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a white room with a Compac Ceniza kitchen island
a photo of a modern kitchen with Compac Ceniza quartz countertops
a photo of a minimalistic kitchen with Compac Ceniza quartz worktops
a photo of a white kitchen with Compac Ceniza worktops from The Worktop Library in London
a photo of kitchen worktops and matching Compac Ceniza backsplashes
a photo of a kitchen with Compac Ceniza worktop and red cabinets
an image of a Compac Ceniza quartz slab
a photo of Compac Ceniza samples

Compac Ceniza

Have you ever heard that less is actually more? -Compac Ceniza is a quartz worktop that precisely depicts this philosophy. It offers a homogeneous light grey base with fine speckles over the surface, making it a modern and minimalistic option for any home. Read More

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