistent stains, and consider getting a professional seal every couple of years to protect against damage.

However, these small efforts are a small price to pay for a timeless, elegant white marble kitchen island that can transform your kitchen into the heart of the home.


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Traditional Kitchen Green Cabinets and Honed White Marble

A photo of a traditional kitchen with honed marble island and worktops and green cabinets
Credit: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Creating a space that channels the traditional spirit while acknowledging modern living demands requires a delicate equilibrium. The conventional kitchen is a harmonious setup that encapsulates this style, decked with green cabinets and white-honed marble surfaces. This space is a testimony to how marble, a timeless stone, can blend seamlessly with various colours and textures. 

The secret to this beautiful setup is the white honed marble, renowned for its textured and matte finish. It is even more enticing for homeowners and business owners alike that honed finish marble is less prone to scratches and etches than its polished counterpart. 

Let’s talk about the angelic white of honed Calacatta marble in the photo above – it integrates flawlessly with the gentle green shade of the cabinets.

This colour combination gives off a refreshing, calm, and relaxed ambience – perfect for those busy family gatherings or informal pub meetings. Check Carrara White honed to recreate this look using affordable marble worktops.

One can combine custom green cabinets, light fixtures, and matte white marble countertops to achieve a traditional style for a London kitchen. This creates a unique look that perfectly balances comfort and elegance.

The honed white marble countertops add exceptional intricacy and versatility — attributes most homeowners in and around London would appreciate. 


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Transitional Kitchen with White Marble Splash Back

A photo of a transitional style kitchen with beige cabinets and Bianco Rhino Marble worktops
Above: Bianco Rhino marble’s neutral colour palette is suitable for pairing with various aesthetics. Credit: Little Wolf Photography.

Are you dreading the thought of cleaning up after kitchen mishaps? Worry no more; a white marble splashback is your hero. It’s practical and stylistically versatile, fitting perfectly into modern and traditional kitchen designs.

Pair your white marble backsplash with complementary kitchen worktops and cabinetry to achieve this look. Then, consider warmer tones for the floor and other fixtures to balance the overall design. This ensemble creates a transitional look that seamlessly marries the best of both worlds — the classic and contemporary. 


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White Marble with Veins for Kitchen Bar Tops

A photo of a Neolith Calacatta Gold bar countertop in a terrace
A striking veined marble design in Neolith Calacatta Gold at the Acquaroof Terrazza Molinari Hotel in Rome

Fancy a kitchen bar top that’s an impressive focal point? Consider using white marble with bold grey or black veins. It imbues elegance while providing a distinctive, eye-catching centrepiece for your kitchen. It’s perfect for business owners looking to entice customers with chic, stylish decor.

Pair this bold bar top choice with muted-coloured stools and pendant lighting for a harmonious contrast. Then, consider a subtle backdrop of white or off-white walls to let your unique marble kitchen bar stand proud as the kitchen’s centrepiece. 


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Modern White Kitchen With Translucent Marble Backsplash

A photo of a Lumix Cristallo quartzite splashback in a white kitchen
Lumix Quartzite, or Cristallo, offers exotic fractures and bounces light with luxurious natural fractured patterns. Photo: Galina Juliana.

Adopting a Modern White Kitchen With Translucent Marble Backsplash is an ideal way to introduce a charming decorative element that adds a touch of luxury to your space.

This contemporary approach helps to maximise natural light, making the room appear bigger and brighter. This aesthetic has been a long-standing favourite due to its timeless elegance and sophisticated vibe. 

You might want to consider Quartzite Cristallo or a colour made from natural White Onyx panels for achieving this style. Quartzite Cristallo offers several varieties with a translucent quality that perfectly diffuses light across your kitchen, whilst the White Onyx surfaces, famed for their luxurious deep banded veins against a bright white background, exude extravagance. 

If you are looking for more affordable marble worktops or splashbacks with translucent, White Calcite and Alabaster are two exciting options.


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Farmhouse Kitchen with White Porcelain Marble Worktops 

A photo of a Farmhouse style kitchen with a Caesarstone Lumena kitchen island, worktops, a steel hood and a metal rack with hanging pots and pans
Above: A farmhouse kitchen with Caesarstone Lumena porcelain inspired by the natural Calacatta Lincoln marble

Are you keen on embracing that classic farmhouse design for your kitchen? Don’t forget to consider white porcelain marble worktops. This design choice can withstand heavy day-to-day use due to its stain and scratch resistance properties and exudes rustic charm. 

Start with your white porcelain marble worktops to create the ideal farmhouse kitchen. Complement them with traditional wooden cabinets and open shelving.

Accentuate these with retro terracotta tiles and vintage appliances. In addition, function and aesthetics should be balanced. Therefore, add a Belfast sink for practicality and charm. 


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Period Kitchen with White Marble Fireplace

A photo of a period kitchen with a Carrara marble fireplace, period floor and ceiling lamps and modern furniture
Above: A fireplace surround in White Carrara marble combined with modern and period furniture. Photo: Max Vakhtbovych

A period kitchen with a white marble fireplace epitomises timeless elegance. The ethereal charm of white marble tied together with the classic detailing of period design creates a lustrous and inviting environment that radiates warmth.

A white marble fireplace is a focal point and offers a seamless blend of sophistication and classic charm, making it a sought-after element in period design. The underlying aesthetic remains consistently captivating from Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian designs.

If you’re looking to recreate this timeless design, here are three practical tips: 

  • 1. Preservation is essential: Try to retain original features where possible, such as mouldings, architraves or cornices. These details can beautifully augment the period aesthetic with the marble.
  • 2. Colour Coordination: Use neutral, muted colours to complement the white marble fireplace. Earthy tones and pastels can bring a harmonious yet elegantly restrained backdrop.
  • 3. Quality Worktops: A natural stone worktop, preferably contrasting to the fireplace, can boost the kitchen’s aesthetic. For example, incorporating a Verde Alpi marble, a classic green marble from Italy, or a black granite worktop ensures your white marble fireplace stands out.


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Scandinavian Inspired Kitchen with White Marble Features

A Scandinavian kitchen with Dekton Aura worktops and a corrugated wooden ceiling
Above: A Dekton Aura kitchen island with a contrasting warm wooden ceiling. Photo: Roehner + Ryan

Marvel at the fusion of Scandinavian simplicity and elegance with the captivating beauty of white marble in your kitchen. Creating a visually appealing and functional space, white marble appeals to the sensibilities of those who appreciate clean lines coupled with texture and depth. 

Whether natural or engineered, white marble introduces luxury and refinement. The prominent veins of the stone, playing beautifully over the smooth surface, invoke an exciting contrast against the minimalistic ethos of Scandinavian design. 

Style Tip: Let the marble take centre stage. Opt for a white marble kitchen island or worktop, and keep the rest of the decor simple with whites and soft greys.

Nordic-inspired wooden details and soft lighting accentuate the stone’s beauty while maintaining the hygiene and warmth this design is known for. 


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Industrial Style Kitchen with White Marble Worktops

A photo of an industrial kitchen wth Dekton Zenith worktop and steel appliances
Above: Dekton Zenith at Dani García’s Restaurant

For those in love with the raw beauty and edgy appeal of industrial design, introducing white marble worktops can create a striking balance within your kitchen. Picture expansive white marble surfaces juxtaposing seamlessly against brick walls, exposed metal piping, and dark stainless steel appliances. 

The stone of choice would be intense white marble stones such as White Dolomite and White Calcite. These varieties are distinguished by their crisp white base and pristine white patterns.

Moreover, they are durable and heat-resistant, and each slab has unique veining, making your kitchen worktop stand out. If you worry about etching the marble with acidic substances, opt for a plain white porcelain countertop such as Marazzi Solid White or Dekton Zenith.

These porcelain alternatives resist etching and provide a smooth, clean finish. They can easily mimic the marble look while providing added benefits like scratch resistance and longevity.

Dark stainless steel appliances offer a sleek contrast against the white background and promise superior performance and longevity. Brands such as Bosch, Siemens, Miele, or Gagennau offer state-of-the-art appliances that ensure efficiency while adding elegance to your kitchen space.

How to achieve this look: 

Combining the raw elements of industrial design with the refined sophistication of intense white marble, you can craft a space that delivers style and function.

This design concept would be equally successful in your retail spaces like bars, coffee shops or bakeries, creating an impressive, robust environment for your customers.


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Mediterranean Kitchen with White Marble 

A photo of a Mediterranean kitchen using Dekton Marina worktops, white cabinetry and light wooden furniture and lighting
A chic Mediterranean aesthetic using Dekton Marina worktops complementing white cabinetry, subtle wooden accents, and elegant golden faucets.

Tapping into the sunny charm of southern Europe, the Mediterranean kitchen design is all about simplicity and functionality combined with an allure of the exotic. This style draws its inspiration from the coastal regions of Spain, Italy, and Greece and applying it in a white marble-laced kitchen creates an extraordinarily inviting space. 

Opt for a caramel-hued white marble lookalike, such as a quartz alternative to Crema Marfil marble, as it boasts softer veins compared to the usual dark-veined white marble. Its honey-toned quality exudes warmth and invites comfort, making it perfect for casual family meals and vibrant dinner gatherings alike. 

Here are some top tips to effectively integrate a Mediterranean touch with white marble in your kitchen: 

A Mediterranean kitchen with white marble can be an elegant choice that affords both sophistication and homely comfort. Achieving this look requires thoughtful planning to harmonise the distinctive traits of the Mediterranean style with the timeless elegance of white marble.

With the right mix of elements, your kitchen will be transformed into a sunny retreat that will have you dreaming of the Mediterranean coastline every time you step in.

  • Plenty of Natural Light: Mediterranean kitchens thrive on sunlight. Ensure your kitchen enjoys this by having big windows, skylights, or glass doors, letting in generous amounts of natural light. This can dramatically highlight the brilliance of your white marble elements.
  • Colour Palette: Use earthy tones on the walls to complement your white marble surfaces. Try hues like olive green, terracotta, or rustic brown to accentuate the warm aesthetic.
  • Decorative Details: Use wrought iron accessories, traditional pottery, and ornamental tiles for that authentic Mediterranean flair. Open shelves to display these accessories can serve as conversation starters while adding character to your space.
  • Wood and Stone: Incorporating wooden elements —like a rustic wooden countertop or vintage wooden chairs— and your white marble can beautifully embody the Mediterranean spirit.


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Mid-Century Chic Marble White Kitchen 

a photo of a md-century kitchen using Perla Venata quartzite, white cabinetry and a golden pendant light
Designer: Stacy Brotemarkle. Builder: Bella Custom Homes

The mid-century period, roughly the 1930s and 1960s, is revered for its timeless design quality, combining functionality with an elegant, understated aesthetic. A Mid-Century Chic Marble White Kitchen pays homage to this period while incorporating clean, modern touches. 

At the heart of this style is the simple yet stunning white marble. Whether you opt for marble or white quartzite – natural like marble, sturdier and unlike it, unaffected by acidic substances – the understated elegance of white quartzite never catches our eye.

Natural stones such as the Perla Venata quartzite in the photo above, Superwhite and White Macaubas quartzite have become symbols of high-end design aesthetics over the last decade.

Your overall design goal should guide your choice of white marble. For an authentic mid-century charm, go for a honed finish with a softer, matte appearance.

If you aim for a more modern interpretation, a polished white marble with pronounced veining can achieve a bold, glossy finish. Now, here are a few tips to help you achieve this look: 

  • Blend the old with the new: Mid-century chic perfectly balances weathered, vintage pieces with sleek, modern details. Think rustic wooden cabinets paired with high-gloss white marble countertops.
  • Embrace simplicity: Mid-century chic is all about pared-back design. Opt for a simple, streamlined kitchen layout and let your beautiful white marble take centre stage.
  • Use contrast wisely: Employing contrast will help emphasise the white marble. Use dark wood tones or greys in your design elements. It could be your kitchen stools, pendant lights, or cabinet hardware.
  • Finishing touches: To top it off, accessorise with classic mid-century pieces like cone-shaped pendant lights or bar stools with brass detailing.


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Shabby-chic style Kitchen With Elegant White Marble

Marble designs such as Neolith Estatuario and Calacatta Luxe bring luxury to shabby kitchens.
Kitchen furniture by Dissart Cunes

Embrace the charming, slightly eclectic aesthetic of a shabby-chic style kitchen with the timeless beauty of white marble. If you’re looking to create a cosy yet classy atmosphere, the elegance of white marble could be just the finishing touch you’ve been seeking. 

Style Description: 

Shabby-chic kitchens combine the old with the new, often showcasing vintage items and architectural salvage alongside modern appliances and features.

A vital element of this style is painted, distressed furniture, often in soft pastel tones. It’s comfortable and inviting, with a generous dose of charm and personality. It is purposefully unsophisticated yet incredibly stylish. 

Choice of Stone: 

Opt for a time-honoured selection like honed white marble with subtle veining. Its smooth, muted finish perfectly complements the distressed furniture and faded colour scheme. If you wish to incorporate a touch of luxury into your shabby-chic kitchen, a glossy white marble worktop or splashback could be the answer. 

Tips for Achieving the Look: 

  • 1. Paint your cabinets in pastel shades and add a distressed finish for that perfect shabby-chic look.
  • 2. Opt for a white marble worktop with subtle veining. Engineered marble can be a more cost-effective option.
  • 3. Choose vintage-inspired appliances and fixtures to keep the aesthetic cohesive.
  • 4. Add a white marble island as a central kitchen feature, perfect for preparation and dining.
  • 5. Complement the white marble with accessories and fabrics in soft, muted colours.

In a bustling city like London, a shabby-chic kitchen with white marble offers a tranquil, cosy haven to come home to after a long day. This 2023 trend combines comfort and elegance, continuing as a 2024 design trend and promising a stunning kitchen that feels like home.


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Compact Kitchen Optimisation with White Marble

A compact kitchen with dark cabinets and Breccia Capraia marble worktop and backsplashes
Above: Breccia Capraia marble worktops and a full-height splashback. Credit: GMC Spa

If you are working with limited kitchen space, white marble is an excellent option to optimise what you have and make it pop. The space-enhancing properties of white marble add depth and sophistication to a compact kitchen. 

You could consider white Thassos Marble, renowned for its snowy hilltop colour. The distinct appeal of white natural stones with bold veins, such as a Breccia Capraia marble, not only uplifts the aesthetic but also benefits small kitchens due to its brightening effect. 

To achieve the look: 

  1. Countertop selection: Opt for a white Thassos marble countertop. It’s classic and timeless and makes any space look larger and brighter.
  2. Complement with neutral tones: Choose walls, cabinets, flooring and fixtures in soft, neutral shades to complement the white countertop and keep the kitchen looking spacious.
  3. Optimal lighting: Make sure your kitchen is well-lit. A well-placed pendant light above the counter or under-cabinet lights can enhance the beauty of the marble and add depth to the kitchen.

Remember, using light colours in a small kitchen can trick the eye into thinking the place is bigger than it is. As you decide on the right design choices for making your small kitchen more functional, always keep your overall vision and style preference in mind. 

Such a design scheme creates a welcoming environment and is a great way to add value to your home or business property. Given how busy Londoners are, it’s no wonder this design is gaining popularity; it offers efficiency without compromising style!


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Luxurious Open Plan Kitchen with White Marble Accents

a photo of an open plan kitchen with Infinity Calacatta Hermitage worktops and a book matched wall
Above: Bold patterns and a book match wall recreate marble in an open-plan design using Infinity Calacatta Hermitage porcelain.

Open-plan kitchens promote a fluid living space where the boundaries between functional areas become blurred. Infusing a dash of luxury into your open-plan design is made effortless with the introduction of white marble accents. The elegant sparkle of marble translates into a tasteful and timeless grandeur. 

The key material for this design is a Polished Statuario Marble, a natural stone that boasts a crisp white backdrop intertwined with bold grey veining. Its essence is pure luxury, making it an ideal choice for a refined open-plan space. 

Begin with your central space, the kitchen island. Top it with a generous slab of Polished Statuario white marble. To enhance its radiance, select a glossy finish. This makes the marble’s natural patterns pop while enriching the lighting within your kitchen. 

For consistency, you could also consider tiling your walls or backsplash with white marble tiles. Round off the look with marble-styled accessories like coasters, lamp bases, or plant pots. Make sure to incorporate plenty of natural light to accentuate the reflective qualities of your marble accents. 

For the best results, collaborate with a professional stonemason. They can offer valuable insights on the selection and installation of your marble. When it comes to maintenance, use purpose-formulated marble cleaning products to avoid damage to your beautiful new features. 

Creating a luxurious open-plan kitchen with white marble accents is a stylish way to upgrade your home in 2023. This unique look blends function and beauty, elevating your day-to-day living and entertaining experience.


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Rustic Country Kitchen with Classy White Marble Touches

A country rustic kitchen using Dekton Bergen worktops, white cabinets, black pendant lights and a metal hood
In a rural country kitchen, Dekton Bergen offers the elegance of white and grey marble aesthetics with non-absorbent worktops.

Relax in the warm ambience of a rustic country kitchen featuring classy white marble designs. The rustic style is all about organic beauty, conveying a sense of ease and charm through natural, old-world textures. And when combined with the elegance of white marble, it creates a fascinating juxtaposition of simplicity and sophistication. 

The space could feature Calacatta Oro marble, a high-grade stone known for its distinct veining against a vivid white background, for the worktops. Its luxurious appearance would complement the rustic kitchen elements such as the distressed wooden cabinets, open shelving, and farmhouse sinks. 

  • Tip 1: Use honed finishes on the marble to give it a more unrefined and organic look, ideally suited for a rustic setting.
  • Tip 2: Integrate wood and other natural materials to amplify the rustic appeal of the space.

While rustic, the white marble can be leveraged smartly to add a tinge of sophistication. You can experiment with a marble backsplash that extends to the full height of your kitchen walls. Not only does this create a stunning visual impact, but it also makes your kitchen appear taller and more spacious. 

  • Tip 3: Opt for white subway tiles with a touch of crackle glaze strategically placed in the cooking area for a helpful purpose and an accent feature.
  • Tip 4: Accentuate the backsplash by painting the cupboards in neutral hues like soft grey or distressed white.

Lastly, to further enhance the rustic charm, opt for wrought iron, antique brass, or even black hardware and fixtures — these would contrast beautifully against the white marble and contribute to that timeless, rustic allure. 

  • Tip 5: Display your kitchenware. Pot racks or open shelving will give you easy access to cooking tools whilst also acting as a decorative feature.

In conclusion, white marble brings a sense of elegance and brightness to the rustic aesthetic, making your kitchen a place for cooking and a heartwarming gathering space for friends and family to enjoy.


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Victorian Kitchen Revival with Classic White Marble Elements

When you think of a Victorian kitchen, visions of grandeur and refinement often come to mind. You’re not alone in these thoughts. For homeowners in London and beyond who adore the period’s charm and sophistication, integrating classic white marble elements into a Victorian-themed kitchen can offer a stunning updated look. 

Victorian White Marble – The Types of Stone 

No two pieces of natural stone are identical, and this holds for the white marble popularly used in Victorian kitchen revivals. These stone features are often characterised by uniquely hued veins stretching across a delicate white background, providing a beautiful base for other features of a Victorian-themed kitchen. 

How to Create the Look:

  • 1. White Marble Worktops and Splashbacks are a staple in a Victorian kitchen, providing a perfect balance of simplicity and elegance. Opt for honed marble with a matte finish to replicate the past’s aesthetics while offering a modern, low-maintenance appeal.
  • 2. Mouldings and Trim: Go big on architectural features. Ceiling-high cabinets with crown moulding, ornate trim and other decorative accents can inject a Victorian look. Paint these in subtle shades for contrast.
  • 3. Classic Elements: Incorporate features like a butler sink, a period tap, and Victorian-style kitchen cabinet doors. These would work beautifully with the marble materials and pay homage to the era.
  • 4. Accessories: To finish, add chic pendant lights, Victorian-style stools, floral prints, vintage knick-knacks, ornate mirrors, and other period-themed accents. Just remember to keep accessories minimal so as not to overwhelm the space.

By effectively combining modern style touches with elements reflecting the timely elegance of the Victorian era in contemporary and traditional spaces.


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Large Coastal Kitchen Adorned with White Marble Details

A photo of a coastal kitchen featuring Caesarstone Cloudburst worktops, white cabinets and wicker pendant lights
White stone provides a pristine surface for large coastal designs. Above: Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete worktops.

Imagine the clean, refreshing look of a seaside theme combined with pure white marble details in your kitchen. It is an ideal setup for anyone who appreciates a natural yet compelling vibe. Bathed in ample sunlight, a large coastal kitchen adorned with white marble details encapsulates the essence of a relaxing beach environment in the comfort of your home or business establishment. 

A vital feature of this kitchen idea is a generous white marble island in the middle of the room, intertwined with blue and white cabinetry hues. This design sets the tone for an airy, light-filled atmosphere perfect for an energising morning breakfast or an evening cocktail. You may also opt for natural wood elements to complement the coastal theme. 

While sourcing authentic oceanic accessories may be tricky, we have a few tips that could help achieve this artistic masterpiece: 

  1. 1. Design Palette: Try working with a colour palette that reflects the coast – whites, blues, and greys are excellent choices. When appropriately used, these colours would reflect the hues of the sea and sand, while your marble kitchen elements will have their natural sparkle.
  2. 2. Subtle Touches: Small additions such as shells, driftwood or nautical-themed hardware can enhance the coastal vibe. While you may be tempted to overload on these accents, remember less is more to maintain a sophisticated look.
  3. 3. Material Choice: It’s essential not to ignore the type of white marble you use. Consider selecting a white marble with soft grey veining for a calm and subtle ambience. Go for polished marble on the island for a luxurious finish and honed marble on worktops to ensure practicality and durability.

No matter the size of your kitchen, this idea can be adapted to fit. With its breezy, serene aesthetic and timeless white marble appeal, the Large Coastal Kitchen Adorned with White Marble Details will turn your ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary culinary space in 2023.

Discovering the latest trends in kitchen design doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

If you’re short on time but still eager to explore the elegance of 2023’s white marble kitchen ideas, we’ve thought about you! Our blog article has 23 stunning concepts, but we understand time is precious. That’s why we’ve crafted a condensed visual experience just for you.

Click the below link to our YouTube video and indulge in a captivating under-3-minute video showcasing the year’s most exquisite white marble kitchens.

Submerge into luxury with our latest video and discover eternal elegance and cutting-edge designs that will redefine your kitchen space.

Let the visuals inspire your imagination and transform your kitchen plans into reality. Don’t miss out on the beauty and functionality these ideas can bring to your space. Watch now for a quick dose of inspiration!

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