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Infinity Buxy Select kitchen worktop
Infinity Buxy Select kitchen island
Infinity Buxy Select bathroom
Infinity Buxy Select kitchen island
Infinity Buxy Select worktop
Infinity Buxy Select sample
Infinity Buxy Select worktop slab

Infinity Buxy Select

Infinity Buxy Select is an easy to combine neutral shade that serves as the final touch for any bathroom or kitchen area. You can mix it with vibrant flashes of colour to create an impact or keep it neutral for a basic design approach. Read More

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Durable & Timeless Benefits

Limestone and marble can etch when exposed to acids. Likewise, quartz can discolour when exposed to sunlight for long periods. But Infinity worktops are unaffected by acids, don't require protective coatings and are suitable for interiors and exteriors. In addition, it is 100% non-absorbent, ensuring safe use for contact with foods. It is also ideal for use in areas with high or freezing temperatures.

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